Should girls be allowed to wear makeup to school?

  • Why does anyone wear makeup? Because we dont feel confident enough. Thats why

    Speaking for myself and classmates, a few of us wear makeup and teachers are targeting us and shaming us. In class they will call us to the front and make us take it off, this really ruins our self esteem and is embarrassing. For us girls with imperfect skin, we make ourselves presentable through wearing makeup (light, not caked on) and when we are made to take it all off, it makes us feel ugly and worthless and it seems like everyone is looking at you and thinking 'ew she had bad skin' . Wearing makeup is a way to boost confidence and feel good about yourselves inside. Its not a beauty contest...We simply want to feel pretty and like we are worth something. When girls feel ugly and worthless it can lead to more serious things like depression or anorexia.

  • Of course, you can't force them not to.

    Why shouldn't you? I agree, some girls wear WAY too much make up, but make up doesn't hurt anybody, and it's wrong to restrict a girls right to wear make up. I get provocative clothing. It's provocative. It's a distraction for boys, but makeup? That just makes a girl look pretty, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • Yes They Should

    Some girls may wear sooo much makeup but I mean if they want to look like cake faces then that's fine, it's their choice, but we should be allowed because to me it's a way of expressing ourselves in such a way it makes us feel confident, and yeah ?

  • Why would someone say no?

    Makeup will not effect a girl's learning at all. If her parents want to let her wear makeup to school, that's between the child and her parents. Next, will we not allow girls to wear lotion or perfume? I mean, some people might say girls wear makeup 'cause they want to look older or get a boy's attention...Maybe they want to wear makeup to add some embellishment and add confidence. Not because they want sex

  • How fascist are we getting here?

    Whether or not girls wear makeup to school should be up to them and their parents. Makeup does not affect other students or disrupt classes, so there is no more reason to regulate it than how girls cut or style their hair.
    People in America really need to stop trying to regulate the behavior of others according to their own personal opinions.

  • Does it effect anyone at school other than the girl?

    I really don't understand why teachers and principals care so much it has nothing to do with them and it's not their choice. Some people think that you're trying to hide your face when you wear makeup but I think you're bring out the beauty in it. I'm 12 years old and I wear mascara and a bit of cover up once in a while cause I don't need or want that much yet. My mom says that it's a great way to express yourself and get ready for when you're older and actually need it. At my school we also don't have mirrors cause they don't want us checking up on ourselves during the day. . . . . WHY😒this should not be a problem that they feel the need to fix. Unless they are ACTUALLY TEACHING us to be body positive instead of just taking away rightso that we have as girls. I think that this should be something for the parents and the girls as it has nothing to do with anybody at school and it's not principals and teachers choice or job

  • They are allowed to wear it

    It does not matter if girls are wearing it. It is their choice. Not everybody needs it but it helps people to boost their self esteem and confidence at school. If make up distracts people from school than they should ban it but currently it is fine. I think it shouldn't matter anymore

  • What's the Problem?

    Many people wear makeup not to impress anyone. They do so to boost their self-esteem, Self-confidence, Etc. They wear it to make them feel better in themselves. Some don't even wear that much! Many people think makeup is used to impress someone or to attract a partner. Like stated above, There are still many who do so for their own psychological reasons, Not physical.

  • It’s not a problem

    In my opinion a girl can wear makeup if it gives you confidence go for it girl! They wear it so THEY feel pretty not for someone else, So why not let a girl be confident and look beautiful at the same time? It’s not a problem last time I checked no ones getting hurt by wearing a little makeup.

  • It’s not a problem

    In my opinion a girl can wear makeup if it gives you confidence go for it girl! They wear it so THEY feel pretty not for someone else, So why not let a girl be confident and look beautiful at the same time? It’s not a problem last time I checked no ones getting hurt by wearing a little makeup.

  • Education Comes First

    You came to school to learn not to make yourselves beautiful. You are already Beautiful in he inside. Beauty doesn't matter but what is inside your heart lies the true beauty and perfection. No one hates you because you don't look beautiful instead we accept you if you are a kind heartened person and never forget that.

