• It was well-deserved.

    Yes, Germany should definitely have faced reparations after World War 2. In fact, I believe that the country should have faced a lot stricter penalties. The citizens who sat by and let these atrocities happen should not have been able to just continue with their normal lives. The Jews killed certainly couldn't do that.

  • Germany's WWII reparations were correct

    Germany was forced to pay reparations after World War II, the correct act. Although the payouts extended years, and were steep, it was the right act for the horrendous acts Germany committed against Jews and other citizens. The crimes against humanity, sanctioned by the German government, were unimaginable. The payment serves as a punishment and a deterrent.

  • Hitler almost conquered the world

    Germany needed to be hit with hard sanctions after WWII because the country almost dominated the world, and they did it while still being under sanctions from the last war. It makes sense to keep an eye on the countries that are aggressive and fight with their neighbors. At least it wasn't as bad as the WWI sanctions, which in many ways led to WWII as well.

  • No, Germany should not have faced as many reparations after World War II.

    No, Germany should not have faced as many reparations after World War II because it prevented the country from quickly bouncing back. Those in charge should have been killed or sentenced to prison, but many of the innocent people should have been given financial help to rebuild their lives afterward.

  • No. For god's sake.

    No one can argue that the doings of the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler were evil. Nazis and the SS division comitted genocide on jews and slavs. But not all germans supported Hitler or even had a swastika in their homes. I think it is not just to make people live with harsh finances because of a madman and his followers.

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