Should Germany have joined WWI because of their Austrian allies?

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  • World War I is inevitable, Germany did right to start it with more allies than less

    European powers in during the early 20th century were in the state of constant arm race, complicated diplomatic relationship, and stressful global politic, it is only a matter of time before the great war broke out. The annexation of Alsace-Lorraine, making the war with France inevitable, and the fact that Germany had failed to secure strong relationship with Russia, couple with the consolidation of Franco-Anglo alliance, already send a clear massage to its leadership that Germany need to fight and its enemies are many. So it is wise decision to keep Austria under its alliance when the war broke out.

    In the end what constituted its defeat in first world war is its failure to keep United States from joining the war, not waged it early. In fact, if the war did broke out 2-3 years late, it will have to face a modernized Russia military which was expected to be completed in 1917 and cause the war to be even less in the Triple Alliance favor.

  • Germany needed allies

    Germany in 1914 had nearly antagonized most of its neighbors; high tensions with Britain with their naval arms race, bad blood with France after humiliating them in 1871 by taking Alsace-Lorraine and the Russians and Germans distrusted each other due to the potential threats they played to each other, and Italy and the Ottomans were weak and unreliable allies. The only nation that would be of any use to the Germans were the Austrians. In order to prevent a Germany surrounded by hostile Great Powers, the Germans needed to aid the Austrians. Little did they know of the terrible consequences.

  • War should never happen at all.

    There should never be any way. The world wastes 1.7 trillion a year on this now a days.... if every single person in this world pulls their weight, this is what could happen....!

    What could be done if the world stops wasting $1.7 trillion annually worldwide on war and pulls their own weight
    USD Dollars
    1. $550 Billion dollars to power Sarah Desert project with renewable energy Europe (15%)
    2. Malaria nets – Spend $3 billion for Malaria nets for every person in Africa
    3. $270 million for health services - for everyone in the developing world and to Improve them
    4. $90 Million – To put everyone in education worldwide and improve education
    5. $8000000 million – To provide clean water annually for all people worldwide who suffer from no clean water. (Continuous)
    6. $2.2 million – To stop everyone in the world dying from not being immunized
    7. $480000000 - to put every person in a home with 4 people at a price of $300,000
    8. Price of treating HIV/AIDS ($1050000000: 15 million Children) to cure them annually (Continuous)
    9. $480000000000 – Give everyone a home who is homeless in a family of four people with a house value of $300,000
    10. Give $501 to every single African on average that is in the population at the moment or take out of taxes. Price over other countries and household income. Decrease as population goes up or find more income.

    = 1.7 Trillion (13 digits) Annually Worldwide
    … And get renewable energy worldwide! Save and also spend own money + Transform to renewable car energy (Compressed Air) and stop manufacturing petrol or diesel… and make every car like this as they are with different engine.
    What is spent every year out of the budget

    1. $8000000 million – To provide clean water annually for all people worldwide who suffer from no clean water. (Continuous)
    2. Price of treating HIV/AIDS ($1050000000: 15 million Children) to cure them annually (Continuous)
    Spent every year all the time: $1058000000 Renewable energy over time

    In order to provide renewable energy globally for every single person $17757178250000.
    Takes 10.4 years of war to power the whole of Europe without spending any money elsewhere. Then power rest of world…. On Sarah Desert. (7 billion) 3 solar panel every 4 people
    Other Malaria threats for other people (half of world):

    Stop it. Why is this world so evil! There should of never been a WW1, WW2 or Afghanistan war. No more wars ever in the world. Why can't these sick people their own weight. You say you can't image being tortured... I could not impinge doing it myself to someone else. Evil, disgusting people.

  • That War was a big mistake on everyone's part

    And it's even weirder considering they were cousins. I wouldn't declare war on my close family no matter what treaties I signed even if we didn't always get along.

    World War I is a good example of why entangling alliances are a bad idea. Nations should be active in foreign policy but abandon the game of playing favorites except conditional favorites based on trade policy, policies impacting the global environment, and human rights issues. No more "we just like these guys" alliances.

  • Germany Should not have gotten involved just because of Austria. It was a war they could not win.

    Germany Would of been better off scraping there alliance with Austria marking the beginning of World War 1 or The Great War. Austria was starting a war with a country with far too many allies to take on not too mention that allies where also big and powerful. I believe the German Soldiers and people where good men just allied with the wrong people. They where only fighting with there allies. I believe the Germans just should have opted out and stayed neutral.

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