• You "no" people sicken me

    Sexuality has absolutely nothing, nothing whatsoever to do with your ability to perform in combat and you're love for your country! Saying that gay men are not physically able to do it or that you can't trust them is stereotypical bull crap. REYN, straight men are sexually lustful for women and women are in the military, does that mean that straight men shouldn't serve? No it doesn't. Know why? When people are risking their lives and serving their country it is not so they can go pick up chicks or guys, it is because they love their country. NOTHING that has anything to do with sexuality will stop them from performing just as well as the women and straight men in our military

  • Yes They Should

    Gay people are people and if they want to serve in the military they should be allowed to. What does it matter who they are attracted to? It won't affect their ability to perform their duties. Excluding them from military service just seems like a really odd thing to do, especially when we are always in need of more good soldiers.

  • There's no rational reason to ban them

    Contrary to what some might think, gays aren't all prancing down the sidewalk throwing flowers everywhere. They're people too and capable of the same things "normal" people are, there's no reason to ban them from any workforce that they are interested in enlisting themselves in. They aren't an issue and only a bigot would argue that they are.

  • What does it matter?!

    Why should your sexuality matter??? If you want to serve your country then you should be able to!!! Joining the military is a privilege its A RIGHT. And at the end of the day, we're all just people. Were all the same in someway or another. You shouldn't be able to join just because of your preferences????? That's like saying someone can't join the military if they're anything other that a Christian!!! And just because you are part of the liquefy+ community does not mean you aren't physically or mentally strong your sexual preference does not affect your strength!!!!!!!!!!!! If anything I would think they would be mentally stronger because of all the shit they have to take from so many people. Like look at what your doing, you're not only trying to take someone's rights away for WHO THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO you're also bashing them for being that way too just because it goes against YOUR BELIEFS. It doesn't and shouldn't affect you get the hell over it. Plus we need all the people we can get into the military THEY ARE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WHO ATTACK THEM FOR WHO THEY ARE ATTRACTED TO JUST LIKE ANY OTHER PERSON JOINS THE MILITARY THEY WANT TO PROTECT AND SERVE THEY'RE SEXUAL PREFERENCES DO NOT AND SHOULD NOT MATTER GET OVER YOURSELF AND YOUR STUPID RELIGEON AND BE PEOPLE

  • Gay people in Military

    think those who are gay should be able to serve their country. It's a right every human should have. Most of you who are against it are saying that gays will check you out and its uncomfortable having them sleep in the same room as you. That is not what they are there for, they are there to serve their country. Straight men are attracted to women and vice versa -- they're in the military together, right? So how and why is it different for those who are gay?

  • Gays are people, too.

    They are human beings. Besides, the whole "gays would be more worried about checking each other out than fighting!" okay, 1st off; what do you think women go through in the military EVERY DAY? 2nd off, the hazing is SO BRUTAL, many gay people ARE in the military, but to afraid to say it. Shut your face if all you can say is your dumb opinion and actually think for a moment about your EVIDENCE.

  • I fight alongside a few gay Marines

    I see no problem in fighting with my gay brothers. We have lesbians but no one gives a crap about that?!? If you want to ban gays ban lesbians too. I see no issue with gays in the military, i do not support their lifestyle but if you have the strength to pick up a rifle and stand with me in the face of death and laugh at it with me than you are fine in my book.

  • Lets talk about stereotypes

    Most of you who are saying no are just uneducated. Most of your points are just stereotypes. " Imagine showering next to a gay man or sleeping next to a gay man", ok maybe some people will feel a bit uncomfortable but they have to get used to it. Gay men or women aren't animals trying to rip off your clothes and trying to have sex with you every second of their lives. THEY'RE HUMANS, they dont care! Also please note they arent attracted to every single man or women they see, so chill, they have preferences and types like us straight people.

  • WTF is wrong with gays

    Just because you are gay does not mean they are not strong i say this because gays are stronger then everyone else in many ways. If they love our country let them serve to fight for their freedom and yours stop hating them because they are humans too they deserve a life like ours.

  • Everyone has a right to serve their country. Everyone has a right to feel safe.

