• Excuse you meh brah, but what did you just say?!

    PLEASE tell me you did not just say "girls are too weak to play football" or, "girls can't play it's a GUYS sport" or even worse, "get lost pipsqueak, guys only. Don't wanna break a nail do we?" Don't MAKE me come over there! What on THE GOOD LORD'S GREEN EARTH MAKE YOU THINK THAT GIRLS CANNOT PLAY?! Mkay, I understand that guys get "beat up" on the field but, If a girl wants to play, BY GOD, Let her play! Girls are capable of doing anything men can do. Us women have a RIGHT to play, We are a lot stronger than you take us for. I mean jeez, when you told your girlfriend to "calm down" the other day, it took all her strength NOT to completely kill you! Now thats strength bro. Now I'm not saying that all girls can or have to play. If you are a girl who doesn't want to get hurt or dirty, or even touched at all, then don't play. You don't HAVE to play. If you are a girl who doesn't mind that, then by all means, if you wanna play, then PLAY!!! Girls, stand up to the guys, say "Uh, I'm GOING to play, try and stop me, and see what happens. Now who's the quarter back here?" and play on! I wouldn't be TOO cocky if this is your first or second or even third time playing. Make sure you know the rules and procedures before you go diving into a game you've never played with your nose stuck up in the air. That will absolutely get you screwed over. Just saying. I argue that girls CAN play and SHOULD play, it'd make the game more fun anyways :P

  • Anyone Can Play Football

    Yes, girls should be able to and can play football. As a matter of fact, they already do. There are many professional football leagues that already exist. There are also many girls that play football in their community. see no problem with it and I think it should be encouraged.

  • Anyone who wants to play, and is capable, should play.

    If a girl wants to play football, and has the skill set needed, she should be allowed to play. However, they can't expect any special treatment from the other players. If they want to play, they have to be ready to be tackled, knocked down, pushed around and generally beat up, just like the guys are.

  • Anyone who wants to play should play.

    If someone wants to play a game, why shouldn't they, barring some unusual circumstance? Football is just a game, no different than any other game, so it should be no different. Simply because it has been male dominated in the past does not mean that it should continue to be so. If a girl wants to play, let her play.

  • I think that everyone who wants to play football can play

    It's not just because we are girls that we cannot play football. Though not all girls can if u don't want to get dirty or break a nail or be touched then don't play . But if u just don't care about that than just play and enjoy the game

  • Girls and guys should have equal rights

    "Back Off, GIRLS!!!! This is a boys sport. Should I say more? Girls are into hair, and makeup, and parties. They don't want to wrestle for the ball in a big bulky suit and generally get beat up. Girls aren't tough enough! There's a reason we call people "sissy girls" instead of "sissy boys"."

    There are many people in the world that are like this. They believe that men are more powerful because 'it's how life is' but I honestly think that this is the most pathetic excuse for a girl to not be allowed to play. Girls are capable of anything that guys are, and if a girl wants to play football, she should be allowed to. The girls that want to play football know that there will be tackling involved, so we will play with full acknowledgement that we will be treated the same as the men. Why would the girls care about the touching if they believe so strongly that they can play? The answer is: they don't. If a girl is capable of playing, she should be allowed to, just like a guy. Guys have to try out, right? They are judged on a skill level, as should a girl. Girls shouldn't be given better treatment, but should be treated the same as guys, and graded on the same level as them.

  • Girls can do anything guys can do

    People want to be so stereotypical of girls. Girls are able to do ANYTHING guys are able to do. We can throw a football, play basketball, any sports known girls can do. My dad thinks that girls aren't supposed to play flag football, but just because its not as recognized as a girls sport doesn't mean that girls cant do it. The fact that people think that only a certain gender can play a game is sad. I can't believe people would even dare. I know girls that wrestle was the biggie with playing football?

  • You can play girls, I do

    I looked this up just because I was curious. I am 13 years old, and a girl. I play football. I get tackled but I'm fine. My god it's not like I fricken died. I can kick a field goal from the 40 yard line. My team is supportive and treat me like they would to anyone else. I get invited to all the team parties, and got MVP on season. If your a girl and want to play football, go for it. You may just be better then all the guys. Ever heard of Sam Gordon? Look her up on YouTube. Exactly.

