• I Mean Kinda

    If they are being assholes shoving signs in my face, making a ruckus or yelling at the top of their lungs then no fuck that. But if they act like human instead of baboons then yes allow them to host their dumb useless protests. And come on now they are useless. Someone who is anti-gay isn't going to become pro-gay just because some fucks paint their face like children and march through the city. But a long a they aren't being annoying bastards and everything the do is legal then I have no problem with it

  • This. Is america land of the free

    This is america it is there choice and we should be okay with it we need to mind our own damn business don't like gay pradades don't go to one don't like guns don't buy one don't like porn don't watch it that is my point. What I am trying to say is this is mother fucking america and they should be FREE.

  • Gay pride parades should be allowed in every city.

    Yes, the LGBT community should be permitted to hold a pride parade in every city. If there are people willing to organize the event, there is little reason other than discrimination to stop them from putting on the parade. Pride parades are positive community building events that showcase a celebration of diversity. Pride parades serve as major tourist attractions and bring revenue into the cities that host them.

  • Yes, gay pride parades should be allowed in every city

    Yes, gay pride parades should be allowed in every city. Every city could have a sufficient number of gay people in it. This group of people often faces discrimination. Furthermore, these parades do not hurt anyone. So long as enough people support the parade that there is a decent turnout, a gay pride parade should be allowed to be held in a city.

  • Gay Pride parades should be accomodated everywhere that there is interest.

    The LGBT community has been suppressed and marginalized for far too long. Society needs to embrace and celebrate the LGBT community. The Gay Pride parade has become a symbol of freedom and embracing difference for everyone, not just the LGBT community. Community members from all walks of life and sexual orientation participate. It's a joyous celebration that embraces acceptance. It should be permitted to run in every city.

  • Yes, almost every city has all kinds of festivals.

    I've only seen a gay pride parade on TV, but I view it the same way as I do a person covered top to bottom with tattoos, or extreme body piercings, or a person having purple, green, yellow and red hair, or a mohawk cut spiked up with baubles on the end, or someone wearing hoop earrings that are about 3 inches around with the ear-lobe around it, or a woman who has more than half her private anatomy hanging out and looks like she's going to break a leg trying to walk in 6 inch stillettos... you get the message, whatever.
    I'd say that they are portraying their message of the shock factor or "LOOK at me, LOOK at me"
    Personally, I find them amusing, sometimes distasteful to view, but as long they aren't affecting me in any way, I see nothing wrong with it.

  • No it shouldn't

    Gay males are ugly and useless to society. Gay males make everyone go extinct. Gay males are evil. Gay males want to torture everyone to death. So no they should not have gay pride parades, it is just evil to celebrate gay males it should be gay pride mourning instead of gay pride parades.

  • No they shouldn't

    People are not supposed to be gay males so they shouldn't be allowed. F f ff f f f f f f f ff f f f f f f f f f f f f ff f f fff f f ff f f ff ff f ff f f

  • Cultures are different.

    Many cultures simply would not tolerate a gay pride parade. In such areas, gay rights need to follow both economic development and, if it comes to pass, a move away from traditionalism. Gay pride parades are more of a symptom of gay rights than a cause, and in certain areas they would just end up in a lot of gay people injured, dead, or arrested.

  • A bad idea.

    The only cities that they should be allowed are cities that already have some degree of gay acceptance. As an extreme example, what do you think would happen if they had a gay pride parade in Saudi Arabia or any city with a majority of Muslims? Let's just say that the parade will not last long as the participants may be arrested, beaten up by mobs or even killed. Even tho this is an extreme example, other cultures may be just as intolerant. Sure, there is more tolerance, in general, here in the U.S., there are many cities here that the safety of the participants would be in serious jeopardy. Sure, they can't be legally arrested just for participating but that does not mean they can't be beaten, killed, or even arrested for other charges. Tho violence as a result of the parade may bring attention to the intolerance, it could also be looked at as an excuse to blame gay people for violence. For instance, when we view the riots that followed the demonstration dealing with the Michael Brown shooting, some may view it as people being intolerant to black people but they would also associate black people with riots.

    Seeing that parades in cities that do not have a fair degree of tolerance would jeopardize the safety of the participants and cast gay people in a poor light, they should not allow a gay pride parade in every city.

  • They should not be allowed in our city streets in ANY city (you wanna do it a secluded desert somewhere fine)

    The mandella effect has hit hard with this one huh? Where people as a whole try to convince themselves that ANYONE (gay or straight) should be allowed to gather in bulging speedo's on city streets and dry hump and tongue eachother down in front of normal families and children literally being forced to deal with it and the nuisance it causes for people in the town trying to do their normal thing (shopping, trying to commute to work or just enjoying a day with their family downtown) and instead now a dad has to explain to his son or daughter why these mentally unstable people lacking courage to change themselves mentally are being allowed to shake their packages dry humping and thrusting at a random strangers butt...Not homophobia just plain reality this is not normal or ok. Gay people have a mental issue that needs to be dealt with (not bisexuals that is actually a normal behavior) and they should not be allowed to adopt either to ruin a young childs life (dated two females that had gay mothers both lived with the mate while raising the children both girls turned out to be gay due to mental issues and both were very unstable mentally having sex with whoever they meet and very aggressive delusional thoughts that happened to be very similar in them both)

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