• God loves all

    If you take the historical context, then when the Bible was written, there were Men in Rome who had young boy slaves (presumably used for sex) this was condemned in the society during those days. Considering that Divorce has been condemned 18 times in the Bible, yet people do not ban it in 33 of the states, like gay marriage. If one believes in a God, then God would love all of his children, after all he created them. I realize people learn from young ages about these topics, but it is important to talk and discuss how dehumanizing a person due to whom they love is wrong. People are born who they are, and changing that is simply wrong. God would want us to treat each other with respect and love, like he would treat us. Jesus went out of his way to speak and love the minorities, the cripples of societies, the outcasts, so why shouldn't we?

  • Love is love

    My sister is gay and i love it i think its the best thing in the world i especially love her girlfriend Tiffany she is so awesome! And believe me or not they are the cutest people in the world. Yes they argues sometimes but the always work it out i mean it takes a woman to know wants woman wants and it takes a man to know what a man wants! So i support 100 percent!

  • America is supposed be about equality and freedom.

    God does not make the rules for America, and part of our constitution is the freedom of religion. Other people do not have to oblige by the rules in YOUR bible (and just FYI, I am Catholic and I support gay marriage). Not only should gay people simply be allowed to be married because they love each other, but because it has other benefits. There are certain things they will have an harder time doing, like adopting children or sorting out taxes and bills and things like that if they are not married. How they feel is none of your business. For example, say you're on a diet. You see someone else eating a donut. You wouldn't tell tell THEM that THEY couldn't eat that donut because YOU'RE on a diet. Telling people to live by your definition or opinion of what love is is the same thing. Being yourself is what America is supposed to be all about. Freedom. "Kicking gay people back to Canada" is pretty much against everything that America is about. But if we're going to play by your rules, then maybe you should be the one moving out.

  • Yes gays I think should be allowed to Marry,

    I have in my family 2 people who married and then got divorced shortly after marrying. I also have a greater amount of gay cousins that have been together for over 10 years, I see no reason they should not be married. If they cant ; then I see no reason to even have marriage.
    The opponents argument about children/ procreation / reproduction well Christian teenagers take of that cause the church refused to talk about sex education and a few end up having kids they don't want.
    So many people have children outside of marriage. And they don't accept the responsibility of parenthood.
    I'm sure it was originally a Religious union, but the way that many married people have treated it, maybe its time for some committed Gay People to give it try. Really how bad would it be for Heterosexuals.?

  • It's not in the bible

    No gays are not in the bible, but neither are big macs. If you eat big macs then you should leave because its not its not in the bible. Just because it's not in the bible doesn't make it wrong. These people only want them to leave because they are afraid of them and i'm sick of it

  • Yes, of course.

    Gays should be married. There are too many fools in the United States who follow the bibles every word but are completly blindsided. The bible is not your opinion. Think if your son or daughter came out to you. You wouldn't disrespect them by saying, "No, you can't be gay. The bible says it's wrong". Forget the bible and support equality!

  • Gay people should be allowed to get married.

    The reason behind my argument is that I see no reason they should not be allowed to marry. They are just people who are attracted to the same gender the same way that 'normal' people are attracted to the opposite gender. If they want to they can do what they want.

  • Gay People Should Have Right to Marriage

    Without a doubt, gay people should be allowed to marry in the United States. Marriage should be a basic right for everyone no matter their sexual orientation or preference. Many states have made the proactive decision to allow marriage of all types in their borders, and other states need to follow suit.

  • Equality is expanding!

    This country is supposed to be free, but with the way a select few people view it, only certain types of people are allowed this freedom. Marriage in my opinion is just a piece of paper that will never see the light of day after it has been signed, so why not allow anyone to get married to any other person no matter their genders.

  • Gays Should Be Allowed to Marry

    Its a civil right to be able to marry who ever you want to marry. I think if you truly love the person and you want to spend the rest of your life with them, you should have that right. For those people opposing it, I don't understand the argument. Some people say that its wrong or unholy to be gay, but religion shouldn't get in the way of politics. In my opinion, people shouldn't let their religious beliefs get in the way of someone else's pursuit of happiness. I live in the USA, and we aren't a theocracy, so I don't understand why the process of free marriage for all is being hindered partially by the extreme religious views held by the minority. There's so much hate for the gay population, its really sickening. For no reason, these people are being deprived of their rights to be happy and marry. I'm not sure how my country, the United States of America, can truly be the home of the free if there are still those who do not have the same rights as everyone else. By the time I get out of high school and find someone I love, I just hope that I'll have the right to marry whoever I want, be it aanother man, or a woman.

  • No, gay people should not be allowed to marry.

    The act of marriage is between a man and women. God made woman for man and that is how it was intended. Gays that want to marry and seek all the benefits that a married man and woman couple get should not be able to get that. A marriage is a union between man and woman with God.

  • It is in the Bible

    This isn't a topic that is just out of the blue. People that don't support gays have moral values from something called The Bible. Go look up 1 Corinthians 6:9... As Christians you are supposed to persuade people to commit themselves to the faith as well and this is just like how we are trying to get more people to "inherit the kingdom of God". This is why people don't support gays!!!

  • Wrong Think about it

    You have every right single straight people who choose not to marry ,you can live together have sex or whatever you do & its not no longer against laws ,This is stupid ,marriage for 2 people of the same sex.I think if gay people stop & thought about they would agree.

  • Lol too funny

    All the arguments on this side say...GOD SAID NO! XD I just can't believe this is even still an issue, do we honestly need more issues then we have? They're are people dying in wars and famine and hunger and we care what other people do with other consenting people. We live in an insane time.

  • This is disgusting

    I'm not sure what happened to American society. Twenty years ago, people would laugh at this kind of stuff. God made Adam and Eve, a man and a woman, to show those of later generations the NATURAL way to reproduce. This generation of people is seriously becoming corrupt; hate it.

  • NOOOOOOO Gays Need TO Leave

    Two people of the same sex is not in the bible...#MERICA obama is the reason gays are allowed and he should not even be president. Gays need to leave and go back to canada and get out of our country. This is not a place that they belong and i would love them to leave and so would a lot of other people

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