Should foreign born citizens be allowed to vote for U.S. President considering the qualifications forU.S. President?

Asked by: albie
  • Yes they should.

    The constitutional requirement that the president be a natural born citizen is unique to that office, and to no other. Holding the highest office in the USA with all it entails is restricted in this way. This does not even apply to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, senators, representatives, governors, no one else. It should not apply to any citizen. It is meant for the holder of the office and no other.

  • Never Never Never

    Never never never! The president of the United States should always be a natural born citizen. This should never be amended. People of any country become accustomed to their culture in a way that someone who migrates to this country will never understand. Although their are plenty of opportunities for foreigners, the President of the United States should never be one of them.

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