• Can't wait for that population limit

    Honestly, if you're religious do you believe stopping gays from marriage will save them from 'hell'? I mean, seriously if you think you can keep them from being happy now what makes you think they will go to heaven? And this whole family argument? My parents were both 100% straight and here I am, homosexual. I've seen parents abuse their kids, and I fear if your issue with gay people revolve around them 'converting' children I suggest you look at yourself.

  • Stop thinking God hates gays

    This is not a matter of religion, it is a matter of equal rights. They deserve equal rights, because otherwise it is like saying "People with brown hair are not allowed to be married." This is the dumbest argument ever, saying that God hates gay people. If he created you, then why would he hate you?

  • Yes they should

    We must allow them to have thier same sex marriage because its our own choice to do what we want because we are born free to do what we wanted.Why dont we allow them? Its thier choice and same sex marriage is just the same of the actual marriage.If you wont allow same sex marriage then we wont allow also the marriage of a man and a woman so that it will no be unfair.We are born the same let there be balance on earth the equality of a man a woman a gay and a lesvian

  • Yes, and here is why:

    If you think Gay Marriage should be illegal, don't get one. If you think it's weird, keep that to yourself. Don't keep two people from making the commitment of marriage because you think it's weird. If the reason you want it banned is because you think it goes against God's word, well I've got something for you: We don't have any proof that God exists, but we know that gays exist. God/Jesus love all people, that's his thing. They love the gays, the people you call /sluts/ (whom have a right to do whatever they please with their own bodies) and everyone who has ever done anything bad. Gays haven't done anything bad by being gay. It's who they are, deal with it.

  • Everyone Deserves a Chance

    Love is love. Same sex weddings aren't the biggest issue going on the Unites States right now. Besides, not everyone believes in God, therefore, not everyone is going to agree with your arguments - which have no actual scientific fact or logic, just a bunch of religious opinions. If a person wants to get married, let them. It's their life! If a man marries a man, or a woman marries a woman, it is their choice and theirs alone. You don't tell people what to do with the other parts of their life. . Why is this such a big deal? It's NOT your life.

  • Land of the free

    We live in the land of the free! I believe that we should let gay or lesbian people get married. God said many other things that we do not follow now, for example, it was stated that interracial families were a sin. Nowadays many people have interracial families and I don't see anything bad happening. Something should be considered a sin only if it causes harm to society. Personally I do not see that happening with gay marriage. That is why I believe gays and lesbians should have the right to get married.

  • Yes obviously this isn't the 1800s

    My word can we not get over the irrationale of prejudicing / stereotyping people due to things such as race, look, gender, and sexual preference? Duh, obviously, yes, it is 2013, the world is changing, and we need to get over racism, sexism, and even the prejudicing of people simply with a different sexual preference.

  • It should be legal everywhere.

    Not only should it be legal, but I would hope it's accepted everywhere. No one should be able to tell another person who they're allowed to love. It's nobody else's business how they want to live their lives and if someone is homosexual, who are you to tell them they can't be. They're not hurting anyone, so why can't everyone just leave them alone and let them be happy and stop trying to control other people's lives when it's none of their business. They're just trying to be happy and marry the person they love. They're still human beings and they don't deserve to be denied of anything a heterosexual couple is able to do.

  • What difference does it make to anybody else?

    If you are an extreme right-wing Christian fundamentalist who opposes gay marriage you are unlikely to be invited to a same sex wedding but, if you are, nobody will force you to accept the invitation.

    Otherwise, if other people want to get married why would you object just because they happen to be gay? Their private life is none of your business, is it?

  • The Land of the Free.

    America has always pontificated that it is the so-called 'land of the free', a phrase that is looked upon with dubious eyes by the rest of the world. But, nevertheless, America does claim to be such and surely in a 'land of the free' people have the 'freedom' to choose to marry whomever they wish. If some people can marry some people, but others cannot, then this is not Freedom with the capital F. Naturally homophobes have the right to protest against and disagree with gay marriage, but if a people are truly 'free' as America would have the outside world believe, then homosexuals must also be free to marry other homosexuals. Either people are free or they are not, there is no 'some people are more free than others based on sexuality'.

  • Here FOR GOD

    In the last few years this topic has created tension and discrimination between the two sides. Gay marriage licenses should not be provided for many reasons. The main reason is because family. You know? Your mom, your dad, your grandad, and your grandma. You will not be able to have any of these in your family with a gay marriage. MArriage is for a family. A family who will live for God. Gay marriage is not a family. It is two prideful people who are disobeying God's law. Anyway, I advise everyone to live for God and to marry when you are ready to have children. Because, marriage is for a family.

  • It is morally wrong

    First of all why should it even be consider a marriage. Their is a man and a women for a reason. That reason is to reproduce. Also another is that it goes against the little bit values this world has left. The fact is that gay influence should not be put out there as if it is not wrong. It can basically, influence young kids mines as if it something that happens all the time.

  • .Huummmmm ahhhhhh, ohhhhuuuuummmm.

    I don't want to say anything cause they will kill me. I mean just look at the percentage , i think some people just say yes cause they don't want their butt kicked.

    This is not a debate just a vote, i have reasons but i will just stop her now, while i still live.

  • Gay Marriage should not be allowed.

    There are a great many reasons as to why Gay Marriage should not be allowed. Some are religious beliefs, others are non religious. For the sake of this comment, I shall only list non religious reasons.

    1. By legalizing a non traditional marriage, it opens the floodgates to many other questions. Can a man marry his sister? Can a child marry an adult? Can a girl marry her father? Should Polygamy be legalized? By allowing Gay Marriage, you must legalize all marriages, or face accusations of hypocrisy.

    2. While this reason is admittedly weaker then my first, Homosexuality may result in lowering populations. As Homosexuals cannot reproduce no offspring are contributed.

    3. Research has proven time and time again that a child needs a strong Male and Female presence in their lives to be successful. By legalizing Gay Marriage, many children will be deprived of a vital part of their lives. In addition, studies have shown children raised by Homosexuals are four times as likely to be non-Heterosexual. This would further contribute to the population problem I mentioned earlier.

    4. Statistics show that being raised by Homosexual parents has an adverse effect on children. They are arrested more often, are more likely to rely on public assistance, and are more likely to suffer from depression.

    Those reasons are more then enough for me to say this: While I harbor no ill will towards Homosexuals, Gay Marriage would have long reaching impacts, and as such should stay illegal.

  • Ghey marriage what?

    Its here. This question is strange. I don't know why its up. This country is gay now, get over it. It will soon be required to have a job to support gay marriage. Living a decent life of any sort is now degraded and being a deviant is upbraided. On to legalizing state sponsored crack for kindergartners...

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