• American workers are awful

    Everywhere around the world, people work hard and put dinner on the table for their families. But here in America, we do mostly pointless jobs, and even then we spend half the day on Facebook instead of working. Maybe once enough companies have left, we can finally look at ourselves instead of always blaming the business.

  • Yes, labor is cheaper there.

    The purpose of any business is to make money, and Ford can do that best if it lowers its manufacturing costs. Production of things in Mexico is cheaper due to lower wages, and there is a strong industrial base there. Getting manufactured goods over the border is not expensive or require distant travel. This eventually saves American consumers money.

  • No, Ford should not shift its small car production to Mexico

    No, the production of Ford cars of all sizes should stay in the United States and should not be shifted to Mexico. Ford is an American-made car with a long history. When you think of the name Ford, you think of Detroit, Michigan, where Henry Ford set up his first assembly-line facility. Even if it is no longer feasible to make the cars in Detroit, the production of all Ford cars should remain in the United States. They should always remain American-made.

  • We need those jobs here

    Unless the company is otherwise going to go out of business, Ford should keep their production of small cars in the United States. People here need jobs, and when they have jobs they can afford to do things like buy small cars. More income plus the pride in buying an American product will cover sales.

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