Should girls be allowed to do whatever they want?

  • Why would we say no?

    You are disgusting if u think men are better. We are all equal. Everyone has their boundaries. Also it isn't Saudi Arabia so if u think men are better do us a favor and move to mars forever. Also why would this even be questioned? We are all supposed to be created equal.

  • All people are born equal. They should be recognized so!

    The only argument I have to mention is this is the simple right of each human being to act freely. No one can allow or not women to do what they want. We don't have to ask permission from anybody. Because There is no such a man, or race. Or other types of minorities or majorities who is staying higher than we. We all are equal, at the same level, at the same stage, whatever... The only true is be human enough to accept it, be intelligent enough not to judge, and not to state anybody, any human higher than others.

  • Equal Rights, Equal Opportunities

    Girls and women should be allowed to do whatever they want in life and in love. There should be equality among the sexes because everyone has free will, no matter what kind of plumbing they have. If girls want to be football players, astronauts or oil rig workers, go for it. Likewise, if men want to be nurses, librarians or teachers, go for it. There is no need for traditional roles in our contemporary society where everyone has an opportunity to be happy.

  • Girls should not be allowed to do whatever they want.

    Young girls in particular need guidance from good mentors who will show them how to assert themselves in a world that tends to favor males. When young girls are allowed to do whatever they want, they often misinterpret the often mixed messages that society tends to send about female roles. When they are taught appropriate behavior, they have more clarity about expectations.

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