• Boys are mean

    People say mean stuff like running like a girl. Don't they know that it hurts us. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • Girls have the right to enjoy their lives too

    Why boys can have all the fun and refreshment they want?? And we girls are always taught to just focus on studies and if we cant perform good we have to do all household chores. We cant hang out with friends cant go alone for movies or malls but boys can do so in our age. In teenages we are supposed to sit at home whole day. We cant have friends who are boys while oue brothers can be friends with whomever they want. By doing all this parents are just suppressing our creativity. Most girls lose self confidence due to this attitude of parents.

  • Yes i think this

    Because girls have the same right to do anything other people can do. They should have the same equal right to do something that men can do same as men can do things women can do no one is stopping them to do what they want to do if someone wants play something that the other gender is playing they can do the same thing.

  • YES they shoud!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes I think girls should have the same amount of freedom as boys because girls carry out responsibilitie and they help take cre and love while boys are mainly wonder around hanging with there friends and just chilling with friends and going to the movies while girls are stranded at home

  • I support thee

    Yes because i said so and yeah thats it haha hah ah ha ha ha hah ha ha hah ha ha ha ha hha ha ha ha hah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah a ha ha hah ah ah ah ah ah haha ah a hha ha ah a ha ha

  • Girls have less options than guys.

    You always hear your grandfather or your dad and uncles talking about stories of when they were younger and the adventures they did, especially as teenagers. The other day, I realised you don't hear the same kind of adventures from your grandma or your mum or aunts! And if so, they tend to be the latter stories of when they were out of home or had their own cars and were in their late teens/early 20's. These days you only really see guys roaming around, looking out for the next adventure whereas, you hardly ever see any girls doing the same! You'll find them in their homes, or shopping centres with parents and hundreds of adults supervising them. It's clear that there is less freedom for girls, particularly the younger ones and I personally believe that's unfair as there are important lessons that these young girls are missing out on, way above what I could possibly learn due to the lack of ability to venture these lessons. What are we meant to do during this period? Lounge around in our houses? Well it's actually teaching us to be afraid of the outside world, making us too scared to take a step out the door on our own, whilst younger boys roam the streets on their own. We get the impression that there's bad around every corner and that is most definitely not true! We fear sitting out our front yawn and panic whenever there is a man who walks past or a car drives past. Is this the sort of impression you really want to give young girls? To be scared of their lives that they can't even walk through their neighbourhood, so sure that something bad is about to happen to them?! Well if so, you're doing a really good job at giving your young girls the wrong impression of the world. And even when they ARE allowed to adventure at a latter age, they'll probably be too scared to due to the negativity you have always blown over them. Can you see any fairness between younger females and males? Because I truly don't!

  • Girls should be given more rights

    Because we can be stronger than boys and a lot of those boys that think we shouldn't can't even begin to imagine what we go through to prove our selves to society and most times that's never enough because we're girls no matter how hard we try to them we're weak.

  • Yes yes yes

    Why would any one say no, this is just redicous do you understand whta your saying, if i wasnt aaa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a

  • Girls or Boys: Equally or Differently?

    I think that some boys treat girls like they own them. They treat us like we don't have our own opinions and thoughts. Some people just shove girls away and keep them out of their sites. Girls who are reading this, we should stand up to these boys and men.

  • Wake up America!

    It is no fair if boys get more rights then girls or visa versa. Girls are one of the main stereotypes there are. They always get called for ' begin a girl' well news flash! They are girls. Their is nothing wrong with that. Neither is with boys. People except me to learn how to cook, yet a guy the same age has me needs to know anything! What the heck! Wake up America!!! It's called gender equality!

  • No, because then we'd have a nation of sluts and fat, female couch potatoes.

    Boys are given more freedom because they have to venture out to do the killing (so-to-speak) in society. Women must nurture at home. Women's freedom must be curtailed so that we lessen their risk of getting hurt. Women must raise babies so we must protect their health. If girls were given more freedom they would do what guys do like hanging out with boys and doing risky things. It doesn't matter if a guy dies because men are disposable. Women, on the other hand, are crucial to raising the next generation so their freedom must be controlled.

  • Girls should go outside of house

    Why girls are said that they should not go outside the world and see the world.Girls have all the right to do whaever she want to do.If a girl can do household work then she can do all the activites which boys can do.Many boys say that girls should stay inside the house because anything cam happen, so just to be safe we should run from our diffcultes.Such diffcultes are so suffered by boys also but they are not sitting at home so why we should

  • There is a reason for these sayings

    There are a lot of reasons why there are sayings like "running like a girl" or things like that. However, there must be a cause for it. In a case study, more women are extremely obese(8%) than men, which are only 4%. Think about a situation, where there are two people who must fight to the death, a guy vs a women. The guy would win. Guys should protect and keep girls from harm.

  • Of course not

    Girls shouldn't have any ego or greed at all... They should be loving to boys and care for them and become fine mothers that put all their trust into their sons.. And their daughters should be taught how to be of help and make the home a better place.

    He made you a house... She makes it feel like a home.
    This is not sexism... Or misogynist... It is just you girls are inferior.

  • No just no

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