Should government censor the lyrics of violent or explicit songs?

  • Drugs, sex, and violence are not for kids.

    I believe it should be censored because all the younger kids listen to these stations and music and might get ideas from all the things about sex, drugs and violence. Kids of this generation are already doing these things at around age 12 and 13. Kids in the next many years to come will be doing it at possibly even a younger age than they are now.

  • yes

    Music lyrics should be censored not in the intent to downcast the creativity put into each song, but to better moderate the filth modern day Americans are exposed and influenced by through the lyrics of drugs, sex, cursing, mocking religion. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of awesome songs out there with encouraging messages, but as a 16-year-old teenager, I want music to be censored because personally I don't care to hear a bunch of dirty crap in a song, no matter how catchy the tune is, I want an inspiring message

  • Why music should be censored.

    Music lyrics should be censored not in the intent to downcast the creativity put into each song, but to better moderate the filth modern day Americans are exposed and influenced by through the lyrics of drugs, sex, cursing, mocking religion.
    Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of awesome songs out there with encouraging messages, but as a 16-year-old teenager, I want music to be censored because personally I don't care to hear a bunch of dirty crap in a song, no matter how catchy the tune is, I want an inspiring message.

  • silence the harsh language

    Yes it should be censored and I understand that if I don't want to hear it then turn it off but young men and women are still listening to it. Quotes like "imma beat you up like Emmett Till" shouldn't even be thought of. People should be inspired not convinced that derogatory terms and violence is positive and cool. There are studies that listening to violent and explicit music has an effect on our mental health making us more aggressive.

  • Children don't and can't control the music.

    The parents should really think about what they let their children listen to. Even at the young age of two years old, which is when they start learning how to talk, children mock what they see and hear. We as parents need to stop the violent language and the negativity of how to treat each other. The sex lyrics are violent and interprets the love between two people to be a domestic situation, rather than a caring and supportive relationship. We try to teach the younger generation how to be nice and caring and honest, but the lyrics to many different styles of music, are teaching them how to not care about themselves or anyone else.

    Posted by: tami
  • It should be censored.

    I follow the jurisdiction of Nadine Strossen, who argued that freedom of expression should be censored under the following conditions: 1) When it is likely to cause immediate harm. 2) When it is part of violent behavior. And 3) When it is addressed to a captive audience that is unable to avoid its harmful effects.

  • No, I oppose the government censoring lyrics of violent or explicit songs, because of our freedom of speech.

    Government should not be allowed to censor the lyrics of violent or explicit songs, because it takes away from the message that the person who wrote it originally wanted to portray. I do agree with putting a warning on these songs and CDs letting parents know that there is explicit content on the CDs. But ultimately, it is the parents' obligation to keep their children from listening to things they don't want them to hear.

    Posted by: A Whitehead
  • Much like tobacco companies, the music industry targets young people for a majority of their sales. Since that demographic has proven that they are unwilling to police themselves, the government must step in to do so.

    As Paul Harvey said many times, "Self government won't work without self discipline." The music industry has had every chance to police itself, but has chosen profits over decency. Much like tobacco, the music industry targets our young people for their sales and they should not be subjected to such trash.

    Posted by: F Clayton
  • Censorship would be an effective method of keeping gangsta rap out of the hands of the people who are most susceptible to suffering from its corrosive message.

    Those who would proactively go to some lengths to obtain the material through black market channels in the event of censorship are not the intended target for such a censorship to affect.

  • yes

    Theres always room for change

    yes, children are going to hear the vulgarity at school and in public but why is it nessescary to have them hear it while in the car or listening to their radio in a playroom? Frankly, throwing in crude and sexual lyrics is not that hard so i dont think censoring songs on PUBLIC radio is taking creativity away. Maybe the idea of censoring has nothing to do with rights of the people. it could strictly come down to your values and morals. Im seventeen years old, do i like rap music? yes. But do i think its necessary to have the F-bomb and descriptions of intercorse over the radio? No. i think you can enjoy music just as much without descriminating, mocking or offending certain religons and or people.

  • No, because of Freedom of Speech

    Free speech.
    If someone grows up in a violent environment, that would be all they know. It would be the only way they knew how to express themselves. Taking that away from them would be like banning their language. Some of these people went through violent situations; this is the reality for them. Violence in their lyrics is their way of honestly telling their stories to the world. Also, it’s a good way for them to cope with their past; by expressing it through words instead of violence in the real world.

