• They don't work

    There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that gay conversion camps are effective. A person who is gay is not going to change through a program such as this. We need to stop worrying about other people's lives and let them be who they are. There is nothing wrong with being gay, and these camps can actually be harmful.

  • Gay conversion camps do more harm than good

    There are camps specifically designed to either "pray the gay away" or "cure" people of their homosexuality. It is my opinion that these camps should be outlawed because they instill low self-esteem in the individuals forced to attend, and create a culture of shame and secrecy that is completely unhealthy.

  • Establishments such as gay conversion camps violate human rights.

    Gay conversion camps should absolutely be made illegal. Establishments such as these directly violate human rights. Each one of us should have the birthright to live freely as we choose. It is not up anyone else to impose their personal views upon others and decide on the lifestyle should live. The idea of an establishment created with the intention of trying to convert or transform someone's personal identity is completely unjust and such institutions should be made illegal.

  • No, gay conversion camps should not be made illegal.

    No, gay conversion camps should not be made illegal. While people may oppose the idea of condemning sexual orientation, conversion camps are essentially a form of psychological programming. The same techniques are commonly used to modify undesirable behaviors such as smoking or over eating. If a person chooses to voluntarily curb their sexual inclinations through mental manipulation, they have the legal right to pursue that.

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