• We should have our freedom

    It seems more that giirlls only be forced into marrige however this is a misconcep men can also fall into pressure. Many asian people still hold the concept that marige is only a contract and that so called love happen once your married. Yes there will be physical contact but is that it dont the couple need each other for support.

  • True love isnt forced love

    The days of marriage being a contract, arranged for property or for royalty is a tradition outdated. The symbol of marriage is love and the willingness to love honor and put up with someone elses bull for all the rest of your days on this Earth. The ritual of courting and enjoying the simplicitiy of just going with your feelings and not somone elses agenda and deciding together to build a future together is marraige. To force anyone into a marriage that the pair have no feelings have no desire or humbleness towards should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

  • Forced Everything Should Be Banned

    It is hard to believe that in this day in age that force marriages still go on. It would be nice if people would just let other people just be who they are, and let them choose the best path for their life. That is as long as in is not impacting others in a negative way.

  • Who you love

    I think that the only way someone should get married is if they know that they truly want to be with that person. If you are having a forced marriage, then you are not in love with that person most likely, so you should not have to get married to them.

  • Ban forced marriage

    You need to have the ability to make your own choices in life. Especially when it comes to the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with and potentially have children with. Forced marriages are barbaric and archaic. They ruin lives and should be banned immediately.

  • ban or not?

    Forced marriages should not be banned because there is a lot of people that believe in that and should not suffer for that is the cast. I think that they should just mind their own business and worry about if they are being forced to marry or not. You can not force anyone.

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