• Yes, it should.. In certain areas.

    The dangers to the environment are quite glaring (pollution of the air or ground water, et cetera), however the benefit it equally clear (faster, easier and more efficient extraction process). With this in mind, area surveys should be conducted to measure the rate of impact the process would have and all measures taken to assure it is minimized. At the end of the day, we need those resources..We are going to go in after them. It's just a matter of to best get there.

  • No! The Danger Is Far Too Great.

    How can something that has a bigger carbon footprint than Coal and has been known to cause earthquakes be the answer to our energy needs?
    Fracking has been studied and tested and the final research plan had been announced. The pros and cons have been weighed and it seems that the latter has won. The dangers of fracking far outweigh the benefits. More emissions, earthquakes, undisclosed chemicals, a large loss of water are just the beginning. Drilling into the land has been known to cause earthquakes causing a huge safety concern for anyone living near the drilling sites. The people and the environment will also suffer from the emissions, (which happen to be worse than coal’s), and the undisclosed chemicals that are leaked back into our potential drinking water could harm us and the other animals. The water seems to be the major factor here for even if we do manage to get the water back unpolluted it will still only be about a third of the water that we sent down in the first place.
    This seems to be way too big of a risk to our safety and our resources to move forward with. The dangers far outweigh any potential benefit. To move forward with our cleaner and safer resources like wind, and solar would be our best bet for they seem to be far less dangerous than fracking.

  • it should not be allowed

    Imagine a world where there was clean water, un-polluted air, and only naturally occurring earthquakes. Well, we might be closer to this dream without hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Fracking is a process which uses millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals to extract natural gas from shale, that is located thousands of feet beneath the surface. The water pressure fractures the shale and lets out natural gas. This issue is important, and needs to be addressed, because it is bad for our environment, our population, and our country’s economy. Hydraulic fracturing is harmful and needs to be put to a stop.
    Fracking is ruinous towards our economy. For example, “Road maintenance alone will cost communities up to $375 million, according to a draft report by the state Department of Transportation, since each well generates about 4,000 extra heavy truck trips.” In towns where drilling happens, the value of Real Estate is decreasing. Also, home buyers are not able to protect bank mortgages in regions with drilling.
    Fracking is not only harmful to our economy, but also is dangerous to our population. People who live a half of a mile from the wells can have risk of fatigue, dizziness, eye irritation, difficult breathing, impaired lungs, numbness in the limbs, and even temporary paralysis. “According to a peer-reviewed study in the journal Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, more than 50 Non Methane Hydrocarbons were found near gas wells in rural Colorado, including 35 that affect the brain and nervous system. Some were detected at levels high enough to potentially harm children who are exposed to them before birth.”
    The environment, including the contamination of water, and earthquakes are some of the results of fracking. The contamination of water can cause flammable drinking water, and high amounts of methane in a water source. Ronald Bishop estimates that close to 2% of natural gas wells may result in the contamination of water. He also says that 50% of new natural gas wells in Quebec leaked methane. Bishop stated that “Any suggestion that water from those wells s safe for domestic use would be preliminary or inappropriate.” An approximately, 70 to 140 billion gallons of water are used in hydraulic fracturing for 35,000 wells in the United States annually. This is nearly the water consumption of 40-80 cities containing 50,000 people, each year. All of this water is being wasted from fracking, and we cannot waste anymore.

  • No, it should be outlawed.

    Fracking is an environmental tragedy and also has serious detrimental health effects on people; therefore it should be outlawed. Fracking is just one more instance of a new way for greedy people to become incredibly wealthy at the expense of people who need money and who have no voice in our society.

  • No, fracking should not be allowed in the U.S.

    I know many people think we should be drilling or "fracking" in U.S. To have more of our own oil sources but it is dangerous to our environment. There are many reports of these dangerous effects in the aftermath of fracking which include poisoned drinking water and seriously polluted air. It is not worth the added damage to our already fragile environment.

  • No fracking should not be allowed in the U.S.

    Fracking should be outlawed in the United States since it causes harm to the environment. Too many environmental problems are arising from fracking including earthquakes which are hurting Americans, so therefore I think that it should be illegal. Society needs to find a new way to dig for natural resources, and fracking is not the answer.

  • Stop! You are scaring me.

    I am scared spit less how anyone can believe that pumping millions of gallons of water underground , laced with all sorts of CANCER causing chemicals , will not get into our drinking water. Look at the accidents that have happened already. We are going to destroy this country by greed.

  • It can harm the people

    The people living near natural gas wells develop skin problems and upper respiratory.This can harm so many people if we keep on fracking . So lets put a stop to this and try to see that this is a bad thing more then a good thing we can help these people.

  • It can harm the people

    The people living near natural gas wells develop skin problems and upper respiratory.This can harm so many people if we keep on fracking . So lets put a stop to this and try to see that this is a bad thing more then a good thing we can help these people.

  • To much damage to environment and what is the final impact to us.

    No matter what the gain in resources fracking needs to stop. I fully understand a stationary setup that doesn't move to obtain resources but moving from place to place and contaminating everything in the process is not acceptable, the chemicals and methods used are bad for all of us. If this continues it will have a more lasting impact on the environment that may take a very long period of time to recover.

  • Should fracking be allowed in the United States?

    Fracking should not be allowed because first of all, it causes a lot of damage and causes a lot of earthquakes, also consumes a lot of water... And that water is were we drink, and after is been used it can not be drink it again... And because of that animals are dying and loosing their hair.

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