• If you like them and you think they like you, just go for it.

    If you know the guy has anxiety towards stuff like asking a girl out. If you think he like you and you like him, you should just go for it. The guys are always scared you are going to say no to him, plus he might have asked some girls out in his past life and they all said no to him cause they don't like him like that bout as a friend or best friend. If a girl is not scared to ask him out I think she should go for it. All it does is save him from worrying that you might say no to him. So yes girls should ask guys out if they are not scared to ask him.

  • Take the shot!

    Some Men have anxiety towards social interactions, Therefore having a Woman "Ask out" a guy, can be an amazing thing for them. It'll take the burden of making the first move off of there shoulder. Now there is always the possibility of the guy saying no, but think of how many times he may have been told no to

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  • There is nothing shameful about it ,its actually an easier way to get noticed by a guy you like .

    Well its like a guy asking a girl out and the girl begins to notice the guy and she begins to like him because he made the first move, same for girls if you really like or want a guy you can make the first move by asking him out and maybe he might notice you but dropping hints and signs dont usually work and i tell you what.... Guys are scared too and if we can do it so can the ladies , as we go after the women we like, you can also go after the man you want and ask them out 99.99% of the time they wont turn you down thats for sure . There is absolutely not wrong or shameful about going after a guy you want .

  • Girls are powerful and we should be allowed to screw over the tradition and start a new generation!

    Girls are kind,smart, and fun let us start a fun, and brilliant generation.Girls we need some changes around here if we want our lives to truly rock! I met a guy who I really liked and I went right up to him and asked him out he was amazing and he loved me so much so go and meet him the guy that sets you free!

  • Yes girls need to make the first move

    I'm 14 and never asked anyone out because I'm to shy. If i ask girls out if they will say no and gossip all about it. If u ask a boy they will most likely say yes and they don't really gossip that much. So I say girls should ask out Boys!

  • Girls should ask out guys

    Some guys are too shy to ask out girls that they like because of the fear of them saying no. When a guy asks out a girl and she says no, she will gossip about it, avoid the boy, and the guy will just want to hide under a rock. If a girl asks out a guy and he says no, then he will just go back to talking with his friends.

  • Girls are the same

    Some girls ask out boys . Girls should ask boys out because some girls put all there faith in boys to ask them out. It just proves girls should ask out boys and it may hurt to be rejected but you may get more boost in a relationship and boys like girls

  • I think so

    I'm a 13 and a boy and have nether asked a girl out let alone have a date. But that's not the point, there have been girls that I think like me but I am to scared to ask any of them out. Most guys would probably say grow some genitals, but it shouldn't be like that. After all that said I do think that girls should be able to ask boys out.πŸ˜ŽβœŒοΈπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Sure, why not?

    Though I think it typically works better for guys to ask girls out- we are wired that way- I'm not going to make a blanket statement and say that girls should not be allowed to ask guys out. If you want to go out with a guy and he is too shy to ask, then go ahead and ask him!

  • No girls should not

    Because most of the time girls are way to scared. And they shouldnt have to the guys are the guys for a reason! And we shouldnt have to do all the work! And that is why ngirls should not have to ask guys out-. And i Will conclude with that.

  • If they really want us, they ask

    Girls should have more self esteem than to go to the guys and ask them out. If the guys really want you, they'll ask. If they are too shy, hey! Their loss! Girls are abused way too much anyways, we should at least hold on to our dignity and be asked out instead...

  • Guys should ask girls!!! Not the other way around!!!!

    When girls ask guys out, it makes them look desperate,aggressive and masculine.Besides on Valentines day, I Don't want to see a girl giving a Teddy Bear, Flowers, And Chocolate to a Boy.If the boy likes her, he should ask her out. Otherwise, Boys should be responsible for asking girls out not the girls.

  • Sticking to tradition

    I believe that as women we should stick to the tradition that has been passed down for years. Women should feel worthy and confident of someones love and by asking someone out you don't get the same feeling as if you were asked out. Although some might say this is showing gender equality, some roles should be left for the man and some roles should be left for the woman. During my research I have stumbled upon many different articles stating that guys believe that they should be the ones to ask a girl out. Girls and guys should stick to the tradition.

  • Guys should ask out girls

    Chivalry is not dead. I think that it's a sweet tradition that a guy ask the girl out on a date. Let's face it, girls. There are ways of letting a guy know that you like him without having to ask him out. Let him make the first move. It has nothing to do with which sex is smarter or stronger. We are equal in our different roles.

  • What about prom!

    All the girls know that the guy should be asking the girls to the dance or prom! Or ask the girl out on the date. Its been like that since forever, well unless the guy is shy. But if a girl likes a guy they want them to ask them out.

  • Man up guys!

    Guys should ask out girls because it has been a tradition for a long time. It makes the male feel like the masculine protector in the relationship. I have had many cases where I tried to be the more aggressive one and show my feelings and it went bad every time. Wait for the men to make the first move. It is hard to be patient but worth it.

  • Boys should ask out the girls

    In my opinion boys should ask out the girls. If I even tried I would be extremely difficult and nervous to. I feel that the boy should cause that makes the girl feel better. Especially if they do like him. Like I like this boy in my class and I'm scared to even ask him out like what if he doesn't like me. For a girl to ask the boy out and he regrets her she usally is embarrassed for the longest time. If the boy did it and the girl said no he would usually get over it takes a boy usally to get over that girl usally fast. Please I don't want any hate, this is just what I think

  • It makes the girl seem desperate

    If the girl was to ask out the guy, the guy would seem weak. He probably would get made fun of by his friends if he said yes. Just a hint girls, if you ask him out, the relationship becomes very awkward. If girls were supposed to ask out guys, the tradition would've changed a long time ago.

  • It makes the girl seem desperate

    If the girl was to ask out the guy, the guy would seem weak. He probably would get made fun of by his friends if he said yes. Just a hint girls, if you ask him out, the relationship becomes very awkward. If girls were supposed to ask out guys, the tradition would've changed a long time ago.

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