• Girls Should Play Football

    Its unreasonable to say girls cant play football. If guys can do cheer, why cant girls do football. No one has the right to tell girls what sports they can and cant do. Guys don't get told they cant do cheer,or volleyball. Why should we be told what to do.

  • Just no just no just no

    Ok so if there is 520 lb. Guy running at a 100 lb. Girl then it's either Hospital or Death for her so they can play but just no... I mean you could take Drugs but then you'd get addicted but aside from that they should not play FootBall so... JUST NO... JUST... NO... JUST NO...

  • Yes if they want to.

    I think they should be able to. I'm 13 and I really want to play football next year if the high school lets me. I'm a girl and right now I play soccer but i would rather play football. I think if the person is dedicated enough and is stong enough to not listen to what others say and they try there best why not. Also why is it only a boys sport some girls just as strong if not stonger than some boys.

  • Hello people I play football

    I'm 15 5'10 and 207 pounds of solid muscle cause I play football. I take on boys 3 times my size and I walk away having them say damn I just got beat by a girl. Its not about your size its about your fight and attitude to help get you through the disrespect the hateful tones of moms saying girls don't do that. Well I make seniors on my varsity team look like wimps its all in my fight and in my attitude.

  • Really, why not?

    Seriously, are we still asking this question? I play football with the guys, and I have 4 brothers and somehow I'm still the 2nd manliest of us all. I have the same body build as my older brother who played football all through high school. I can hit you hard enough to knock you on your ass so better watch out for me. I like catching and throwing the ball and I'm not afraid to get hit. I intend to play high school football next year if the school will let me. So why not?

  • My daughter plays and loves it!!

    She has been in dance and pageants since she was a baby and as she has become the little lady she wants to be she has chosen football. This season starts her 4th year of tackle and I am one proud Mom. IDC if she does dance, volleyball or football. If she wants to do it I support her. She is pretty good at it also. Her coaches and team have been awesome in teaching and supporting her. She is 12 and this is her first season at middle school football. She actually scored a TD at her first scrimmage game. Honestly , she is more level headed and grounded in her goals and dreams than a lot of boys at her age. Each year, she decides if she wants to play. We support !

  • Girls can do anything a boy can do

    Girls can play foot ball
    I am a ten year old girl and my goal is to play on the patriots ( there my hometown team soo ya) who cares what other people say. The greatest thing in life is doing things that people say you can't. So for all the girls out there remember you can do anything of you try, you might not get it th first time but keep practicing and I know you will get it.

  • Everyone needs achance

    I am 12 years old and in love football. Now that im going to middle school i want to participate in sports such as football and from what it seams they don't allow girls to play in boy sports. I want my time to shine but the school isnt letting me. Girls are more powerful then everyone thinks. This can also help with obesity problems and get kids like me the chance they need to make new life long friends and be good at something

  • Of course they can!!!!!

    I'm in East Middle and I'm the only girl in the sport. I'm not these types of girl that talks girly stuff. I get tackle a lot and don't cry. I get up and tackle the guy who tackle me. I started because for three reason. 1. I LUV THE SPORT!!! 2. I can tackle boys a lot. 3. If i tackle a boy they get humiliated because the get tackle by a girl!!!

  • YES if you can handle it!!!

    It all depends on your age and personality. If your a tough girl who can take a hit then yes. Especially if your playing with guys your age. You just have to except the risks that come with it. If you can't handle it the don't okay then you can play. Just don't cry if you get tackled hard it something.

  • Girls should not play football with boys.

    I believe that girls should not play football with boys. Girls are not biologically built for football. They do not have the aggression needed for the sport. They could get easily hurt, even wearing pads and helmets. Keep girls at the sideline cheering for the boys because that's where they belong.

  • Girls shouldn't be able to play football

    No because boy aren't allowed to play volleyball so girls should not be able to play football. This is another reason why girls shouldn't play football because everyone say boys are an advantage well girls are a disadvantage. The reason why I say this is because some boys don't get to play over girls.

  • I love football but it's not a sport for girls like me.

    I love football, especially the New England Patriots, and if I was a guy I would definitely play. However, I'm not and these girls just need to learn that football is a male dominated sport. Even pro athletes like Tom Brady get hurt by big guys like Vince Wilfork. Would you really want your daughter to have life threatening injury. Once again I love football, but if boy's parents are concerned about boys health then girls shouldn't be playing on a boys team. If I wasnt a girl Id be right out there but for a girl to play football it's a little unlady-like. If there were rule changes and less controversy then maybe it should en allowed. Overall, it would be morally wrong for any girl who has an interest in guys to be playing with them. Furthermore it would create akward situations where guys have to tackle girls. Lastly, girls are shaped very different from guys so their body parts are more fragile. Finally, football is my obsession and I would love the chance to play, but I've taken into consideration that it's not worth the risk of endangering my life. I'm just happy to watch my favorite team. GO PATS! :)

  • Girls can play football when they are six lol

    Face it all of u saying yes to this is stupid cause u think some 5ft 90 pound girl is going to stop a 63 200 pound guy u are crazy . And plus if u football girls think u are so tough then dont complain about a guy treating u bad or abusing u . Cause u are a football girl not ...

  • Girls in high school football

    When a girl get into high school guys get stronger than girls, and taller than girls, because in my personal experience I had to go up against a girl. I was DE and she was a Running back. I cracked her helmet and she got carried off the field. ( she got recked ) Question? Do you ever see a three hundred pound 6 foot 6 girl lineman in football? I don't think so...

  • The debate is should girls play MALE SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MALE, MALE SPORTS I rest my case

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  • Girls can play !!!

    Boys saying girls can not play is not fair boys take over our cheer teams and if girls are going to risk getting hurt then let them! We can do anything people always say you can do anything if you put your mind to it and we are putting our minds to what we want but nothing is happening so why cant the guys stick up for us we are just as capable why cant you little boys start acting like men and stick up for us girls !!!

    GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!

  • Girls need their own league

    Women aren't built like men, and thinking they are can be dangerous. There are very strong women, no doubt. However, men are just naturally bigger, stronger, and faster. Men and women compete separately in every single other sport for this exact reason. It isn't fair to have men competing against women, because the women are at a disadvantage in athletic competitions. I think women should be allowed to play football, but I think that they should have their own separate league, to keep the game reasonably safe and fair.

  • Not a good idea

    Girls aren't supposed to compete in football with boys even if they are really good. As a boy you don't really want to tackle a girl unless you are a pervert or something. It disorientates the whole game for the boys. (Unless they are a pervert). Girls can also get hurt in football no matter how determined they are. Since I play football I could not imagine hitting a girl really hard and hurting her. If a girl does decide to play football she will possibly get touched the wrong way while playing . That kind of stuff isn't fun for ANYONE, even the boys. I think that girls playing football is a really terrible idea.

  • No girls playing boys football

    No, I think that girls should not play footballs with boys, but girls can play football with all girls and then boys should play football with all boys. I think that that keeping them separated is the best way to prevent injury and to also make sure that both sports are equal.

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