Should government censor the lyrics of violent or explicit songs?

  • yes

    Music lyrics should be censored not in the intent to downcast the creativity put into each song, but to better moderate the filth modern day Americans are exposed and influenced by through the lyrics of drugs, sex, cursing, mocking religion. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of awesome songs out there with encouraging messages, but as a 16-year-old teenager, I want music to be censored because personally I don't care to hear a bunch of dirty crap in a song, no matter how catchy the tune is, I want an inspiring message

  • Drugs, sex, and violence are not for kids.

    I believe it should be censored because all the younger kids listen to these stations and music and might get ideas from all the things about sex, drugs and violence. Kids of this generation are already doing these things at around age 12 and 13. Kids in the next many years to come will be doing it at possibly even a younger age than they are now.

  • Why music should be censored.

    Music lyrics should be censored not in the intent to downcast the creativity put into each song, but to better moderate the filth modern day Americans are exposed and influenced by through the lyrics of drugs, sex, cursing, mocking religion.
    Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of awesome songs out there with encouraging messages, but as a 16-year-old teenager, I want music to be censored because personally I don't care to hear a bunch of dirty crap in a song, no matter how catchy the tune is, I want an inspiring message.

  • It should be censored.

    I follow the jurisdiction of Nadine Strossen, who argued that freedom of expression should be censored under the following conditions: 1) When it is likely to cause immediate harm. 2) When it is part of violent behavior. And 3) When it is addressed to a captive audience that is unable to avoid its harmful effects.

  • No, I oppose the government censoring lyrics of violent or explicit songs, because of our freedom of speech.

    Government should not be allowed to censor the lyrics of violent or explicit songs, because it takes away from the message that the person who wrote it originally wanted to portray. I do agree with putting a warning on these songs and CDs letting parents know that there is explicit content on the CDs. But ultimately, it is the parents' obligation to keep their children from listening to things they don't want them to hear.

    Posted by: A Whitehead
  • Children don't and can't control the music.

    The parents should really think about what they let their children listen to. Even at the young age of two years old, which is when they start learning how to talk, children mock what they see and hear. We as parents need to stop the violent language and the negativity of how to treat each other. The sex lyrics are violent and interprets the love between two people to be a domestic situation, rather than a caring and supportive relationship. We try to teach the younger generation how to be nice and caring and honest, but the lyrics to many different styles of music, are teaching them how to not care about themselves or anyone else.

    Posted by: tami
  • silence the harsh language

    Yes it should be censored and I understand that if I don't want to hear it then turn it off but young men and women are still listening to it. Quotes like "imma beat you up like Emmett Till" shouldn't even be thought of. People should be inspired not convinced that derogatory terms and violence is positive and cool. There are studies that listening to violent and explicit music has an effect on our mental health making us more aggressive.

  • Government should censor the lyrics of violent or explicit songs.

    Yes. The government has a moral duty to censor harmful material for the wider social good. It is in line with this role, therefore, for the government to take such steps as it thinks necessary to protect the public morality and public safety. Individual liberty is secondary to the public good.

  • Glorifying violence in music is never good for a civilized society.

    Whether its gangster rap, heavy metal music, or anything other type of music, if the lyrics of the song promote, glorify, or portray violence in a favorable light it should be censored. If a society allows it's people and especially it's youth to be exposed to harmful messages of this type it hurts the society. It is likely these violent messages in the music will influence some to commit the acts that the artists are singing about and that is never acceptable. I think as a society we should discourage evil in any form and glorifying violence is evil. On the same topic I believe that music that glorifies racism should also be censored. I consider racism and violence equally evil and both should be discouraged.

    People have freedom of speech, but I don't believe that writing songs that glorify violence is free speach. Just as threating someone is not free speech. If a muslim came to this nation and wrote a song praising the terrorists for crashing the planes into the twin towers and encoraging others to do it, would it be acceptable? If not, they why would sining about raping a woman or robbing a store be acceptable?

