• Gangs should definitely be considered terrorists

    They kill innocent people, rape innocent people (women and children), deal and do drugs on the street, have international ties to know terrorist groups, etc. They don't care about anything but themselves. They are definitely terrorizing society as a whole, therefore they should be labeled terrorists. Terrorist laws should be changed to include gangs too.

  • Gangs should definitely be considered terrorists

    They kill innocent people, rape innocent people (women and children), deal and do drugs on the street, have international ties to know terrorist groups, etc. They don't care about anything but themselves. They are definitely terrorizing society as a whole, therefore they should be labeled terrorists. Terrorist laws should be changed to include gangs.

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  • Gangs are most definitely terrorists!!

    Over 2000 shootings and nearing 500 dead from gang violence in Chicago alone. What is wrong with US? I am sick of Americans fealing sorry for these people. This is NOT an economic problem. This is about several groups of sorry-@$$ individuals that have nothing better to do than take the lives of OUR citizens. They are no better than the ANIMALS that crashed the world trade center. How dare we stand for this terrorism. All gang members know what they do is wrong and still continue to do it. They don't deserve prison. They deserve the death penalty...On the spot. I really hope there's at least one gang member reading this. YOU NEED TO CHANGE RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

  • Violence is violence.

    If you are just a plebe acting in the name of a mythical creature or someone who failed in life and have to turn to killing. Terrorist. Back in the day we hung horse thieves. Its simple. Replace the poor with machines. End the chance of uprising. Hail America Hail Freedom

  • The very definition of terrorism fits. Street gangs and cartels should be instantly stripped of their civil rights and treated as enemy combatants, ie: Terrorists.

    The gang problem in our country is at an all time high and they are strengthened because they still have the luxury of being covered under the constitution. If we would simply change their legal status to terrorism they would fall under the jurisdiction of the patriot act and we could hunt them down and destroy them without impudence. Police forces already know who these people are and without having to build a rico case if ever. They could clean up the streets in weeks. Gangs would be extinct. It's the same way we could get the Mexicans to pay for the wall. Just treat the cartels like we do in afghanistan and bomb them back to the stone age if they don't pay. After all, they are terrorists too.

  • We need a new law now!!!!!

    Im so shocked how gangs in old neighborhoods i grew around as a kid are still polluted by these terrorists decades later.I truley believe that landlords should be held accountable for some of these crimes being commited by these gangs, its not fair that that rest of the community have to suffer while these gangs are provided with the comfort of organizing and blending well with honest hard working citizens.What really bothers me is alot of the latino gangs members parents especially single mothers are so in denial of their children that are in real dangerous organization.Kids start really young so the parents look at it as a temporary thing or just blame their friends knowing that own kid is really in a gang.I know cause ive witnessed it personally with close people i know.Landlords need to manage property alot better and really enforce rules and evict anyone associated with any gang.Think about it, imagine if ISIS started recruting local kids from a neighborhood in Los Angeles what do you think would happen.Treatment is different.FBI and police would immediately shut them down and you would here it all over the news.But not for local gangs, its like everyone got so used to it so community wont even stand up against them.Im so sick and tired of these gangs, they need to be wiped away.

  • I think if they treated gangs as terrorists more would be done to get them off the street and to keep young people from joining.

    If the young people saw the negative end to gangs more often and saw that there was a positive choice for them and their families it might deter them. I also understand their parents have alot to do with it and how they parent. So life skills and parenting classes need to be taught in school for parents and kids.

  • Nothing cool about gangs Kid...From Chicago with love.

    I can't believe this is even a conversation in 2016!! Of course they are
    Terrorists!! Screw what's on the books..We the people make the law
    and the law should be amended from time to time it was designed to be plastic. This is a job for homeland security and local law enforcement,
    teamed up with the judicial system. State and county prisons and jails have NO place for these individuals, other than temporary holding cells.
    We need build true Rehabilitation centers of maximum security, where these individuals can have a real chance at reform. This would be a large and expensive endeavor, seeing as there are over 700,000 documented
    gang members in the US, and more children being inducted every day.
    We need to get busy cleaning up our streets! Some of these gangs have been operating since the late 1950's!! This would put a sireious

  • Detroit is in shambles because of them!

    Gangs mark their territory anybody can enter! And if we enter their lands, we best not wear anything opposite of them that isn't even offensive! You literally cannot walk into a street in a simple red shirt, otherwise, to the eyes of a Crip, you're a blood! Cops, just kill them the way Hitler did in the Holocaust!

  • Should gangs be considered terrorism?

    Hell no! This is a way for the government to kill off people that they cannot control. This is one fucked up country that we live in, and I just want to hit the lotto so that I can afford to leave this fucking Nazis shit hole before the real mass killings start.

  • The difference comes in the definition

    Are both horrible in the end? Yes, but these are two different ideologies and psychological group behaviour. Terrorism is of a political nature and the violence that derives from there is as well. The simplest way to put it is that Terrorism is about a group of people using violence and threats to accomplish a certain political goal or statement.

    Gangs come from a more social aspect. Traditionally, Gangs grow from areas of social unrest but don't have a particular political agenda. Also Gang violence in a singular instance is traditionally not as large as a terrorism.

    However, it is possible for Gangs to make the leap to Terrorist if their goals and attacks become political in nature or the amount of danger caused.

  • Gang crime should not be considered terrorism.

    Terrorism is fundamentally different from gang crime. Gangs arise from tribalism, often in low socioeconomic urban areas. People use terror as a political tool in order to get demands met from a government or organization. Gangs often target each other and fight gang wars, which the police don't care about. Terrorists target innocent people.

  • No But It Shouldn't Matter, The Act is Just as Harmful No Matter the Motivation

    Terrorism is just violent crime that is for political or religious reasons. But crime is crime is crime. Why should it be treated any different? Had 9/11 been carried out by a bunch of people who had no political or religious agenda and just wanted "kicks" it would've been just as harmful, yet not technically terrorism. People should focus more on the act itself not the motivation. The act itself is wrong, the why is just the why. Had 9/11 been carried out by people just doing it for kicks we'd probably have special legislation against thrill-seeking violence instead of terrorism.

  • Terrorism is completely different

    Terrorism is used to sway political parties, members of politics, or just the general public. Gang crimes are usually against opposing members of gangs. Since there is no political or religious motive in these gang violence/killings. It is a waste of time to think of gang members as terrorists

  • Gang crime should not be considered terrorism

    Gangs that attack innocent non-gang related people are considered terrorists, but I think they are common thieves and hoodlums. Never has there been a gang in America that has blown up a building or killed mass amounts of people at one time. Gangs can be dealt with by the local police department. No military is need for gangs.

  • No, it should be considered gang crime.

    We already have laws against theft, violence, rape, and other crimes. There's no need to trump up charges even further, especially with the high prison population. This is a problem of a criminal justice system that does not rehabilitate offenders. All the system is good at is separating offenders from society, which is why people want more separation.

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