• It already is.

    Google already has to comply with many regulations in the US. For data collection, for investigations, for privacy factors, for advertisements, for a bunch of stuff. It's pointless to chant 'MORE REGULATION' when Google is already regulated and has to abide by the laws of the US. What we should worry about is the Oil Companies starting to ruin the environment, or breaking up the Telecom Monopoly. If ANYBODY needs more regulation, it's the Telecom industry.

  • No, they are a company that operates in a free market.

    Unless the United States begins to regulate many other companies, there is no right for them to regulate Google. It is a company operating in a free market economy. While I may disagree that this is the best system, the United States needs to honor this ideal and not unfairly target Google.

  • No.

    Google is an entity, a company. It is already regulated by anti monopoly laws and the laws of the respective countries it maintains a physical presence in. Anything more would be singling out a company for entirely unnecessary things. And in all honesty, Google is probably too powerful at this point for any government to censure it.

  • No, Google should not be regulated as that would violate our constitutional right to freedom of speech.

    Google continues to expand its reach as a search engine, news source, email provider and much more. Millions of people utilize Google every day, which of course makes it a medium for bad content as well as good. However, freedom of speech and freedom of the press is a constitutional right, and should not be in any way regulated or interfered with, no matter what the medium.

  • No. Google should not be regulated as it would harm freedom of speech.

    Google is a site used by many people around the world for different reasons. There is no good reason for the government to regulate Google in any way because to do so would be to stop the free dissemination of speech throughout the world. Our constitution strictly prohibits this and the US should abide by the law.

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