• The NHL is boring now

    The game is boring now no fights no hitting now I'm not saying have no talent goons or bench clearing brawl like the 70s but if two guys want to fight let them in fact the game has become more dirty than before without fights also I'm saying have a fight every night but if someone throws a dirty elbow the gloves should come off. Sometime you still have good games but too many are meh at best.

  • He needs to go

    It’s impossible to determine whether all of this would have/could have been avoided if someone other than Gary Bettman had been occupying the commissioner’s chair in the NHL office for the past two decades. But the indisputable fact remains that Bettman has been the constant in all of it.

    That is why, when Bettman marks his 20th year as commissioner Feb. 1, the league should announce his exit strategy from the top job, a process that should take place over the next two years. Stenciling the words, “Thank you, fans” across each of the neutral zones in every NHL arena will clearly not cut it this time around.
    NHL bans players from Olympic participation – and should prepare for a legal fight

  • Please Replace Betttman

    The man has never laced up a pair of skates. Maybe in his backyard. Gary Bettman has ruined our game of Hockey big time. All he cares about is money not the pride of our game. Go back to the NBA. We need a real Hockey Man or Woman running this league that actually cares about us the fans. He has no idea...Never did. Just about the Dollar signs Gary. Why not let the best of the worlds hockey players play in the Olympics? Best against Best...Can't beat that. We really need to replace this Wall Street Kiss A**. Bring on the Olympics Gary it's the way to go. If not...We'll make sure (as fans)your tenure is done.

  • This is guy has got to go

    Gary Bettman is a liar and a fraud. He supports the southern strategy for having too many southern teams in the NHL like Arizona, Florida, and etc. He's done a lot of damage to the game by having three lockouts. He's anti-Canadian by supporting the American teams. That's all I've got to say about that loser.

  • Of course.

    Gary Bettman is easily one of the worst commissioners in the history of hockey, and sports in general. He has ruined this season, and a vast amount of his policies and thoughts range from stupidity to something that will outright hurt the game. It baffles me how he still remains in control of the NHL.

  • Yes, definitely!

    He has done an awful job being the General manager of the NHL. Under his reign the NHL has suffered multiple lockouts and cash grab expansions which indicates he has no clue on how to run the NHL. Even if someone else ran the NHL, it would take a long time before they could recover.

  • He Needs To Be Fired

    Gary Bettman is a horrible GM and he needs to be fired. He should have been fired a long time ago. He has ran the NHL is the ground and it is going to be difficult for the to recover from what he has done. The guy is completely clueless.

  • Please

    Multiple lockouts under his tenure, cash grab expansions to places that don't care about hockey and a league without enough talent to properly fill the rosters, on and on with this guy. I don't doubt he wants the game to succeed but he's simply not capable of getting it to do so.

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