Should genetically modified foods be appropriately labeled?

  • With out a question yes!

    As a consumer I should have every right to know the origins of what is being placed in my body as fuel. That way I can make an INFORMED decision if I want to buy and eat it and that decision solely rests on my own hands not those who don't care anything about my well being.

  • Yes GMO should be appropriately labeled.

    As consumers, we have the right to know what we are putting in our body. This includes the right to know where and how our food was produced. We should be able to read a label and determine exactly what impact (assuming there is data) the food will have on our body.

  • Genetically Modified Foods Should Be Appropriately Labeled

    There should be no doubt that genetically modified foods should be appropriately labeled. As consumers, we have the right to know if the product has been altered in any way. This would allow us to make at choice concerning the purchase as well as our own decisions on the possible effects of our health.

  • It is pointless

    Nearly everything we eat is genetically modified. The seeds that old hunter gatherers grew back in the day were genetically modified. Also there is no proof that gmo are any worse than organic food. Unhealthy food is going to be unhealthy regardless, and same with healthy. Putting it on the label is just going to put people who are not so well informed about gmos from buying it.

  • It would be pointless.

    The vast majority of foods have been modified in some way. Both plants and animals have been bred to behave differently, which in itself is a form of genetic modification. If something like this were to be implemented, there would have to be different levels of labeling and lines would have to be drawn somewhere. Many people who do not know the history of even "organic" foods would simply be put into a panic.

  • Not unless it is the store's norm.

    I do not think that genetically modified foods need to have a label placed upon them unless the store has that as a general policy. For example, Piggly Wiggly labels food as 'heart healthy' or 'sugar aware' and things of that nature. For those stores, sure but I do not think that it needs to be mandated.

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