• Of course Girls Should Be Treated Equally As Boys

    We are all human beings,not because are different genders. Girls are suppose to be able to do what boys are allowed to do. Parents especially (moms) always brings up their childhood about what their mom made them do (in terms of work) and all the beatings they got. The world isn't suppose to be like this moms say that because what the society grew us upon and if you stand out against this, your parents will say you are giving attitude or maybe say that you think your an adult. Because they grew upon it so they are forcing you to believe same as them and once you go against it they'll flip out on you and punish you and beat you which is not fair

  • Freedom is equal

    If women are not given the same freedom, why should they listen. Also, do men know that without women, the human race would go extinct? So women need to go outside to get fresh air. It isn't fair in some cultures that women cannot go outside, its not fair to them.

  • Yes, they should.

    Girls should be given the same freedom as boys. Just because someone is a different gender does not mean they are incapable of performing certain roles. A girl can go to the army, and a guy can be a stay at home dad. It does not make either person less of a girl or less of a guy it just gives them the right to be who they are.

  • Yes yes yes

    Because they are exactly the same but with different parts and it is wrong to separate them because it is natural. Remember they are human beings as well as you so do not treat them differently just because they have different things does not mean you treat them differently Hi

  • Yes they are equal

    Difference and equality are not the same things. Boys and girls; of course we are different in many ways; but that does not mean we are not equal. Equality, to me, is based on equal treatment and respect towards one another, to have the same rights. There are stereotypes that cannot be changed since its what society brought us up with. However, i believe that one cannot say that either boy or girls are inferior or superior to the other. We are equal in terms of how we are to be treated since we are all human, we are just different in gender, and in many way, as are all humans.

  • Of course yes!

    It's so not fair that boys are allowed to do what ever they want and girls not. It doesn't mean that because are strong that they are goddess or something! Girls should have all the freedom and rights that boys have. Also boys always get higher salary income than girls, why is that? Girls also work hard in there careers as much as boys and even more! Girls are also humans you know. They should have freedom too!

  • Absolutely, of course!

    Yes, I firmly believe girls should be given the same freedom as boys. Girls and boys are both humans. Why should boys have more freedom than girls? Girls should be able to go out and adventure, wander around or seize any opportunity she wants to seize. It would be very unhealthy to tell a girl she can't do the same things as boys.

  • They are no different.

    All children should be given the same freedoms. If anything, it could be argued that girls should be allowed more freedoms than boys because they mature quicker. As it stands, girls are often given less freedoms than boys because their parents are afraid that the girl can come home pregnant, whereas a boy can get a girl pregnant but is not considered an immediate threat. What I mean by this is that if a girl has a baby, the parents go through the newborn stage all over again while also trying to raise a child themselves. If a boy gets a girl pregnant, the girls parents have to deal with the problem more so than the boys.

  • Yes, absolutely so.

    Girls are just as capable as boys, if not more so. Girls are trained younger to have poise and how to behave as adults. On top of that a lot of very young girls are placed in frilly dresses and restrictive stockings and shoes. There is no reason girls can't do all the same thing boys do so they should have the same freedoms.

  • Of course they should

    Girls are not inferior to boys and they shouldn't be treated as if they are. Allowing boys more freedom than girls is sending the message that boys deserve more and are more superior, which leads to misogyny and boys growing into men who think women are beneath them. Boys and girls are equal to one another and should be treated in that manner.

  • No, because then we'd have a nation of sluts and fat, female couch potatoes.

    Boys are given more freedom because they have to venture out to do the killing (so-to-speak) in society. Women must nurture at home. Women's freedom must be curtailed so that we lessen their risk of getting hurt. Women must raise babies so we must protect their health. If girls were given more freedom they would do what guys do like hanging out with boys and doing risky things. It doesn't matter if a guy dies because men are disposable. Women, on the other hand, are crucial to raising the next generation so their freedom must be controlled.

  • Of course not

    Girls shouldn't have any ego or greed at all... They should be loving to boys and care for them and become fine mothers that put all their trust into their sons.. And their daughters should be taught how to be of help and make the home a better place.

    He made you a house... She makes it feel like a home.
    This is not sexism... Or misogynist... It is just you girls are inferior.

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