• Fox News should be shut down.

    While I am all for the freedom of the press and all of that good stuff in the first amendment, I think that we would all be doing the world a huge favor if we were to shut down Fox News and otherwise get rid of the filth that they broadcast.

  • Yes, Hurts our Democracy.

    Much like freedom of speech doesn't mean you can yell fire in a crowded theater, fox should be banned because it is interfering with our democracy. Yes, you may have your own opinion, but not your own facts. Fox lies, and study after study shows this. Yes, MSNBC is left leaning, but they do not fabricate or distort. The hosts are highly educated, serious people.

    Fox was not given a license in Canada because they have a law that does not allow broadcasters to lie. Hmmm. Look, banning Fox aside, just look at the hosts. If you think Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly, and the clowns on Fox and Friends and the five are people to take seriously, then you may have deeper issues with character judgement.

    Bottom line, Fox does lie and distort, and a strong case can be made that the FCC should rescind their license. This is not a free speech issue, it is an issue of irresponsibility on our airwaves.

    By the way, now that the GOP is trying to subvert our democracy by suppressing voting, they have crossed a line into the area of being decidedly un-American, and if you are a republican you need to seriously re-assess your party affiliation.

  • Fake News Fox!

    This is Pure Propaganda by Rupert Murdock to lie to the public and control the minds of people who believe this is real news when in fact they are only baiting people in with fabricated stories or adding sensational zest to something that may have a sliver of fact- they are responsible for division and anger to the place where families are being affected --some of us can no longer be around people full of delusion and hate - this is what cults do to brainwash- they control the minds of those viewers and turn them into people you no longer recognize- I've seen this happen to people I care about- these opportunistic people have no qualms about their corruption because they are paid handsomely and see the world as better to screw you and get rich then have empathy. It is vile that this is being allowed to continue - Murdock obviously throws money into the pockets of cable tv so everyone benefits except the lives that are torn apart and the people who are affected by these negative angry people who drive in our streets encounter others at stores- life in general - people are so incredibly paranoid and quick to anger- 911 should have brought us all closer but Fox News ran on that wmd nonsense and have never stopped with right wing lies---what happened to having 2 parties where ppl had differences but you didn't want them dead or tellling them, to leave their own country-? Fox News is some evil sh*t by a multi billionaire talking to people who are not able to understand their being completely brainwashed to live in fear so republicans can continue to be elected and continue to make themselves 1%tile while the audience are losing jobs because wealthy people want to be wealthier and they want you to cater to them as though they are Gods- don't believe- look in your history books as it's been happening forever- Americans moved to a new country so they would be free from tierney- yet here we are - let the simpletons have their tv and toys - distract their simple minds so they won't realize how easy it was to screw them over until they are so completely unable to fight the system and are at the mercy of wealth- yes wealthy ppl love power!

  • An apology is insufficient

    Most recently Fox News presented erroneous info on the food stamp program inciting its viewers to believe that the majority of food stamp recipients are cheats. Later in the day it issued an apology for dispensing wrong information, but how does that apology inform the earlier viewers who missed it? It does not. Fox needs to redo the segment with the correct info and do it quickly. Otherwise it should be stopped from any reporting.

  • I'm in an airport listening to Foxand I can't believe how much they love to hear themselves talk. All I hear is paranoia, and lies

    I hear more about isis attacking America on Fox news than anywhere else. Spreading fear in our country that doesn't need to exist. I am a US MARINE, and they are selling fear for ratings. How can people truly believe the crap that this channel dishes out to the public?

  • Shut it down!

    As long as it claims to be a "news' source, it must be shut down. It only contributes to the ignorance, delusions, and fears that are responsible for the "dumbing down" of America. Now if it were labeled as an entertainment or tabloid news source, that might be tolerable. Although the amount of people who believe that BatBoy exists and that Elvis is still alive, are one too many.

  • Fox News should be shut down

    Fox "News" has a sordid history with facts - they tend not to use them. When a "news" station doesn't report news, but rather makes it up or uses opinions as facts, that isn't news, that's propaganda. If they can't separate facts from opinions (which feeds the paranoia in lots of its viewership), then the station should be shut down.
    I am almost completely against censorship of any kind, but when a "news" station like Fix can and will do anything to paint those they consider "wrong" just because it doesn't fit their narrative, there's something that should be done: close it down, period.

