Should foreign-born citizens be allowed to serve as U.S. Presidents?

  • As the leading country of the world, we should seek the worlds' best.

    As a nation founded on the principles of equality, freedom, and tolerance, we should not exclude those born outside our borders. Everyone is influenced and affected by our policies and our actions and should have the ability to ascend to the highest level of office regardless of birthplace. . .

  • Future President OVER HERE!

    I was recently voted as "Most Likely to be President" but not many of my peers knew that I was not born in America. In my opinion, it sort of sucks that I cannot be a VP (coolest job ever!) or a President because of where I was born. May I remind you that I did not pick out the location of my birth, my parents did. Anyway, there are millions of Americans like me who were born in other countries but are considered American since they moved here at such a young age (I was six months old). I don't think it's fair that such an important job must have such a discriminatory requirement. Let me remind you that about an eighth of those who live in America are foreigners. That's eliminating a lot of potential leaders that can lead this country very well. This rule eliminates me.

  • I'm considering pursuing a career in American politics but I was born in Ireland to two Irish parents

    As stated above in my headline I was born in the Republic of Ireland to two Irish parents. I have always hated this country and how it has been run, especially since the world recession in recent times.My parents are broke (I'm only 14 by the way),the politicians are corrupt and our country is weak compared to many in Europe. We haven't had a stake in international affairs in a hundred years and I feel it is time that I abandon ship. I have always wanted to be a politician and I was appalled at the Irish Government. But where would I go? I sought to revoke my Irish citizenship and leave.But a question constantly thwarted my plans for my future, will anyone accept you with open arms, even though I am not one of them?Only a week ago I found the answer to my question. America. A country so full of amazing opportunities and people just waiting for me beyond the Atlantic...But then came the crushing evidence that America was perhaps not so full of hospitality as I had once thought. I found that on America's founding people had gathered and decided that only people born within the U.S border or from U.S ascendancy could have power in government. They decided that just because I was not born American that I was not loyal to it's people, and did not have their best interests in mind. They decided that just because I was not one of them, I should not lead them. Was America not founded by immigrants? Then why, when it's people sought equality for all, were immigrants suddenly wiped from the map of politics, forbidden from taking up the reins of leadership? If equality has descended down the list of American priorities then what do I do? All I ever wanted was a better life for everyone. I care for every person who is a victim of this peculiar form of discrimination, and those that support it. Perhaps they are so proud of their country that they don't want to see it come under the control of tyrants who don't have the people's best interests in mind, but I can assure you that America is looked up to by most of the nations in the world, and none would like to see her be destroyed. If you want to be proud of your country again, you will back not only me but the vision of a New America as well. It is your choice of who leads you, but if you are to exercise free will on a national scale should you not do it with your country's people in mind? If one candidate had the dream and capacity to make that nation better for its citizens, would you hold it against them if they were not born on American soil or from American parents? Please do not hold our ascendancy against us, and make America a better place by lifting these laws once and for all.

  • We all are humans

    We are all humans and should care about the world. It shouldnt matter our race or origin. As long as we have the right beliefs in our hearts it shouldnt matter. The greatest leaders arent the ones that care about themselves, but care for the world. I cant see why people dont see this.

  • It doesn't make sense

    People who aren't born in the US, that also show a great devotion to the country and political leadership, should be given a chance to say the least. It isn't fair that where someone is born determines whether or not someone can or should be president. There are plenty of young, smart, foreign-born students in school today that live by example. Each and everyone of them should be given a chance to become president if they show commitment and dedication to their country.

  • Equal Opportunity for all American Citizens

    Intrinsic in the "American Dream" is the inherent right of any American citizen (naturalized or otherwise) of having the right of opportunity. By openly discriminating against a large cross section of the American public for an occupation, you are flippantly and dangerously denying them that right. I was born in Russia, was adopted at 4, and have been a proud naturalized U.S. Citizen ever since. Right now, I'm proudly serving in the U.S. Navy. What right do people have to tell me that I'm not American enough to run for public office like the Presidency but I am American enough to sacrifice my life and health for her?

