Should girls sports have the same rules as boys sports?

Asked by: Bruinshockeyfan
  • Girls are just as good as boys

    Girls should be aloud because girls are just as good as boys. Also it is wrong for people to be separated by gender. Girls also can get better by playing against boys because it makes the girls play rough back and also makes them push to go faster to past the boy ahead of the or the person behind gaining

  • Girls are equal to men

    It's 2017 lets get over sexual differences girls are just as strong as men and can run just as fast. They should have the same rules and gear as boys. I play lax and would love to hit the other girls and check and use the deep pockets that boys do. I'm only saying. We hold this truth to be self evident that all men (and woman) are created equal - The Declaration of Independence

  • Girls should be treated the same its called Equallty.

    Girls can do as much as boys can and its really
    Rude to have boys rule all these sports like
    Football,baseball,wrestling, golf, and many
    More. Girls can play the same and sometimes
    Can play really good where they get scolorships for a sport that they are good at and then they can play on a big league

  • Boycott Girls Lacrosse until the girls are allowed to play real lacrosse

    In the world today it is ridiculous that there would be different rules for boys and girls. No contact allowed? If contact is integral to the game then it should be allowed. If there is a significant strength difference like upper body strength necessitating a smaller ball like basketball then so be it, but traveling is still traveling, a charge is still a charge, the rules are the same for boys and girls. Soccer is the exact same rules. Girls and boys play on the same field, use the same ball and goal. Physical contact is part of the game of soccer. Hard to imagine that a Euro Sport is more equal than a sport created in America.

  • Definitely yes why wouldn't you

    Girls are as physically fit as boys are. And they want to be able to be proud of them selves at the end of the game when they know that the rules were not being made easier for them. Also the Girls can't challenge themselves in those sports. It makes it unfair to the girls that are just as good as the Boys and want the same rules as them.

  • Um, yes why not?

    I think they should because well the time right know is were girls feel bad about themselves and they think they aren't good enough and that really puts a girl down. Also girls are as much phyicialy fit as boys are and they deserve better than what they are getting treated right know. This isn't far at all to girls all around the world.

  • I think yes

    Because all the boys say how they were able to play really rough and the girl really want to be able to say that their games were really hard to. So I think that it makes them feel better and it will give them a tough challenge and it would make it feel like they were not having people go easy on them.

  • Girls sports should have the same rules.

    Some girls think that they aren't good enough because the rules are different and then they feel that they shouldn't play sports and then the stop playing the sport and feel bad about themselves. Then they will not join any other teams because the think that they will be put down again.

  • I think yes.

    Now that boys and girls sports are apart, some girls feel that they aren't as strong as boys are. They feel they aren't as good as they thought they could be. Some girls quit because the think they aren't good enough. My claim is that girls and boys could play on the same team, or they could be equal.

  • Girls should have the same rules as guys lacrosse.

    Some girl don't like to be treated differently then the boys when they play sports. I play girls lacrosse and since I also have a guys lacrosse stick at home, I feel that the guys lacrosse stick is better than the girls lacrosse stick because I cant run farther and if I throw the ball, it can even go about 110 miles per hour.

  • No, they should be similar but with various adjustments.

    Let's start out with basketball. If we increased the size of the basketball and pushed the three point line back to be at the same place as mens basketball, there would be less scoring and the game would be less enjoyable to watch. I am not arguing that girls are worse athletes, but they are typically smaller than men, so rules should be adjusted to make the game proportionally the same. Furthermore, differences in rules have made sports like lacrosse different for girls and boys. Both are enjoyable, but both have different rules.

  • FAIR is not the same as EQUAL

    There is a difference between fair and equal. I think that all boys and girls sports should be fair, meaning that they account for the physical abilities and differences in the groups. There are physical differences between the female and male bodies that should be addressed to make sports fair and safe. For example, in hockey, where boys are allowed to check while girls are not, there is a higher concussion rate in girls leagues. The difference in rules is not to say that woman are worth less but to try and keep the game safe and adjust for physical differences. Furthermore, rule differences keep games fun and interesting to watch and play for both genders. Imagine if woman's volleyball were played with a net the same height as a guys net. There would be significantly less spiking and the game would slow down. This would lead to a less exiting game which would lead to a drop in viewership and then a drop in young girls who want to play the sport. Rules are put in place to make sports fair for everyone. If all rules were to be equal, than woman's sports would be riddled with injuries and low

  • World is going in wrong direction

    If they rule to country or any other armed forces its not good. Think carefully in real life girls have a job to control their houses not country or any other things and guys have a job to earn money. Ok they play sports but not to lead any other things

  • World is going in wrong direction

    If they rule to country or any other armed forces its not good. Think carefully in real life girls have a job to control their houses not country or any other things and guys have a job to earn money. Ok they play sports but not to lead any other things

  • Nothing to do with rights

    I think that girls should be able to do the same sports but we typically tend to pick sports that have less contact unlike football. The rules are ment for our safety. Go play with the boys if you really want to get tackled and Hit. Girls tend to be less contactive. But it is totally up to you if you want to be hit, tramples, and hurt.

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