  • Should go off the air

    FOX gives opinion news all day. They consider some of their reporters to be reporters and not opinion people, but it's not so. From Fox and Friends to Hannity it's all Opinion and mostly not News. FOX brings what they call News to the Flyover Country. People who neither understand or are able to absorb news. Watch O'reilly and see how slow he speaks to his viewers. Even HE knows, he needs to explain things verrrrrry slowly.

  • False and innacurate information

    Everything from their topic choice (focusing on mundane local issues while ignoring national issues that do not support conservative agendas), choice of staff (how many anchors need to be caught lying?), to highly skewed editorials (Trump shouting "No puppet. No puppet. You're the puppet!" like an irate child is not "calm and composed".) is an affront to journalistic integrity.

  • Absolutely Yes Fox so-called "News" should be shut down

    Yes, we have freedom of speech, but to have such a high "pants on fire" rating of making things up is not news. It's the Jerry Springer of news - it's not a real news show, it is all about saying outlandish things to stir people up for ratings, and as such, could be called "Fox entertainment for the intelligently challenged," but it should not be allowed to present itself as news. You may as well get your news from the Enquirer

  • Fox News Should Not Be Shutdown

    No, I do not believe Fox News should be shut down. We have a thing in this country called freedom of the press. That enables these companies to report the news how they see fit. We as citizens are also able to decide for ourselves what news mediums we want to watch, and overwhelmingly Americans choose Fox News, as evidenced by its ratings.

  • Just stop watching.

    Because we as a nation believe in the freedom of choice and the freedom to say what we want, there is no reason why Fox News should be shut down. If you don't like the content that they are putting out, then stop watching them. If enough people do, they'll go away.

  • Fox News should not be shut down

    I'm probably one of the most liberal people in the United States, and I don't think that Fox News should be shut down. It has many viewers that tune in to it every day, and even if I may disagree with their viewpoints, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Therefore, they should be allowed to use the channel to voice theirs.

  • There is Freedom in Truth

    Liberals tend to hear what they want to hear and conservatives tend to hear what they want to hear. We have to have a free press and freedom of speech. Otherwise we will be susceptible to propaganda and being fed only what the power brokers feed us. It is frustrating to me (and I'm sure many others) because all I want is the unvarnished truth with minimal or no bias. I want Mr. Spock. Its impossible to find this any longer. Integrity is sadly lacking on both sides of the aisle.

  • No it should not

    If you shut down one news outlet because you do not agree with their
    opinon, then you have o shut down ABC, CBS, NSB, MSNBC and CNN because I do not agree with their opinion... Otherwise you have created sensor ship and if you can sensor one news outlet, then we can sensor one also... Which of course would not be acceptable to you... Correct?

  • No it should not

    If you shut down one news outlet because you do not agree with their
    opinon, then you have o shut down ABC, CBS, NSB, MSNBC and CNN because I do not agree with their opinion... Otherwise you have created sensor ship and if you can sensor one news outlet, then we can sensor one also... Which of course would not be acceptable to you... Correct?

  • They lean right

    They report just as any other news source. For the people that don't like the hosts they give many opinions just as CNN and NBC. If you want a leftist paradise please leave the country. Beacause here we need balance of left and right. Thank you have a nice day.

  • Hillary Lies about e-mails.

    You clowns say that you are for freedom of speech, but the moment somebody says something you don't agree with you want to call them down and assert that they are hateful just because their opinion is different then yours. Move to North Korea where socialism is the rule of the land and you can only make statements that agree with your government. You guys would have been shut down by your own line of thinking when slavery was the way in the USA. Luckily Republicans shut that down.


    FOX NEWS is the only news we receive that is fair and balanced. If FOX leaves what do we have? News as reported by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC is skewed to the left. Has been for many years. FOX has the guts to report news from another perspective. There are always two (or sometimes more) sides to any story. The First Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees citizens and the press the right to speak freely without retribution. The Citizens should not be coerced into return to a tyrannical society or governmental system.

  • The only reason

    You all want Fox News shut down is because you people favor left wing thinking. Since most of the media caters to the Left, it's bothersome for Liberals that there is a station that exposes the flaws of the Democratic Party. If you want to lie to yourself and say that MSNBC and even CNN are neutral reporting stations... I hate to break it to you but no such news agency exist, none with any success anyway.

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