Should gay couples be forbidden from adopting kids?

  • Yes, gay couples should not be allowed to adopt.

    It is important for a young child to learn life skills from a mother and fathers perspective. Because men and women are so different, a child must learn to distinguish between the two. Although the argument for gay couples is the child will learn valuable skills from a sincere couple, the child will still struggle with what is right and wrong. This is especially true when they are exposed to friends who come from a traditional family.

  • Gay couples should not be forbidden from adopting children.

    Gay couples should not be discriminated against in the adoption process. They should be screened just like any other couple. As long as the couple is stable and able to provide a loving home, they should be able to adopt children. Gay couples are just as capable as straight couples at raising well-adjusted, healthy children.

  • No, gay couples should be allowed to adopt

    Gay couples are just as capable of raising kids as straight couples. A family does not have to be a man, woman and child, they can be two fathers, two mothers, a single parent, or many different variations. Keeping gay couples from adopting is just an example of inequality and bigotry that results in many children not getting adopted.

  • No Ban On Gay Adoption

    Gay couples should not be forbidden from adopting children. Being gay in no way indicates that parenting or nurturing skills are deficient or perverted. Children need love, care and attention. Regardless of lifestyle, deserving gay people are able to create a home environment that is conducive to raising healthy, loving and well-rounded children.

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