  • Yes they should!

    Just because a person comes from another country does not mean they will change everything! I come from Australia and I absolutely love America just the way it is. I want to move to America the day I turn 18, and I intend to live there for the rest of my life. If I could, I would become President of your amazing country because I love it so much and I want to serve it to the best of my ability!

  • Because its not right

    People should be able to do whatever they want when they come to America. They are moving from places without rights to a place that still takes some away from you. If were really given equal rights then we should be able to be president not just the right right to pick ours.

  • Yes Everyone is an Immigrant

    Nobody is really from america because all our descendants came form Europe or from Latin countries. I was not born here but yet I am an american. I would do anything for this country and its not fair. You may be worried about foreign spies but that is what Checks and Balances are for so presidents wouldn't be able to gain more power than they already have. Many of the founding fathers where racist after all they owned slaves and treated them like property so they did make mistakes in the constitution.We are all equal so why should I have the same oppurtunities that every natural born citizen has

  • America Must Hold up to its reputation

    Everybody that comes to america for a new future should be allowed to be president, people come to America to find new opportunities, because america is known a place where there is no discrimination. But you may not be president if you are born outside of the country. This law is creating a second class of citizens, you are saying to the 40 million (census.Gov) people who came to this country and are loyal to this country that america does not trust them enough to be president. America is saying to their foreign born citizens that you can be anything, anything other than president you can be a governor a lieutenant governor a senator a member of the house, a member of the cabinet, even a supreme court justice. But you cannot be president this is saying to 12.9% (census.Gov) of americans that we allowed you to come into our country you get the same rights as any of us but you cannot be president if America is really a land without discrimination why do we not allow foreign born citizens to be president.

  • Who should be allowed to be a U.S. President

    Anyone born outside the U.S. should not be allowed to serve as the U.S. President. They are from another country and may not have the best interest of the United States in mind. It is also important to maintain the constitution and to do this, a foreign-born citizen should never be allowed to serve as U.S. President.

  • No, follow the Constitution.

    Being so far from the founding of this Country it is very easy for us 21st century citizens to forget why this simple clause was intentionally inserted into the Constitution few requirements for President. There are enough "natural-born" citizens to fill the post so why open room for potential usurpers.

  • Absolutely no way!

    I say if they want to be an American president, they have to be born in America. Plus, in order to allow foreign-born citizens to run as a candidate you have to change the Constitution. To change the Constitution you have to get approval from two thirds of the House and Senates, and approval from the legislatures of 38 states! So, if they want to allow foreign-born citizens to run as president, they have to get more than half of America's approval. Anyway, the Constitution was written for a reason. If there is going to be a foreign-born president, he might make America look bad for his own country.

  • Just plain NO

    People from out of the country have many issues, look at Iraq. They are not doing good at all. If we let them run, they could ruin it for us. They dont even know what we do in our country if they have never been here. Plus the constitution should stay the same lie it has been for over 100 years.

  • Foreign born citizens shouldn't be allowed to serve as President.

    Who's to say that this President couldn't be biased against a certain country and they decided to attack them... We get into another war... Not good. Also, the could favor their origin country and use our funds to support them. With that happening we could get into a economic turmoil.

  • No, loyalty and check and balances.

    Immigrants are either a) disloyal to their country because they left it so they won’t be loyal to the USA; or b) loyal to their home country and therefore won’t be loyal to the USA.
    Some people may say that the Legislative and Judicial branches have power over the President due to checks & balances. They are correct, but that's not the problem. The issue is the President has power over THEM. If he misuses it do to relationship with his home country (or with other things) there can be serious consequences.

