Should girls be allowed to play on boys' sports teams?

  • Females care just at tuff as males

    A female can play as rough and as strong as males. Girls can play football and base ball yet the male population believe that us females are to fragile and can not do it. I have 5 brothers and each of them have played every field sport almost. I play football better than any of them and help them practice. Women fought for equality yet we are still getting lesser treatment. Girls may be built different, but we have the same muscles as the guys. I actually know 20 or more girls that are better than the boys team and the boys actually want the girls on their team. It should be allowed because everyone is supposed to be equal.

  • Girls should be equel to boys !!!!

    Girls should be equal to boys , boys need to accept the fact that not only boys can play football, soccer, baseball or any other boy sport. Boys don't think girls should play boy sports because "girls aren't strong enough" well that's NOT TRUE we are strong enough so LET US PLAY BOY SPORTS !!!!!!!!!

  • Girls should be able to play on boys' sports teams!

    Girls and boys have the same muscle structure. If a girl feels as if the league that they are playing in isn't competitive enough, they should be able to play in a more competitive league! Also, there are lots of girls who are stronger than boys! Girls should be able to play on "boys'"sports teams!

  • Females are just as tough as some males!!!

    Females should be allowed to play on any males team. And any male on any females team. Females and males should be treated equal. Females can do anything a male can do. As long as they can prove thereselves in the sport/game they should be allowed to play just as anyone else would.

  • Yes, it's a no brainer!

    Girls are just as good as boys and they should not be turned down just because of their gender! Imagine if it were you. Imagine if you were a girl and loved to play sports and weren't allowed to play on boy's sports teams even though you are really good at it. Just as good as boys. How would you feel? You wouldn't feel good, would you?

  • If they can

    Note one of the "arguments" to the right couldn't even bother to put 50 words down in defense of their stance. In most cases,girls simply won't be able to hang with the boys, boys are stronger and tougher generally speaking. However, every now and then a girl does possess the right blend of drive and physical build to be able to compete with them, in that case, why tell her no?

  • Yes we can

    Girls should be treated just the same as guys. If girls really want to play then they should be able too. If they are willing to take the hit then whats the difference between girls and boys playing. I think that every one should be treated equally. Girls should be on same tean as boys!!!!!

  • Yes they should!

    I think no matter your gender, boys and girls should be treated equally! Sure boys don't want to accidentally hurt a girl and trust me I don't want that to happen but still, I think all people, boys or girls, should be able to play together! Otherwise its not fair!

  • Yes they should!

    Some females can actually play sports with males. Their was a a female who actually played football with the guys and scored thirty five touchdowns for their team. If she can do it any female can do it. Just because people say us females are fragile doesn't always make it true, some females can be tougher than you think.

  • Girls are just as talented

    Girl can have equal skill or better skill then boys in sports. Girls should be given the opportunity to play with boys. I have played on a boys team when there was no girls hockey team for me. I grew so much as a hockey player and I had a lot of fun. Girls should be equal to boys and letting them play on the same teams would make that happen

  • I think that females can't do that kind of thing!

    First, it's called a boys' team for a reason girls don't have the body for it so how would they be able to do the techniques that actually work towards the goal for winning? Example: FOOTBALL! Try watching a girl play that and then come back and tell me what you think.

  • Boys aren't allowed on girls teams

    If you allow girls to participate on boys teams, then allow boys on girls teams. We would all agree that it would be unfair to have 13 yr old boys playing on an all girls softball team. As much as I push equality and girl power, the fact of the matter is boys are physically stronger and generally more coordinated then girls. Why do you think boys baseball fields are so much bigger then girls softball fields? For safety reasons sports should be divided into age and gender appropriate divisions. If you do allow girls to participate in boys sports then you must make things fair and allow boys into girls sports, isn't that what women have been pushing for years, Equality?

  • No, in general I think girls should not play on boys' sports teams.

    Now, I have to qualify my answer by saying that it depends on the age of the participants. If we're talking about a bunch of 5-year-olds, then sure, why not let boys and girls play on the same teams? After all, they're years away from puberty and will all be of similar size and body composition. However, with older kids and adults, I definitely think the sexes should be separated. Once puberty sets in, size and body composition change dramatically, and it is both dangerous and uncomfortable for the sexes to be mixed.

  • It's a proven fact girls are not as tough as boys

    Say a girl wanted to play football she could play on the team but she most likely would not start. Thats why they have boys and girls sports seperate. Boys are physically stronger than girls. It takes girls a longer time to get as strong as boys. It would be a lot easier for girls and boys to just have their sports seperate. Their are some sports i think that girls and boys can play together like tennis or like soccer until a certain age.

  • No girls shouldnt

    Girls shouldn't because boys might start wanting to play with boys. What if girls wanted to play soccer against girls but they cant because boys are on the other team. I have other brothers who shove and push and are very harsh because that's how boys play. That's why girls need to play there sport......Plus the can get badly hurt!

  • Boys and girls are seperated

    I honestly think girls should be separated from guys. Boys would feel weird hitting girls. They could injure them. Plus if one girl was on the team they would be in separate locker rooms. They made softball for girls and baseball for guys. Boys are more tough and aggressive (but i'm not saying girls aren't) so i think genders should be separated.

  • You should choose wisely

    I agree that girls are just as good as boys. But have you thought about arguments and fights. It could be slightly awkward if anything happens between a girl and a boy in a sport. They should keep it how it is keeping it separate why change it. Boys are more physically built. If a girl wanted to play football there's nothing holding her back but can she handle a 200 pound guy tackling her because guys really care about winning no matter what.

  • Girls should not play boy sports

    It would not be fair that girls should be able to play a boys sport, because it would never be acceptable for a boy to play a girl sport. Most boys sports have an alternative girl sport, so it really isn't necessary for a girl to play a boys sport!

  • No they shouldn't

    I think girls should not play on the same teams as boys. Lots of sports are physical and boys would not feel comfortable hitting or tackling the opposite gender. Also kids will make more friends and have better teamwork. If you put girls and boys on the same team they would need a whole different locker room. Please consider this and i hope you agree;)

  • Its not fair to boys

    I dont mind if girls play on boys sports teams like basketball and baseball and soccer but not contact sports like football and wrestling because if i were to touch a girl during wrestling in the wrong spot then it would be weird, and if i were to tackle one in football, for one thing i cant hit a girl and i could injure her. Im not saying shes not tough but boys are more '' get down and dirty '' where girls are more like '' I need my blush'' so i dont think girls should play on boys CONTACT sports teams the others they should most certainly play.

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