• This is ridiculous!!!

    It is absurd to ban gay men (and women) from donating blood. It is silly! I don't support homosexuality but barring gays from donating blood is ridiculous. Donating blood from someone who is gay will not make the donatee gay. It is just blood and nothing more. As long as they have the same blood type it is completely safe.

  • Gay men should be allowed to donate blood.

    Yes, gay men should be permitted to donate blood. A person's sexual orientation has no bearing on the blood that pumps in their veins. Blood is blood. Being a heterosexual does not make your blood immune to disease. All blood is tested before it is used in transfusions anyway, so there is no risk to anyone to allow gay men to donate.

  • They should be allowed to donate blood.

    The reason gay men are not allowed to donate blood is because of the AIDS scare back in the 80s, when it was believed to only affect gay men. We now know that AIDS can infect anyone regardless of sexual orientation. So if a gay man does not have AIDS or any other blood borne disease they should be allowed to donate blood.

  • No Ban on Blood Donations

    Gay men have been banned from donating blood for over two decades. Why? With the advancements in medical science, with the information that we have learned on sexually transmitted diseases, the need to ban gays from donating blood is unnecessary--and discriminatory. Blood centers today screen, filter and are able to detect blood that is unable to be used, yet another reason why the ban is unnecessary. Gay men are at no higher risk than anyone else from contracting a sexually transmitted disease, such as AIDS, syphillis, etc. The largest group of people afflicted with HIV are straight males but they are not barred from donating blood. An ounce of blood means life or death to someone who desperately needs it. Does it really matter who it came from?

  • Discrimination at the blood bank must end

    The depressing news about the Orlando shooting got another layer of sadness when people learned (or relearned) that gay men cannot donate blood. It is awful that they are unable to offer such critical help to support members of their own community. It is time to let go of old stereotypes and let everyone (as long as they are healthy) to be able to donate blood.

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