Should George W. Bush be charged with war crimes?

  • Unjust and Unearned

    President George W Bush is one of the few world leaders who has been able to start multiple wars for little reason other than finances, and not receive any sort of punishment or inquiry. As Presdient he pulled our nation into multiple conflicts where it was not needed, and has almost ruined our economy beyond repair.

  • Yes He Should

    I believe George W. Bush should be charged with war crimes, along with the succession of people responsible for the torture used during our last two wars. As the head of the country at the time I personally feel that George W. Bush should be held responsible for these tactics.

  • No, he did what was necessary at the time.

    I think 911 was a terribly unexpected emotional blow to every American. No one ever dreamed an attack like that could happen here. I don't think any President could be prepared for what happened that day. George Bush was strong, and took steps that were deemed appropriate and necessary throughout the rest of his term in office.

  • No, George W. Bush should not be charged with war crimes

    George W. Bush should not be charged with war crimes. He acted on the information he was given from what were reported to be reliable sources and made decisions based on that information and the advice of other officials in his cabinet. He asked for legal advice from legal advisers and made the best decisions that could be made with the information at his disposal.

  • No, I don't think Geroge Bush should be charged with war crimes.

    While the Bush Administration may have misled the American public about whether or not Iraq had weapons of mass destruction I don't believe we should hold the President criminally responsible for a war that was approved in both the House and the Senate, I think it would set a very bad standard if we did so.

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