• Girls should surely be educated...

    Many people consider girls to be a burden and so, often tend to step back from providing them with proper education. But after all, if a woman is educated, she will be able to make sure that her children too are educated...Which would eventually lead to prosperity of the country.

  • Yeeees they should be educated

    Because without women how would YOU be where u r right now . My mother wouldn't be where she is now without her mother and I wouldn't be here without my mother who has taught and brought me up to be a strong INDEPENDANT woman . Y'all have to think before you speak

  • Girl's education is a family 's education

    No family will be successful in society if the girl in the family is not educated .Girls are like lamps which lead to success . So girls should be educated to make the society ,family and herself proud .
    Girls are eyes of family and their members also society.
    Save girls

  • Of course they should

    While we have some countries still in the stone age regarding this and really everything else that treats women as human beings, the civilized world understands girls need educations too. There's really no way you can argue otherwise without looking like a sexist caveman, saying women don't need to be educated is saying they are lesser.

  • An African proverb says that....

    If You Educate A Boy Child, You Educate One Person Rather If You Educate A Girl Child, You Educate A Family And A Whole Nation....
    But As Of My Concern, I Don't Know Still Some Communities Discriminate Against The Education Of A Girl child...But The Future Is In-the Hands Of A Girl Child's Education...Girl Child Must be Treated With Care and Equal Rights...

  • Yes....Girls should be educated...

    If a girl is educated, she will no longer be dependent on anyone and they can do a lot for their uplift..
    And if they are educated, they can even support their family financially if there is a need...
    Only an educated women can take proper care of her child...

  • Education of girl child

    Girl should be educated after,marriage they want education to help the next generation of the family.
    When they are not possible to go to the college they want to study home itself . Education is very very important for a girl child . In India literary girls are on 65.46%.In my views girl should be educated

  • Education of a girl is a burden...

    Girls are not remaining uneducated by their own will but they are being forbidden from receiving education because of the patriarchal families in our society. They are considered to be ‘temporary property’ as they have to move to their husband’s home after marriage, so it is not thought to be economically viable to spend on their education. It is considered more useful to spend money educating a son who will remain at home and earn and take care of parents in their old age, than to expend hard earned funds on a child who will leave.

  • Of course girls should be educated.

    Why should this even be a question? Both boys and girls should be educated. If a parent has a boy and a girl for children, the parent should educate both of them most especially the girl. Anybody who says that girls should not be educated is wrong, very wrong. For every boy that is educated, a girl should be educated too.

  • Girls should be educated

    They should be educated....Because, all are equal in this world. There is no profession that girls cannot do. In all the profession we the girls are standing in a leading position. So i think that girls should be educated for their better future. If they are educated they wont want to be afraid of anything. They may also be proud always.

  • Girls should not be educated

    I`d strongly say that girls should not be educated because :
    They are considered to be ‘temporary property’ as they have to move to their husband’s home after marriage, so it is not thought to be economically viable to spend on their education.
    At the rate with which inflation rate is increasing leading to a decrease in the money value, it is very difficult for parents to afford quality education and a high standard of living. The competition has also become very tough. In such a difficult scenario, it seems just a huge wastage of resource to educate a girl when it is known that the ultimate result would be her staying back at home.
    Most of the professional courses show a cut-throat competition and have very limited seats. Here, majority of the seats are occupied by girls who are supposedly more intelligent and hard working than boys. However, the scope for further education reaches a bottleneck where they quit their education or their job after their marriage.

  • Should not be educated

    In some cultures in Cameroon, for example in the center when a girl is educated,If she wants to get married, her husband will be asked to pay a hung bride price on her head.This may later result to problems in her home,since her husband may feel he can treat her the way he wants since he bought her form her parents.

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