  • Their strong sometimes

    I think girls should play football. They are also intelligent like boys are they can be also active instead of staying home all day and clean the whole time till their husband comes right back home from a football game or a sport they play. That's why I think girls should play football

  • It may be mans sport but it doesn't mater

    Girls fell left out when men get to play aggressive sports and they don't. Some snooty girls don't like to get hurt. Some girls have anger and they need to get it out of them. This is some facts that people and girls them selfs want to play sports right now!

  • Back Off, GIRLS!!!!

    This is a boys sport. Should I say more? Girls are into hair, and makeup, and parties. They don't want to wrestle for the ball in a big bulky suit and generally get beat up. Girls aren't tough enough! There's a reason we call people "sissy girls" instead of "sissy boys".

  • Boys have there own sports and Girl have there own! Lets leave it at that! :D

    1. Girls have all different types of sports/activities that they are involved in that guys(straight,no hate) don't get involved in.
    2. I strongly believe that a girl should to be allowed to play football simple because of "sexual harassment" charges that can be filled if grabbing them wrong! Thank you!

  • It's a boys sport

    I believe that girls should have the right to play in football but they should have their own girls team. This may sound weird but where are the boys supposed to block them at because they have different body parts and the boys may not feel comfortable touching a girl. Also if a girl is smaller then the boy which is usually the case then he may be able to seriously injure someone.

  • No reason girls should play

    Okay I understand that some girls have the ability to play football,but some times it is accord for boys because when boys tackle each other they our taught to tackle any where but if a girl tackles a boy then it gets a little inappropriate .My dad coaches high school football and they do not allow girls but in little leagues they let them. Because in first grade it is kind of accord and I am surrounded by boys and even they think it is kind of weird

  • Gender does not exist.

    Gender does not exist. PERIOD. It is a lie that has been constantly propagated by the patriarchy. There are no differences between the genders WHATSOEVER. Boys can do everything girls can. They can give birth, have monthly periods, etc. Girls can do everything boys can. They can pee standing up, impregnate other women, etc. If anything, there should be more girls playing football than boys because they are obviously stronger and more physically apt for the game. And its not like football teams share a locker room or anything. Why is this even a question? I would say this is sexist but genders don't exist.


  • Why cant guys play sports with girls but girls can play with guys

    No, because in my school they let girls play football with guys, but when i asked can i play volleyball and they said no. In my opinion, i think this is on fair and sexiest or pejudice. So i strongly disagree because its on fair or they should just make a league for them!!

  • Girls aren't Tough Enough

    I play, and I am a girl. I have taken many many beatings, and its not for girls. It's for guys, and one or two girls who deserve it. Girls are to concerned about make-up, wimps shouldn't be allowed to mess it up for everyone else. And you know that's true.

  • I can't believe I'm saying no..

    I loved football as a young girl and I played, not on the team but with friends outside of school.
    I was given a chance to play by the coach but I turned it down.
    Boys need something that is just for them just as girls need the same.
    I have no problem with coed baseball or basketball but I do with more contact sports.
    Why can't girls have their own football team?
    Why do we women think we need to take over everything just because some stupid man thinks we should sit home and knit?
    The fact is that men and women are different.
    If man calls you weak, show him your're not. Do you really need to join the football team to prove it?

  • May be fun and harmless now but...

    What about when they reach the high school level? No boy is going to take it lightly when a girl pancakes him or takes his position. I do believe girls should be able to play but as the guy stated above, on different leagues. I strongly believe that a main reason why these girls have been so dominant in football because the boys have been taught since a young age to not hit girls, and. Playing football against one completely undermines that value that us men have been instilled with since birth. Subconsciously I think these boys are letting up on the gas a little because no boy wants to be known as the one that hurt the girl... However, like I mentioned before, this all changes once high school comes along. That's when one should really worry about the girls safety, not just because of the obvious physical superiority of the boys, but also because of a boys mindset during those years

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Anonymous says2013-02-26T23:16:31.130
girls should be able to play football if they want to play they know to expect