• The only right way to judge is based on the conduct of one's character.

    It is who they make themselves to be. They are not the 'same' as everyone, they are different, and they choose to be. I'm not saying to judge in a sense of hate them, but it's who they are, and that is exactly how you should view someone, for who they are. When you meet someone, what makes the difference between whether you become friends or not? Whether you admit it or not, you judge them, based on who they are. 'Gay' is who they are and what they do. That's exactly how you judge someone, not by something they are born with, but the way they act, so you have the right to judge them for it.

  • It does not matter

    I am not saying that they should but i do not disagree either. But every time gay people or other groups of ''other'' people get insulted we complain about the fact that we hate gay people while it may be something like ''jackass'' or ''idiot'' because he/she stole something (for example).

  • Judgment transcends everything.

    Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or lack thereof, sexual orientations or gender, I want to be able to judge people for being morons. And how can people get offended by Ellen? She is literally the blandest person ever. "It's like getting offended by applesauce"- TJ kirk the amazing atheist .

  • We judge all people for various reasons

    Judgment of people and their thoughts and actions are as commonplace as breathing. We must always be cautious when judging others of any category, and we should be much more quickly to judge ourselves, first. So, giving individuals a "free pass" simply because of their sexual preferences is absurd. Gay people do good and bad things, just like the rest do us. If the debate topic is "should we judge gay people because of their homosexual behavior, only, is a more specific debate.

  • Why should people be judged for who they are

    People shouldn't be judged for who they are. They should be judged for their actions. It's like some people gain hatred as soon as they are born. Just because they don't fit into society's expectations of who a person is supposed to be. The answer is white middle-aged straight man, that's a perfect human being.

    Example: A child's parent is a murderer. Should that child be judged because she/he is a murderer's child? Shouldn't that child be judges for her/his actions?

  • No they shouldn't

    Gay people are just like me and you. Just because they like the same sex doesn't mean they should stand apart in civilisation. They should be treated as if they were straight. Gay's aren't "abnormal" in anyway. In fact they are the most understanding and most caring people around. If you ever need a pick me up call up a gay friend. Their make you feel 10 times better.

  • It's The Same

    It's really as the same as when you liked someone and everyone and their mother would judge your crush because they were this and that. Yet... You were straight. How is it that we can judge others for who they choose to like just because it is of the opposite sex? People may or may not judge you for who you love/like; but don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you. I don't care if you are straight, bi-sexual, homosexual, or transsexual.

  • No judgement necessary

    Judgement is bound to happen.In the society we have today, there is always different opinions and ideas. We can't stop them all. But..... We can not judge gay people just because they are gay. Gay People are just the same as the neighbor next door, the math teacher, and the weird squirrel.

  • No judgement necessary

    I do not believe that homo sexual people should be judged. While, it is wrong according to the bible.
    God is the only person EVER who has the right to judge. "Judge not and you will not be judged." The LORD is our shepherd and he will do the judging.

  • No they shouldn't

    Because being gay is not a choice... Its not like you can just choose to like either gender. Maybe if your curious or bi but otherwise you cant... And like others say, they should be judged by their personality or character not on whether they like girls or guys. I mean think about it if you were gay would you want judged.

  • No they should not

    We are all put on this world to love so what right does some have to tell lgbt what they can and what they cant love. We are the same in every way there is only the fact that we all have different taste in what we want. WE ARE STILL HUMAN WE ARE AWOKEN.

  • Treat everyone EQUAL!

    Why should there be discrimination just because we are different? Each and every one of us are unique and special. There are no copies of us. That’s what makes us unique. Love shouldn't be judged or discriminated! Support each other and Support gay pride! Love is love! ! #supportgaypride <3

  • Gays are human just like everyone else but judged b/c they're attracted to the same sex.

    Again gays are human just like everyone else but they are judged b/c they are attracted to the same sex. Imagine a world were heterosexuals were in the position of homosexuals they were treated different,y because they have feelings not bad feelings just different but this should determine who a person is. It shouldn't even determine how the person is treated. All it shows it the feeling that the person hold/feels toward another person

  • Gay people should not be judged

    They are perfect for whom they are. They want to live the way there were born to live and if you don't support them you have no heart. I am not against them at all because I have friends that are gay, lesbians, trans ,bisexual so of course I support them and I care for them and you should too.

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