• Yes of course it should!

    I'm not going to post a long list of reasons I am just going to make my point. Gay "therapy" is not a good thing. Telling someone that should go to therapy if they are gay is ,for one thing, disrespectful and can cause depression and possibly suicide of taken seriously. If your religious imagine someone coming up to you and saying "So your (insert religion here) you should go to therapy."

  • It doesn't work and it leads to suicide

    Is it really fucking worth a kids life to die over... For being different? Any person who is actually human would agree these gay camps are not only ineffective and down right abusive. Kids are throwing themselves off bridges because of the sugar coated hate camps that are these "conversation therapy". If you are Christian or not, you should still think this is wrong.

  • Yes is should.

    Conversion Therapy, in most cases leads to suicidal tendencies,self harm, depression, and parental hate in minors. It's quite literally, torture in most peoples eyes.

    Leelah Alcorn has been dead for almost a year (12/28/14), and her bill to ban conversion therapy still hasnt passed. Go sign 'Leelah's Bill' for the safety of millions of minors from Conversion therapy.

  • The Scars that are Left

    More than eight times as many youth who have been through or are going through therapy are likely to attempt suicide. While, six times as many have very high levels of depression. Nearly thirty-thousand Americans commit suicide a year. Approximately twenty-five percent of suicides are people who are part of the gay community. This practice is harmful, and is taking innocent lives.

  • The Scars that are Left

    More than eight times as many youth who have been through or are going through therapy are likely to attempt suicide. While, six times as many have very high levels of depression. Nearly thirty-thousand Americans commit suicide a year. Approximately twenty-five percent of suicides are people who are part of the gay community. This practice is harmful, and is taking innocent lives.

  • I See A Lot Of People Talking About Choice..

    These conversion "therapy" camps and offices are based mainly on the youth of our nation that are forced into being tortured by electric shocks and being drugged. The APA itself has talked about how wrong it is for conversion "therapy" to continue, along with tons more associations. The people on the 'no' side are talking about choice. That it should be up to the minor/person if they want to be converted to heterosexuality. That should be your choice. If you feel the need to be changed,(which it has been proven that one cannot be changed through pretty much everything) then its your decision to go to a trained psychologist or therapist. NOT a conversion therapist. If you feel the need to go through physical torture and mental and emotional torture, then go find it somewhere else.
    I and everyone else that is on the 'yes' side will not let you keep our youth in camps that are killing them off by extreme measures.
    May I remind you that the creator of conversion 'therapy' doesn't have a degree in anything but theology? Does that mean that anyone who is anyone can come along and tell you that you are wrong and torture you into believing that there is nothing worth living for if you are homosexual?
    That is your choice if you want to change. But I wonder what life you have been brought up in to feel horrible enough about your homosexuality that you want to keep conversion 'therapy'.
    I suppose I pray for you, even though I am atheist, because I am sorry that you feel the need to harm others because of your own sad thoughts.

  • It should be banned....

    Teens all over killing themselves because of this. All because one person is telling them they have to be one way and someone is telling them they are wroung sinfull. Look at leah alcorn. She just killed herself because her parents sent her to it.THAT IS WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS!!!

  • If it's not your life, why should it matter? The issue isn't being homosexual.

    What do you care about someone else's sexual preference? And who are you to dictate what sexuality others should or should not be? Another person's sexuality is none of your business, so don't try to change it. How many heterosexuals do you see going to therapy to make them homosexual? Even with the argument that some homosexual people might find conversion therapy helpful, I would venture to say that those issues are more rooted in a lack of self esteem or confidence, a feeling of not belonging or being disapproved of (by loved ones or society as a whole), and only a side effect of being homosexual in their current situation. Thus, those issues could be taken to a regular therapist, and treated in the same fashion as any heterosexual's issues. Homosexuality is not a problem, illness, affliction, or mental disorder. It's a harmless preference, and does not require any adjustment, change, or cure. If anything, we should be treating the aforementioned side effects that are caused by how society treats non-heterosexual individuals, not caused by the state of being homosexual.

  • Kids are committing suicide.

    Why would a parent want to change their child? They aren't choosing to be gay, it's the way they were born. A lot of young adult and even children are committing suicide because their parents don't support them, and tell them they can change. When in reality, they can't. You can't change your sexuality.

  • Ban Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

    Gay conversion therapy should be banned for minors. This type of therapy does not work and can be very harmful to a minor who is dealing with angst on all levels of life. To subject him or her to conversion therapy is in essence pushing them towards a more harmful and perhaps deadly state of mind.
    Being gay is not a mental illness that can be treated. Treatment that aids the minor to deal with their orientation or tendency is much more beneficial than conversion treatment.

  • If the parents are responsible and liable for everything else why not this

    Some people may see being homosexual as being wrong and they may try to do what they can to change and it is entirely up to them minors should only be put through it if there parents think it is the right decision. Some people myself included believe that god created all people in his image and he despised gays and sodomites so why would he create people to by his polar opposite

  • It's a choice

    It should be banned for minors. And it shouldn't be forced on anyone. But it should be an option for those who seek it. There are a lot of treatments in this world that are questionable, but as long as people are not forced into them they should be available. When the research shows that conversion therapy is without a doubt harmful to adults, that is when we should discuss banning it.

  • It is voluntary. Period.

    Gay-conversion therapy, like all other therapy, is voluntary. One doesn't have to undergo it if they don't want to. Also, some people with homosexual tendencies, like me, don't want to be gay. If this is banned, who will we turn to for help, what could we possibly do in order to become straight. I don't know why you people want us to be the person we don't want to be. I DO NOT WANT THE GOVERNMENT TELLING ME THAT I MUST REMAIN GAY!

  • The therapy should NOT be banned

    The whole argument of homosexuality departs from the assumption that it is innate without a single irrefutable evidence that it is indeed innate.
    So with this in mind, the liberty of giving one's a choice to deterline the faith of their life, should not preclude the possibility the therapy may work, and it should be a bone fide effort to make it work.
    I find homosexuals to be intolerant of others holding different point of view of this world...It only explain this hostility towards those that indeed have been capable of changing, the homosexuals by dismissing the therapy want to sleep at night making sure that they have made a good decision with their lives...It's to reduce their cognitive dissonance.
    IF you are for liberty, don't assume what does not work for you , will not work for others

  • It may be wrong and not work, but it should be your choice

    Changing your sexual orientation is by all scientific and psychological accounts impossible, and it could also be argued to be wrong and a denial of your true self. Even so however, if an adult wants to make a choice to engage in this quackery, society has no place to tell them they can't as long as it doesn't get official medical recognition because there is no evidence whatsoever that it works in any way. I would personally discourage anyone from going to conversion therapy because I think its wrong, silly and doesn't work, but as long as its voluntary its not my or anybody else's place to deny you the right to engage in it.

  • No, conversion therapy should not be banned.

    While there is no evidence that gay conversion therapy works, I see no reason it should be banned. There are many people who would say that they were helped by this form of therapy, and as long as people are choosing to go through this process of their own volition and not being forced by a family member or friend then I see no reason they cannot seek whatever treatment they would like to try. Do I think there are more helpful options out there? Yes. But banning gay conversion therapy is not the way to convince people of that.

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