• Homosexuality is Scientific Fact and Should be Respected

    Same sex attraction has been proven time and time again for the last century that it is not a choice and it is an inborn biological condition. With that said, the global homosexual and lesbian community should have rights under international law equal to that of the heterosexual community. This is a matter of governments acknowledging scientific fact and responding to it appropriately giving their gay community the rights they deserve. As long as governments idle on this decision the worldwide gay community is being constantly oppressed and discriminated against. I would like to believe modern civilization has moved beyond primitive oppression and discrimination, but it looks like we are still living in a primeval society.

  • None of ya haters bees wax!

    Gay marriage has nothing wrong with it, in fact its their problem; take ur nose outta someone else's business.
    Not like its got anything to do with other people anyways, its between two people who love each other and thats all that matters.
    Stop thinking that you can control someone just because you believe its wrong.

    If you think that if someones gay the population will decrease, I'll have you know that some straight people don't want children and refuse to reproduce. In fact I am one of those people.

    Also, although gay people don't necessarily reproduce their helping the community by adopting the children that have been abandoned for various reasons.
    And even if not all gay people do that, it still doesn't give others the right to discriminate them.

    Just to all gays out there. Know that others support you and don't let anyone put you down. Don't give them the right.

  • Hell yeah !

    Being gay isn't a choice, it's been scientifically proved time and time again that it's an inborn biological condition. Love is love. Deal with it. Religion should not stop somebody marrying who they love and people should keep their beliefs to themselves because a same sex couple marrying them isn't harming them.

  • Just go on with your own life.

    You know what?!? Why is this such a big issue? It's simple. To each his own. If someone wants to marry another willing person of any of the now numerous recognized sexes or even a garden vegetable, why should I care? It has No effect on my life, none. It doesn't matter to my garden vegetation either. It's my opinion. Let's focus on more Important issues. Oh, and I am Not...

  • People have the right to express who they are.

    I doesn't matter if people are gay or lesbian, its their own life. Let these people live the way they want it to be. I think this should be legalized because gay people wont have a bright future like they want it to be such as having a wedding. Gay marriage..... Why do you hate it? You shouldn't they're just ordinary people. LET GAY MARRIAGE TAKE ITS STAND TO BE LEGALIZED!

  • Its their life

    Why should people not be aloud to be gay or lesbian. It is their life and they get to decide what they want to do with it. Why should we judge them just because they love each other. How would you feel if you were gay and people started saying oh you shouldn't be together its not right i know i wouldn't.

  • Gays suffer handicaps created by society

    Gay marriage should be legal because by saying that it shouldn't we are implying that homosexuals don't count in our society as much as heterosexuals do, and degrade the weight of their opinions. Especially in America, where equality is the foundation of our government, it is important that we do not put pro-homosexual beliefs under religious beliefs. The religious stance is valid, considering you share their beliefs, and their concern at the very least should be acknowledged, however it is unethical in itself to devote your mind to one side of the situation, and especially unethical to behave biased in a political situation.

  • Yes, and yes, and yes.

    Gay marriage should be allowed because not everyone is Christian, Muslim, or Jewish. So what if it goes against your beliefs ? Your not getting married; they are. Shall we all force people to wear head scarves because it is professed in the muslim faith, or all people need to go to Church on Sundays because Christians should ? Not everyone are in those religions. What if its not immorally wrong in their beliefs. Should we deny them this right because of what your religion says ? Are people dying or getting hurt from gay people marrying each other ? I think not. It should at least be allowed in the United States of America, built on diversity and freedom. Let Gays be free to marry.

  • It's there own belief

    The reason gay marriage isn't legalized is because of this religion called christianity. I'm a christian as well but being a christian is simply a belief. If people don't believe they were made to be with the opposite sex, they shouldn't have to abide by it. Gay marriage should definitely be legalized

  • Gay marriage illegal

    Gay marriage is disgusting to see. No man or women should be married to the same sex. It goes against the bible. Think about seeing most men French kissing each other and most women French kissing each other. Also it is impossible for two women to make a baby and two men to make a baby. Each year less and less people don't believe in GOD and soon the world could come to an end.

  • Gay marriage should be illegal

    As a Christian I have to stand by what the bible says. Homosexuality is wrong and it's clearly stated in the bible. (Genesis 1:9; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9; Jude 7). I am also very disappointed in other Christians who support homosexuality and gay marriage, as they are saying they and other people are above God. Setting biblical teaching aside, gay marriage is bad for society. Legalizing gay marriage would teach society that marriage is about coupling, rather than bearing and raising children. Because of this, fewer people will have the intention of having children. Birthrates will plummet, creating a crisis as society becomes dominated by aging adults. Homosexual behavior is unhealthy and reduces life spans an average 8-20 years. There is no evidence that homosexuality is natural. Last time i checked, there's no such thing as a homosexual gene. People are born with a specific gender. Why should people follow desires that contradict their gender? Ignoring desires can be uncomfortable at times, but ignoring our body's natural design can be fatal. We are designed as men or women, but we choose to be heterosexual or homosexual.

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