• Yes, it definatly should.

    If the mother wants an abortion she should have the right to have one. She may not be able to afford childcare or have the time or love for a child. Also, she may want to have time to decide and become educated on getting an abortion do she may wait m

  • Does not matter what stage it is

    Abortion must be legal at any trimester if the mother wishes so. She is the one carrying that child and only she has the right to disagree with her choice for moral or health related reasons. Who are we to decide what is right or wrong for the mother? As far as the incomplete child inside her goes, there are thousands of microbes that we kill with every step of our feet, thousands of animals we slaughter to feed our stomachs.

  • Yes, but ONLY in the 4th trimester

    Obviously a fetus has all the signs of life so murdering it is the same as killing it. Therefore logically only once it isnt a fetus anymore and isnt having the signs of life it is ok to abort it, i.E. The 4th trimester. Too bad radical feminists and zero IQ conservitards want to ban 4th trimester abortions. These people give zero consideration to the mother's right to not have children. If we don't allow 4th trimester abortions they will just be done behind the alley of Denny's, sadly the location where the child was created.

  • It worked in Sparta.

    Since Spartans utterly rocked, and they regularly practiced fourth trimester abortions, there's something to be said for it. For example; I've got two older brothers who have chosen to become Full-Retards (not born that way, among other things one went neo-Nazi, and the other dresses up as a vampire), abortion even now would ease the burden they place on society.

  • Yes it should

    Its like any other abortion. It should be legal. Some women might want to be more educated on abortion and have to wait to get one. Conservatives are always whining about the government getting into our personal lives yet they try to get rid of abortion. Abortion is a very personal decision and should be able to be done anytime.

  • ONLY if they are on an airplane and crying uncontrollably

    Dont get me wrong, fourth trimester babies are usually considered to be 'human' at this stage in their development.... But if they are on an airplane and just pissing off everybody else, then that is clear evidence that they are not only not human, but also quite satanic, in which case abortion is morally permissible if not encouraged or mandatory.

  • Abortion should be legal in ANY trimester.

    Abortion is NOT about what YOU think is best. Abortion is about MY right, as a woman, to do what I feel is best for my body and my life. Realistically, kids are a drain anyway and since the VAST majority of children will end up doing nothing notable with their 'lives', why should it matter whether I choose to abort during the first trimester or the fortieth? As an avowed feminist, I DEFY anybody who seeks to foist your backwards beliefs upon me. This is the 20th century, people -- get with the times!!!

  • Wake up sheeple!

    Stop thinking what you are told to think! Just because the Bible says infanticide is wrong does not make it so! Until the child is 18 it is in its 4th trimester, and the adult has full rights to abort at any time up to and including the fourth trimester!

  • This is satire!

    The people on the no side with their panties in a bunch need a good lay and a some weed to relax. No one in their right mind supports killing a baby when it is born. I only support aborting if their is a risk of trauma to the mother and the baby will die anyway. Relax, none is going to sacrifice newborn babies to an evil demon god. Sigh.

  • The fact that there are people supporting this

    A pregnancy only has three trimesters. In the fourth, the baby is no longer inside of their mother. Those in the left column are openly supporting infanticide.
    Only shows that supporters of abortion are brainwashed trained parrots repeating planned parenthood's speech With no thinking on their part. They repeated the exact same old babbling about the woman's body (even when several scientific disciplines already proved the baby is a separate person), the woman's rights of not raising a child she does not want (because adoption is a myth!), and women not having money to raise children (everyone know you need a few billions just to be able to provide basic food for a single child).
    It is time we stop sticking to misleading ideas we took from biased sources on the internet and do a little research before we state our opinion.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • I do not support infanticide.

    The fourth trimester is the first three months after a baby is born. So, this is really quite simple. Supporting abortion in the fourth trimester is supporting newborn babies, which is currently punishable by a long time in prison or death. Let's hope society doesn't degenerate to the point where it is legal to kill babies after they are born. Moving, breathing, and living right in front of your eyes...

  • Um, killing live babies

    People don't think before spewing their opinion based on whatever opinion they had yesterday. 4th trimester abortion is drowning the baby, after it's born. The amazing thing is that this is really is how political debates are dealt with in the USA. Say something to cause an emotional reaction, or in a way that morons aren't prone to comprehend. Once the emotions rise, no logical or valid thought can form after that point.

  • Joking right haha

    I am hoping that this question was just kind of a joke put on to the website. It is also sad because I think that some people didn't understand that pregnancy is only a trimesters (tri = 3) split into 3 months. The baby is technically viable (alive) at 20 months and before this if there are complications the hospital will not even try to save the baby... Question made me laugh a little at how ridiculous it was.

