• Men and women are different, and so gender roles should and do exist

    Gender roles do not mean that women cannot do what men can, or vice versa. They simply mean that there are certain roles that are traditionally associated with one gender rater than the other. The most obvious example of how this is proper is childbirth. Women can give birth and men cannot, therefore women have the traditional gender role of the childbearer. This isn't sexism, it is simply the natural result if the differences between the two genders.

  • Depending on the culture, yes.

    Gender roles are a significant part of many ethnic and national cultures around the world. Since cultural preservation To get rid of them simply because they do not agree with rational liberal society would be an awful offence. I believe allowing gender roles is a matter of respect to other cultures and fighting against them endangers traditional beliefs.

  • Some, yes

    Some gender roles should exist. It's easy to want to say gender roles should not exist, but in some areas, they are not there without merit. For example, women should not serve in mixed roles with men on the front lines of combat because women are not physically equal to men.

  • Gender roles are outdated.

    Society has greatly advanced from the times of hunter-gatherers and well gender roles have changed now that women can earn as much or out earn men depending on educational level and job quality. Long past is the age when you needed strong men to "bring home the bacon" andmen are proven to be just as capable at raising children as women can be. Gender roles are outdated, some might even say obsolete. While all gender roles do nowadays is propagate stereotypes I believe society is making good headway.

  • Gender Roles should exist, but thats not to say one gender is better than another

    Throughout every single species on the planet, gender roles exist. They are there to guide species efficiently. Whether the society is Patriarchal like Lions, or Matriarchal like bee's. There is some sort of necessity to it in nature.

    Maybe human society can outgrow our natural tendencies, but where there is a list of unclear roles, inefficiency and complications are sure to present themselves.

    If one suggests Gender Roles should not exist. Then who might I ask, should be the one to take care of a baby? That is after all a "Gender Role".

    Gender Roles should exist, however. If an individual disagrees with them, they should be able to separate themselves. They are just a guideline for the human race.

  • Go watch "Fight Club".

    To all the people who say that masculinity is composed of "meaningless imposed standards, set by society"... These so-called meaningless imposed standards are set by nature, not by society. Masculinity reaches much further back than society. It's about, and always has been about, strength. The strongest man rises to the top. The strongest man passes his genes on with the most fertile woman. It's survival of the fittest, continuing the legacy of the strongest. In modern society, we remove ourselves from these roots, and in doing so we remove ourselves from our strength. It's disgusting the amount of people who no longer care about strength- it's what built the world, our civilizations, our race. Strength. In all its forms- physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual, social, spiritual, the list goes on. If you ignore the roles that encourage us to keep these strengths alive, you take away the one thing that has pushed us so far. Without competition, how can we become great? If you abandon or ignore that competition, not only do you not contribute to the human race, you actually detract from it.

  • Males and females are always different

    There is a fundamental difference between male and female genders, which extend far beyond physical features, into hormonal differences, which manifest in generally different ways of behaving. This is often largely cultural, however generally speaking, these gender roles manifest themselves, with the outliers being fundamentally different in some way or another. There is no reason that gender roles shouldn't exist, as they are a natural manifestation, originating in biology. Gender roles are not without purpose and should exist.

  • Man that's hopeless at maths and hates talking about sports

    I am against gender roles. There is no scientific evidence to support the argument that a man or a woman or better at something because they are innately a man. I am man (a very regular and straight one) and I - am absolutely hopeless at math, am good at languages and like the arts, have no idea how to start up my car when it breaks down, have no idea how to fix things up around the home, hate talking about sports and watching it, and i can multi-task all day long.

    Where does that place me in society? Am I what you'd call a traditional man fulfilling my role in society?

  • Military? Really? Okay..

    Yes men are physically stronger then women but women also have a better ability to plan things out. Men are "do-ers". Women are planners. If you want to get into roles then the women should solve the problems and tell the men what to do. If you wish to get into military then shouldn't the women be officers at the front line since they can better evaluate a situation and solve it more effectively? It is not about capability, both are capable in different areas and if they work together the system would work more smoothly. But since it's not about capability it is about discrimination and pride, which is kind of low once you think about it. Just my thoughts...

  • No, in one sense gender roles should not exist, but in another, they just do

    From a social aspect, to say a man or a woman must behave a certain way is not fair. An individual's characteristics are up to that individual, be it man or woman. That being said. There are certain factors from a scientific perspective that simply exist, and are gender specific.For instance, women can give birth men can not. Is one wrong to associate giving birth with women? The question it seems then, is what constitutes gender roles?

  • Not at all

    I so disagree with those who believe there are places in any society where women cannot function. Honestly think about it. Women have been working in every aspect of human life since it was started. History proves this. Right now in our world women are already working in military jobs, as ceo's and so many more.

  • No. They harm men and women alike.

    Sure, many may be naturally inclined to follow a gender role, but if it really was natural, why do we have to reinforce it? Why not just let nature take its course?

    What if a women is skilled with computers, cars, or another "manly" thing? Why waste good talent? What if his husband is an excellent cooker and Dad, despite not being the most "manly man"?

    Gender roles and sexism are bad for people. I am a male teen, and I am constantly being told to be "manlier." Society tries to "cure" me, as if I have a disorder. They tell me a bunch of stupid "this does that, period" stories. I have simply stopped listening to them, but they won't stop trying to convince me I "need" to be manlier.

    Gender roles must cease to exist (for both sexes) to be a truly modern society.

  • All gender or gender roles do is create an extra meaningless category to sort people by.

    I don't understand at all the obsession of classifying attribute A as manly / masculine / male and attribute B as girly / feminine / female. I can't really explain it since I don't see gender as any more than a cop out for explaining what you like and don't like by relating yourself to one half of the population; it doesn't really exist.

  • People are Different

    One woman may be amazing at fixing cars, another at sewing, while one man may be fantastic at planning and organizing a house, while the other might be good at home repair. Their still people. Why force yourself to do something you aren't good at and don't enjoy just because its feminine or masculine? Its rather ridiculous to say the least

  • Why can't we all just be?

    Why do we have to use things to categorize ourselves and others? Why can't we just live on this earth and be humans and live out our lives without expectations based on our genitalia? I just want to be a human and interact with other humans. I don't want to have to worry about being seen in a bad light because my hair looks wrong or I'm not wearing makeup, or I don't like to do certain things. I just want to live however I want to live.

  • Gender roles shouldn't exist, here's why:

    Who are you to say what I am supposed to enjoy, how I am supposed to live, and what I can be? Why can't boys like makeup and dolls and be accepted? Why can't girls like sports and cars and be accepted? Until someone gives me an adequate reason, I will stick to my opinion.

  • Gender roles shouldn't exist, here's why:

    Who are you to decide what I am supposed to enjoy and look like? Who decided that girls are not allowed to like cars and sports? Who decided that boys are not allowed to like makeup and dolls? Until someone gives me an adequate reason, I will continue to believe that gender barriers are absurd.

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