    While, YES, I do think that all of the LGBTQ+ community should be allowed to serve I also feel that men AND women have a right to feel safe. There is NO privacy in the army. You are a team, infact "you" arent you anymore, from now on eveyone thinks and coordinates as a group. As such you eat, train, work, and yes, regrettably SHOWER together. Now MOST of the LGBTQ+ community is respectful and dignified. However imagine you're trying to shower when someone of the oppisite sex walks in. How would you feel? Awkward, Embarresed, Ashamed, Fearful, Confused? The list goes on and on. Now I understand were dealing with homosexuals and not transgenders, But for the integrity of the women and men that serve this country, I do not belive a transgender should be allowed in the same bathroom UNLESS, on this one condition, they have had a sex change surgery. This is order to protect the transgender person, AND the other soldiers showering. For soldiers that have NOT had a sex change surgery...Maybe they could build a transgender bathroom? I'm sorry I don't have all the answers. Now regarding homosexuals, it's obviously a no brainer. As long as they remain respectful and act as everyone else it's no big deal, TIP for all the homos out there , you don't have to tell everyone you are gay, because you will probaly get extra sh*t for it. Especially in boot camp.

  • Yes but seperately

    My biggest concern is this- in the military- our troops shower together, change together, sleep together and practically do everything in everyone else's presence. Do you really want someone who may or may not be attracted to you to be with you in your private moments? But yes, they should be let in the military- with other gays so as not to make our 'straight' troops feel violated.

  • gays should not join military

    they should not join the military because they dont have the physical aptitude and at most they are coward.even they are willing to serve , it doesnt matter because being in military signifies valor or being valiant. since before, military are for men alone and in their identity, they are sexually lustful because they like men too.

    Posted by: REYN
  • Gays Can't Serve

    How would you trust a gay soldier next to you? How would you feel if you were gay and you were too embarrassed to even come out let alone operate the machinery in warfare? No is the right answer. I served in war, its a brother hood. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

  • What happens if the they become attracted to their peers?

    Let's just say for instance that a gay military troop became attracted to one of his peers. Will he he even care about winning the war anymore or will he be too busy trying to win the heart of the troop he's attracted to. It's not gonna work because the troop he's attracted to will most probably be straight and he's gay.

  • No, Not A Good Fit

    No, gay people should not be allowed in the military. The military requires a special kind of personality and temperament. Men in the military must depend on one another. They must be able to know in their hearts and minds, without any doubt whatsoever, that each of them can be depended on to react in a certain manner under pressure and in combat. Being gay is difficult enough in the real world, but allowing gay people in the military creates a whole new set of doubts and emotions that would not be good in a combat situation. Men in the military must be able to fit into the tightly bound brotherhood that forms between them all.

  • No we should not

    Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.Nobody likes them.

  • No the Military should be for straight Males only especially combat arms

    All of you snowflake libtards that say it’s “their right” shut the fook up. It’s not a damn right but a PRIVILEGE to serve! Some people with diabetes and eczema can’t join but you idiots want to let genital mutilators and gays in. When you idiots yourself wouldn’t be willing to serve. These people are obviously neurologically unstable if they can’t even make their own decisions of who they are but people with ADHD & Bi pollar disorder can’t enlist. Being gay and a gender mutilator is a disease and an abomination. And should stay where they are i wouldn’t want an unstable gay like that watching my 6. And if you’re offended GOOD. I like offending people because i think snowflake libtards should be offended more often.

  • Read about the Recent Predication of an US Army 101st Airborne Sgt. Who was stalking his fellow soldiers

    Being away from home, in a hot and hostile country, the men that you serve with in combat are the only thing you have. Forget the niceties, the USO, phone calls home or any of that other crap. When you are on a patrol, you need to be able to trust your mates. This sergeant was actually a predator who was removed from at least one other command due to his stalking other soldiers. The Army covered it up.
    It is hard enough being in a war zone without some predator faggot trying to "Nail you up the ass".

  • It poses a threat to effectiveness of our military

    Our military consistently focuses on maintaining and gaining lethality and effectiveness as the world's finest fighting forces. If LGBT servicemen/women are housed together it creates problems and could hurt morale. There is a certain personality type to be in the military, and the bond of brotherhood between combat troops will be violated by a lovesick gay guy trying to impress the guy he likes, rather than focusing on the team & the mission

  • Same reason men and women are separate

    I'm not much of a military expert, but I'm pretty sure one thing the military does not want is their soldiers having sexual relations with each other while deployed. Because most of the population was heterosexual and the two genders could easily be separated, that wasn't an issue. But adding homosexuals to the military creates the problem that they may have sexual, or other relations while deployed. And in that case, the problem can't just be solved by separation.

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