  • It doesn't have to be extreme, it just has to protect the people

    Music censorship can be as simple as putting ratings on movies or parental advisory stickers on violent video games.
    We have to do these things so parents can know what their children are being exposed and know without watching every single movie or listening to every single song in the world what is appropriate for their children.

    Music censorship will just prevent people from saying horrible things- you don't want to walk into a store and have something about you (race, religion, nation of origin, gender, sexual orientation) insulted any more than I do. Without censorship, that might happen.
    Censorship does not take freedom of speech unless it is a huge threat "Romney should have won" is okay "The government is evil, get together and kill Obama" is not! Censorship doesn't say people CAN'T say something, they can still sell CDs or have people subscribe to music, it just says I can't be walking through the mall bringing my 2 year old to see Santa and hear a song about how cool heroin is, not a ridiculous thing to ask!

  • yes

    Theres always room for change

    yes, children are going to hear the vulgarity at school and in public but why is it nessescary to have them hear it while in the car or listening to their radio in a playroom? Frankly, throwing in crude and sexual lyrics is not that hard so i dont think censoring songs on PUBLIC radio is taking creativity away. Maybe the idea of censoring has nothing to do with rights of the people. it could strictly come down to your values and morals. Im seventeen years old, do i like rap music? yes. But do i think its necessary to have the F-bomb and descriptions of intercorse over the radio? No. i think you can enjoy music just as much without descriminating, mocking or offending certain religons and or people.

  • Theres always room for change

    yes, children are going to hear the vulgarity at school and in public but why is it nessescary to have them hear it while in the car or listening to their radio in a playroom? Frankly, throwing in crude and sexual lyrics is not that hard so i dont think censoring songs on PUBLIC radio is taking creativity away. Maybe the idea of censoring has nothing to do with rights of the people. it could strictly come down to your values and morals. Im seventeen years old, do i like rap music? yes. But do i think its necessary to have the F-bomb and descriptions of intercorse over the radio? No. i think you can enjoy music just as much without descriminating, mocking or offending certain religons and or people.

  • childrens virgin ears

    they dont need to hear such vile music. colt 45. is a prime example about provocitive and drug and gang afiliated music. this muscio should no be broad casted live all around the world for little kids to hear. it just is not right and should not be. i heard colt 45. at a young age and it did alter thoughts, I had pretty bad thouights about girls and i was only in the 5th grade

  • What about the kids?? don't listen to TESS (on the right) SHE is wrong

    when children hear explicit words, it doesn't necessarily mean they will get encouraged but that doesn't mean that it will not influence them. When they hear a word that is somewhat shunned upon, they will think 'Oh this word is bad, so I will use it to make people mad when I don't get my way.' That's not always the case, but it could happen and I've seen that exact situation happen.

  • Much like tobacco companies, the music industry targets young people for a majority of their sales. Since that demographic has proven that they are unwilling to police themselves, the government must step in to do so.

    As Paul Harvey said many times, "Self government won't work without self discipline." The music industry has had every chance to police itself, but has chosen profits over decency. Much like tobacco, the music industry targets our young people for their sales and they should not be subjected to such trash.

    Posted by: F Clayton
  • Violence could ruin innocent minds

    Most of the time, young children come across violent videos, with violent lyrics in them by accident. Maybe their older siblings were watching/listening to it, maybe it was in an advertisement they clicked. They have no idea of what the words mean. They don't even understand most of it. But maybe, they start saying the bad words, start swearing as well. Slowly, they get addicted to it. This has happened a lot of times, especially in families where the parents are busy and don't have time for their kids. If the government censored the lyrics of violent songs, then a lot less children would 'succumb to the dark side'.

  • Censorship would be an effective method of keeping gangsta rap out of the hands of the people who are most susceptible to suffering from its corrosive message.

    Those who would proactively go to some lengths to obtain the material through black market channels in the event of censorship are not the intended target for such a censorship to affect.

  • Swearing can negatively impact society

    Personally, I can't stand hearing swear words in songs without warning, especially if they are in a song genre (such as a Ballad) where you don't expect much (or any) swearing in the lyrics. The exposure to profane lyrics can take a great toll upon a child's behaviour, and it can make them swear more often. I like to see less people swear, although I keep hearing more of it these days due to popular media that is considered inappropriate due to verbal content.

