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  • No. They should not.

    One of the great things about this country is that everyone has the right to vote for whatever political canditate they choose when it comes to the election. Showing more support for Trump means that they would have to go against thier beliefs and choose a politcal canidate that would be bad for this country.

  • GOP politicians should stick with their personal convictions

    There are many GOP politicians speaking out against Donald Trump because they are fearful they may lose support from their base it they support him. They may be right. Whether they are opposed to Trump based on their convictions or just strategically, they should do what is in their best interest.

  • No, GOP politicians should not show greater support for Trump.

    No, the GOP should not show greater support for Trump. During a normal election campaign, each party selects its candidate and then does its best to support that person and put them in office. This has not been a normal election campaign when it comes to the Republican party. From a field of 17 candidates, Donald Trump emerged as the winner. The GOP supported Trump, and during the Republican National Convention, he was nominated as the Republican candidate for president. However, before, during and after the convention, Trump has managed to alienate many Republicans, many of the same ones who initially supported his candidacy. Trump is bad for the Republican Party. The GOP should try to distance themselves as much as possible from this candidate before Trump destroys the party entirely.

  • No, GOP politicians should not show greater support for Donald Trump

    No, GOP politicians should not show greater support for Donald Trump. Donald Trump is too controversial. At the point when Donald Trump is being supported by openly racist whites, the GOP should not support him even if he is in their party. Trump should receive as little support in this election as possible.

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