• Fortnite has many surprising benefits, and controlled access would be beneficial

    Fortnite, and video games in general, can benefit a student's life and education. Numerous studies have shown that playing video games for a minimum three hours a week will help people in becoming surgeons, overcome dyslexia and make faster decisions. If you want a full list of the benefits of gaming, you can search it up and will be given numerous websites singing the praises of video games.

    However, I agree that students should be paying complete attention in class. If school's gave kids, say, fifteen minutes to half an hour of video-game time once or twice a week, this would give them all the benefits listed above. Along with those, it would make the children more excited to come to school, which will give them a positive mindset heading into their actual classes.

  • A waste of time

    School is for learning, not for entertainment, if you need to to entertain yourself you should make new friends, not be playing fortnight. It doesn't hurt to socialize and make new friends, friends can do more than wins in a game. How is anyone going to get anything done if they are allowed to play games all day.

  • School is for learning, not video gaming

    The whole purpose of school is for education, Fortnite is not something that people need to be doing when they're supposed to be learning. And besides, the mere fact that you used the wrong form of "allowed" in the title of your questions supports this fact quite nicely. Good day.

  • It brings a bad attention to yourself and others during school.

    Fortnite is a survival and violent game, it is NOT a kid game. You have to be at least 12+ to be mature to play (at least, parent's opinions). But you go to school for a reason. You go there for education, to learn. If you play fortnite at school, it controls your mind in a way that all you think is to survive and kill and shoot, and the little kids or someone around you can get distracted from education, including you.

  • Are you kidding

    Seriously, are you kidding, Fortnite is a game for your own time, not for school time. If Fortnite could actually cover some of the curriculum (which it doesn't) then maybe it could be allowed. Also I doubt you are old enough to play fortnite, fortnite is for people that are teens and over according to the esrb. Fortnite is also partially inappropriate because you are killing others. Also spell allowed right

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