  • Swearing can negatively impact society

    Personally, I can't stand hearing swear words in songs without warning, especially if they are in a song genre (such as a Ballad) where you don't expect much (or any) swearing in the lyrics. The exposure to profane lyrics can take a great toll upon a child's behaviour, and it can make them swear more often. I like to see less people swear, although I keep hearing more of it these days due to popular media that is considered inappropriate due to verbal content.

  • Turning on a FM radio is too easy for our kids.

    For those who have been exposed to explicit material and have an understanding of it I can see their point of view. Most of these people are adults and have simply witnessed these things as time has gone on and deal with them in their own personal experience. Censorship is about the youth and to avoid promoting negative ideals. Curse words are just that; it's like putting a curse on someone by trying to pass your negative emotions to one another. When you curse it's the easy way out by not taking the time to care for another and fully explain yourself. This causes confusion and isn't helping solve anything, but keeps the bad feelings going and fuels rage. I'm not saying that all art should go to a board of members and be edited or scrutinized, but its as easy as a parental advisory sticker or rating a movie "R" to avoid corrupting young minds. We definitely should not have immoral material on free radio waves like its Americana, so that mom can drive her kids to school and have a song making a mockery of women and sex. Sex is sacred and by these big figures using a subject of sex so loosely loses the integrity of the whole act.

  • Kids don't need this.

    Kids these days should not be growing up around music with such bad words and meanings. I get the point of freedom of speech and I do believe that. But to have the generations of kids hearing and understanding the meaning of some songs that come on the radio should not be allowed. They don't get to control if safe music comes on certain stations, and with certain songs out there sexual or violent meanings are easy to interpret, even by children. They should not have to be exposed to this! Kids don't need to learn about getting high in a club, or marijuana, or turning up on a Tuesday. If you like explicit versions of songs and protest this argument, by all means, go by the explicit version and listen to it there. Not on the radio, which is being heard by kids of all ages.

  • Kids don't need this.

    Kids these days should not be growing up around music with such bad words and meanings. I get the point of freedom of speech and I do believe that. But to have the generations of kids hearing and understanding the meaning of some songs that come on the radio should not be allowed. They don't get to control if safe music comes on certain stations, and with certain songs out there sexual or violent meanings are easy to interpret, even by children. They should not have to be exposed to this! Kids don't need to learn about getting high in a club, or marijuana, or turning up on a Tuesday. If you like explicit versions of songs and protest this argument, by all means, go by the explicit version and listen to it there. Not on the radio, which is being heard by kids of all ages.

  • Yes is should be censored

    I think they should be censored because it terrible for kids. It shows nudity. Well sometimes it does. Or sometimes it is just not for the mude. Its a crazy world. This music does not make it better. Their is to many bad things in just one crazy music video.

  • Music should be censored

    Little kids in our world don't need to be hearing cursing, sex content, violence and drugs. Although i'm a metalhead myself, I like the dirty songs. BUT, its up to the parents if they want their child listening to it. Entire censorship though is IMPOSSIBLE. If that were the case, music would have limits. I think the censorship we have now is fine. But full censorship....Forget it, it won't happen. The music industry puts labels on CDs to let you know, so it's not fully censored but it's censored. Point being, there should be censorship but not full censorship because its impossible anyway

  • If the song is aired on radio or any other public media, then it should be censored to remove the inappropriate content or ban it.

    Kids should not be exposed to explicit content which can be embarrassing even to the parents in some songs. Many contemporary song lyrics talk about human relationships through the prism of sexual relationships mostly. Such songs should be allowed to played on radio even after replacing the inappropriate content with voids.

  • Freedom of speech?

    The first amendment to the constitution gives anyone the right to voice
    their opinion: TRUE
    The first amendment to the constitution gives anyone the right to say
    anything they want to: FALSE

    The first amendment to the constitution states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." This does not protect the right to make or distribute obscene materials such as cursing, referring to drug use, or use derogatory language directed toward any person

  • This is NOT freedom of speech! The writers of the Constitution would be horrified to know what society has done in interpreting this right.

