• Yes, Game of Thrones deserves 23 Emmy awards

    The show "Games of Thrones" is deserving of 23 Emmy awards due to the creative work and the dramatic story. There is a overwhelming interest in the show from a loyal audience base. The show writers have kept an interesting story line across various locations to add new elements to the show.

  • Yes, Game of Thrones should have been nominated for 23 Emmy awards.

    Yes, of course HBO's Game of Thrones should have been nominated for 12 Emmy awards. The show has some element from every single category at the Emmy awards. The actors and writers deserve to be recognized for their hard work and for creating such a life changing show. The Emmy awards will soon realize.

  • Game of Thrones is one of the most well-liked programs on television

    Yes, Game of Thrones should be nominated for all 23 awards. The show delivers drama, suspense and fantasy and continues to fascinate fans. The show won the top Emmy for best drama a year ago and may win the same award again. In fact, the show won 12 Emmys in all. This is great news for fans of the show. Non-fans will be disappointed if their favorite show doesn't get awards. The People v O. J. Simpson is another well-like program with 22 nominations -- they'll be a great number of viewers hoping this show will win. It's about which show delivers the best story, the best performances, and the best viewing experience overall.

  • Yes it should

    It is perfectly feasable that Game of Thrones has been nominated for twenty-three Emmy awards. It is one of the most popular television series of the moment, and the figures prove that. I am not a fan, but you can not fault the story, acting, makeup and special effects of this ever increasingly popular series.

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