    Executive Branch

    Checks on the Legislature
    Veto power
    Vice President is President of the Senate
    Commander in chief of the military
    Recess appointments
    Emergency calling into session of one or both houses of Congress
    May force adjournment when both houses cannot agree on adjournment
    Compensation cannot be diminished
    Checks on the Judiciary
    Power to appoint judges
    Pardon power
    Checks on the Executive
    Vice President and Cabinet can vote that the President is unable to discharge his duties (president chooses Vice President)

    Also since the President can appoint Justices, it is a possibility that it could become corrupt. Keep in mind, in Obama's case he has already appointed to Justices and one is 80, one is 77, one is 76, and one is 74. This means the influence of the President could easily effect discussions if too many are appointed by a certain President.

    Judicial Branch

    Checks on the Legislature
    Judicial review
    Seats are held on good behavior
    Compensation cannot be diminished
    Checks on the Executive
    Judicial review
    Chief Justice sits as President of the Senate during presidential impeachment

  • The 14th Amendment ONLY applies to freed slaves!

    The Constitution and the founding fathers ideals are explicit, this is NOT subject to interpretation! Just because a person comes here to take advantage of the opportunities that the United States offers that in no way negates their allegiance to foreign soil! The highest office in the land shall ALWAYS be reserved for NATURAL BORN CITIZENS!

  • No way man

    Yes I understand if we wanted to be president for them we could take over them but they can do the same to us the can destroy north america and also put us further in debt The Constitution was written for a reason. There is a process to become a U.S. Citizen. It does not matter what WE think today. The Constitution is law. It is not to be interpreted, it is not to be violated, it is not to be altered on bias or opinion. People don't have to like it, they frequently don't. But they WILL obey it. Because our founders fought and died to make this country, which IS NOT OUR COUNTRY... their country. And we have no authority to tear it asunder.

  • Absolutely not.

    The Constitution was written for a reason. There is a process to become a U.S. Citizen. It does not matter what WE think today. The Constitution is law. It is not to be interpreted, it is not to be violated, it is not to be altered on bias or opinion. People don't have to like it, they frequently don't. But they WILL obey it. Because our founders fought and died to make this country, which IS NOT OUR COUNTRY... their country. And we have no authority to tear it asunder.

  • Non-Americans Are Biased

    I would like to just express fore mostly my appreciation towards the welcoming hands of America for embracing cultures of all types and lifestyles. If it weren’t for America’s melting pot, I’d doubt that many, if not all, of us would not be right where we are today, one way or another. And one could say that. It is absolutely true that there is a melting pot. There are Hispanic Americans, black Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, and so fort. However, the important thing is that they are, first and foremost, American. The symbolic advantages of allowing a foreign-born person to run for the highest office are outweighed by the practical importance of the office. We need a guarantee that the highest loyalty of the President, of, excuse me, the most powerful person in the country, is to the USA. Not any other nation. Even if a foreign-born US citizen feels entirely American, who knows what divided loyalties they might feel if a particular crisis involving their original homeland blew up? And even if they were not torn emotionally in such a situation, the perception that they were not 100% American could be very damaging both at home and abroad.

    I will cite an example brought about in a 2000 hearing before the before the subcommittee on the Constitution on the committee on the Judiciary House of Representatives. We all know a number of Cuban-Americans. They are loyal to our country, because it is now their country, too. They are pillars, providing much in the way of benefit to their communities and are sometimes more vocally patriotic than most natural born Americans. And yet, sometimes there are situations in which a Cuban may have difficulty putting their biases aside. An example of this situation is as follows: on November 1999, Elián, his mother, Elizabeth, and twelve others left Cuba on a small, unstable boat in an attempt to emigrate to the United States. Elizabeth and ten others died in the Atlantic ocean trying to cross over. Elián and the other two survivors floated in the ocean on a tube for days until they were rescued by two fishermen who turned him over to the U.S. Coast Guard. What Cuban is able to regard Cuba dispassionately or treat relations with Castro's Cuba with equanimity? Suppose we had had a Cuban-born president in the White House at the time of the Gonzalez controversy. Would that president have been able to retain objectivity and, as importantly, any shred of credibility under the circumstances?

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