  • Are you FREAKING kidding me?

    Basically everybody who said yes said that they support INFANTICIDE. I'm very much hoping every single person who voted yes does not realize that the baby is now a BABY and no longer a fetus. If you support infanticide, I don't have much to say to you. Just put the baby up for adoption. Many people would kill to have that baby.

  • You Are Morons

    Trimester means three! A fourth trimester means that the child is already born. You are in favor of murdering a live child! The point is no matter if it is a first trimester or "fourth" trimester, either way you are killing a child. Put aside the abortion debate, the fact is a woman DOES NOT have a right to kill her child that is born alive and breathing!

  • Don't think so, buddy.

    You are aware that 'fourth trimester' is after the baby is born, right? As in, after the baby is out of the woman's body, and the debate about a woman's freedom of choice and bodily autonomy doesn't apply any more. There's no argument that first trimester abortion should be legal, as at that stage the fetus is human only in basic genetic makeup. It has none of the basic markers of humanity; it isn't conscious, it doesn't have a brain or, therefore, a mind, it (obviously) isn't self aware. Second trimester is more tricky, as by that point the fetus does have a (primitive) brain, and is presumably conscious to some degree. However, higher brain waves, indicative of what we like to call actual consciousness and self-awareness, aren't present until about the 26 week mark. Third trimester... Probably not, by that point. The fetus is undeniably human and somewhat self-aware by that stage, and the mother almost certainly knew about it and had the option for an earlier abortion, and even if she wasn't it's still a very grey area legally, ethically and philosophically.
    Fourth trimester; the baby is already born. If the mother doesn't want it, she has the freedom to give it up for adoption. It is undeniably conscious, self-aware, and a 'person' by that point, so choosing to 'abort' it would be infanticide. The only reason second and third trimester abortion are ethically permissible is because the mother's freedom of choice and bodily autonomy outweigh the vague 'right to life' of the (unborn, unconscious, not self-aware) fetus. This simply is not an issue in the 'fourth trimester', so choosing to 'abort' it, rather than raising it, adopting it out, or really any other option, would be ethically wrong.

  • If you don't believe life begins at conception, surely you believe life begins at birth.

    Personally, I'm barely okay with first trimester abortions, the only exceptions being rape and endangerment of the life of the mother. But when you get to the point that the child is already BORN, there is absolutely no logical, moral, medical, psychological, geological reason not to put the child up for adoption if you don't want to accept your beautiful, promising consequence for going clubbing.

    Dead baby jokes aren't funny.

  • The idea makes no sense

    I'm pro choice (at least for the first 24 weeks or so into pregnancy, which is the point that science shows a fetus to feel pain) I also know stuff about word roots. Tri means 3. Thus meaning that a fourth trimester is an incorrect and impossible term. That would no longer be an abortion, and would become infanticide (which some people believe abortion is but I think there is a difference). This would mean it would be okay to kill babies up to 3 months old. (which is way more cruel than removing a non viable fetus from your body before it has developed a whole lot)

  • What a Stupid Argument: to say it should be legal.

    Only sad, lonely, angry, feminists would want this. The kind that make the real feminists look bad. What's wrong with you people? Maybe you should have been responsible in the first place and A. Not gotten pregnant, or B. Addressed the issue immediately. Hell, why don't we just go one step further? Birth the child and if you don't like it, meh, get rid of it. I mean, maybe it's super ugly when you first see your baby. Best to terminate it than to make someone else have to pay for your child forever, right? I mean, it's YOUR kid, you should be able to do whatever you want.

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Anonymous says2013-07-27T08:07:03.660
Fourth trimester? Is that like fifth quarter or third half?
justin.graves says2013-07-27T16:56:55.547
For the love of St. Lucy Patron Saint of the Blind! People! The fourth trimester is the first three months after a baby is born! Did no one here know that before voting either way?
Ragnar says2013-07-27T17:01:26.677
I actually referred to aborting men in their thirties; you know, otherwise called murder.
imabench says2013-07-28T02:34:08.450
Yes justin we knew that, hence why its that much funnier to support it
MassiveDump says2013-07-29T02:25:21.517
My opinion might not show up. It got submitted for moderation, which means, "wave goodbye to your opinion, Massive".
justin.graves says2013-07-29T18:22:44.313
Just created a youtube episode of my DDO show about this. Http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=Du34k61PHYc
justin.graves says2013-07-29T18:23:41.990
I made a youtube video on my show about this. Check my profile for the link.
Ragnar says2013-07-29T21:35:56.190
How can we properly measure this important issue, when thoughts on how slow roasting is better than microwaves; get 'submitted for moderation?'