  • Teach kids about beauty

    Yada Yada beauty comes from the heart, yeah I bet all y'all are done with this cliche sentiment. But wouldn't it actually be an ideal environment if students were bare-faced? Think about it, students will learn to appreciate those around them even if they're full of acne and find out that- news flash- beauty has ZERO correlation with a person's values. Also, no more social hierarchies( Hint: Beauty=Fame). What's so bad about this? Now, students should be focusing on their education, friendships and experiences, not how their classmates would look at them once they've achieved ultra-fleek eyebrows. Anyway, no one said they couldn't do makeup at home¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Firearms and cosmetics

    If one gets trained to wear makeup the other should get to carry a loaded weapon or a tazer or a hand grenade. With the proper training of course.
    Maybe they should be allowed to openly sell drugs in the hallways.
    The mainstream media is constantly promoting pedophilia teachers as heros.
    Why not all these things and more?

    All the arguments for makeup can be equally argued for all the outlandish topics that happen, and shouldn't, in schools.

  • They shouldn't wear it.

    I am from Germany so sorry for the grammar.

    Okay, so I think they shouldn't because of its just a waste of money, your parents work hard so you having something to eat and live in, and you want all of that hard work go, for you just to feel 'confident'? I mean you may look like a Victoria's Secret Model with all of that on your face, but when you take it off you still who you are before you woke up at 4/5am and stared into a mirror for like 1 and half hours applying it. I am 15 years old and I don't even want to try it on because no one is bothered how I look even if I don't have the slimmest body and perfect face and skin. You do not have to seek approval from others you are human if you are associated with a group of friends that expect you to follow every Instagram trend. They are not even your friends, 'friends' are the people that support you, whatever you choose to do in life they will always be there. And if you still not on my side because you think if you stop wearing it you will get bullied and that how it leads to depression and anorexia, it's not.
    Why people get depression or anorexia of getting bullied:
    -THEY CARE ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK. (ik it not that simple to change your mindset)
    If you get one of those two, it's mostly your fault, you care about what people think, you may come to conclusions too soon. Those people will not be in your future, you will do better than them in life ;)
    (What is more important to you, opinions of few popular girls/boy that you will have to cope for few years or your dreamed career and future that you are working so hard on?)

  • Feeling good about yourself

    Make up makes girls more confident and makes them feel pretty and that they wont get comments like "shes ugly" and "ew, look at her". Girls wear make up to feel goo about themselves and so that they can cover up there imperfections. Make up makes girls feel better about themselves so they should be allowed it in school

  • Self-confidence? Or Stupidity?

    As a student who still studies, I see many girls waking up at least 4 in the morning just to fix their hair and makeup. I don't see the point in wearing makeup every single day to school when you are going to remove it when you get back home, then reapply it the next day. If you had to be honest, for those who wear makeup, how many have complained that they don't have any money left because they just bought the new "luxury makeup product". Or perhaps those who spend money on makeup, who's money are you actually using? Is it your parents or your own? If students weren't wearing makeup in the first place then maybe there won't even be this insecure feeling because then everyone would be the same. When we are born we are given the honour to have a natural beauty complex, but washing this away with harmful chemicals that are smothered across our face isn't good for us or even to industries. How can any child focus in lessons if all they're doing is checking if their fake eyelashes are still sticking on? Or if their lipstick isn't smothered anywhere?

  • School is not a fashion show!

    I personally believe that there is no reason that girls should be allowed to wear makeup. School is about learning and is not a fashion show. If girls are being bullied because of how they look the school should deal with that problem separately . There is no excuse to bully someone.

  • People should defiantly be able to wear makeup (male or female)

    I honestly am baffled by the way people have a viewpoint on makeup. Some girls and boys don't wear makeup because they don't feel confident and they want to attract guys. Some people wear it because they love makeup. I (personally) don't go full out with makeup. I just put on a light BB cream and sometimes I wear mascara (I'm in 7th grade). I wear makeup because I like the look of it. I don't wear makeup because I "hate" myself. Thankfully in my school it's not against the rules to wear makeup. Honestly, if it was I would wear makeup anyway. It is my face, I am allowed to do what I want with it. Can come to school with blue eyeshadow and yellow lipstick if I wanted to. It's MY face.

  • Yes of course i need it

    Because i have been read a story that talk about a girl that she have been see her face in the mirror she says that she are not beautifull and in that time she had never see in the mirror she was thinking that she have to but a makeup that way she choice the makeup

    the writer by life exprience

  • No they shouldn't

    Focus on you studies
    Cakey makeup is ugly
    Natural face is pretty
    So don't wear makeup really

    No they should not. Students wearing makeup would be judged by others bullying would occur more frequently. Not to mention students wearing makeup would be scolded by teachers. So I oppose girls wearing makeup to school :):

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C.brown says2018-02-28T07:50:06.250
I strongly agree that makeup should be banned in schools