  • Listen to watch I have to say.. Ok?

    Listening to explicit music doesn't do anything bad to you, you won't end up doing drugs, disrespecting people, or just being bad. I'm a teen and I always listen to explicit songs, I'm good, respectful, and I don't do drugs. Whenever I listen to explicit songs I feel like I escaped all the drama and went to my own world away from people that are annoying me and getting me mad. You may think I'm lying but I'm not.

  • No

    It is the right of all the people living in the United States of America to have the right to voice their own opinion whether it be wrong or right. If the goverment were to censor the lyrics in any violent or explict song it would be a very large violation of the first amendment. Any form of censorship from the goverment besides the bleeping on the radio would defeat everything that the patriots who fought for our freedom and our own laws fought for. The goverment has no right to tell us what we can and cannot listen to on our free time or at work. I understand that the goverment wants to improve our way of living and our social pshcology but they can't baby us by blocking out violent or explicit lyrics we are all civiliced enough to know what is wrong and right. End of story.

  • No government censorship.

    If you do not want your child listening to such graphic and explicit music, then be a parent, step up and say no! If your child is young enough, wash his or her mouth out with soap. It isn't that hard to keep your child under control. Be the better person.

  • Whats the point?

    Yes, it's obvious to everyone that if you don't like it or aren't mature enough you shouldn't be listening to it. It's not like there is only one station for everyone to listen to. Songs that are explicit are an escape for some people and to have it censored is like having our feelings oppressed.

  • Freedom of speech and our rights

    No it shouldn't, because there is good music out there with bad words and that shouldn't be taken away from us just because some people don't like that language. If you don't like it,don't listen. But don't take it away from the rest of us who enjoy that music. .

  • Destroying Freedom of Expression

    Parents should be the one to decide what their children do or don't listen to. They can prevent their child from searching certain topics online and from watching certain tv channels, or even from listening to certain radio stations. The government on the other hand, need to worry more about running our country smoothly and less about parenting styles.

  • A message to you.

    No it is not god for them to rap songs that is wrong parent should teach them chldren from young to no what they doing they also curse why rapping always saying native things not evey one like rap music,some people love ,love raps people have said that freedom of speech which is true.They should have freedom to speech to describe there feelings and to show love to one anther.Poetry is one of the most important thing to me and it mite not be importantant to other put to all the peole who like to rap please find something good to do or change that rap into some love rap.

  • Why i said no?

    I said no because i don't want any voilent things to happen in trinidad and tobago or in the other country i just want to live life like other people but that is not fair if peple dieing one bo one and more the president come in power is thing happening in tis country nothing good i going on but on't worry we voting she out soon.

  • <---- people over there please take your time to read what I have to say

    No they should not. Rap songs and or Hip hop or any censored song doesn't mean its entirely bad. Song writers use words to describe how they feel, how they think of something. You should hear kids nowadays. They use curse words to describe how they feel but just because they do, do not mean they are bad people. Just because someone curses in a song, do not mean they are bad people. Sure not everyone likes rap music. But that's your opinion. Some people love rap music. Some people love nicki manaj some don't. Also after reading a few of other opinions, A LOT of people have said that people have freedom of speech which is true. They have freedom of speech to describe there feelings. Ever read a poem? Its not all just quiet and simple English. I've read poetry with curse words before. And according to the people who say yes are you going to automatically think that is wrong? Perhaps you will. But hey its freedom of speech we have our own rights to say what we want to say and say what we feel. Poetry is like rap. Describing how you feel and how you feel about other things or people. And if your going to say rap is bad. Your basically saying poetry is too. And their is nothing wrong with expressing yourself. And I saw how some people said government should because kids are doing drugs or having sex and stuff. We'll that's not because of the music they listen to. That's because of how they feel. Do you REALLY know your kids?? Because some kids get emotionally locked up inside their own thoughts and decide to destroy themselves by doing drugs and other things. Its not the music effecting them. It can be other things too. Oh and ever heard that saying people say " music helps me feel okay" it doesn't matter what kind of music it is but to some kids, listening to rap music or explicit songs make them feel like their not the only ones feeling the way they feel. SO YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE SAYING THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXPLICIT MUSIC FEELS TO OTHER PEOPLE.

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