    It needs to be amended. What about MY RIGHT not to hear it. Everywhere I go, I can hear this filth being played. It's a violation of my rights to have to be exposed to it AT ALL...Even for one second! It is sick, twisted and a horror show. Women are being exploited and some are too stupid to get it. I support censorship of music and movies.

  • If you have an established settings for movies so should music

    Movies are rated so why not music some lyrics should not be allowed in a parents home if they so choose . Ratings scale of lyrics would allow parents to make that choice without having to listen to the words . When you become 18 then your choice to buy but as long in parents home it is there choice.

  • You are what u eat, you are what u feed ur brain.

    As a public school music teacher for 14 years in a very poor urban neighborhood, my opinion in this matter has changed 180 degrees. I'm an advocate for freedom of speech particularly when expressing yourself musically, however, I've come to realization that there needs to be more control ovet what is promoted, idolized and communicated, especially when the target group is young people. My shift in opinion here is as a result of many factors but none as compelling as having ur own children. I've seen how the overall tone of young people had become more dissonant. Instead of trying to focus on learning life skills, most

  • Yes we should have the right to choose the content that is being put out into the world.

    Music should be censored because when I turn in my radio I do not want to hear all about what a guys going to so to girl and where he's going to put it! The tune is catchy and up-beat but why can't the lyrics be the same way? It's not violating their first amendment right it's showing young children that listen that there is more to do than to have sex and do drug all the time, and that material things aren't always what show be the most important things that show strive for

  • Youtube should not show videos that are rated

    Its too easy to access explicit videos on youtube if they are on youtube everyone can see them even if you tick a box saying you are 18. Explicit music videos about drugs and sex are very damaging to a child's mind and I believe they cause problems with their expectations of sex, drugs and parties in later life. The government needs to step in and stop rated videos getting on anywhere but porn, or hardcore video sites

  • Protect the Children

    When it comes to adults I do not think censorship is needed. However, I am more focused on protecting young children from this explicit content. Many of you on the other side said it should be up to parents, and yes it should but to a certain extent. If the parents allow their children to listen to this music at home then more power to them, but in public the government could censor this music especially in places where children are present most frequently.

  • Don't really know

    Well first of all this debating sort of thing is getting off hand to easily.Whether or not rap music sufficiently doesn't even hurt anyone just the ears. But the people who love rap should enjoy it and hear all what the artists is really trying to say.If the people don't like it then is as matter as well be not to listen to it or just ignore it. Censoring will give in no point of hearing music or to anything.I mean, is a way of saying things that makes the lyrics interesting. People just want to hear or say what they want or feel except the slackness of using the offensive language to other companions or friends unless in a joking matter or a nice way that is. The point is the government shouldn't censored anything and really this stuff of debating is way too much but hey, is what we do! (^^)

  • Children could be listening

    What if children hear this song? They could go around saying it at school and other children could start repeating it too and some will just be plain appalled. Not only children will be appalled, Adults, teenagers, and children could get really offended. That is why the government should censor explicit/racial/violent/offensive language.

  • I don't like it but it shouldn't be censored

    As previously stated, it is un American and defeated our countries foundation if we were to censor due to our freedoms and rights, and really if you don't like it don't listen to it. The profanity is already there and we can't change it but we ourselves can avoid it.

  • Kids Copy Us and Music

    My little sister copies stuff she hears on the radio. Yes, our first amendment says we have the freedom of speech, but only to a certain extent. Artists do not need to express violence in there songs when kids copy them. Almost every genre of music has cussing, or violence that I believe should not be heard by young ears.

  • Banning sexually explicit lyrics

    People quote "freedom of speech" when supporting these lyrics. Freedom of speech just means you have a right to express your opinion, period. It doesn't mean that you get to express that opinion using all the dirty words you can think of! Check out the lyrics to "Blood on the Dance Floor" and you will see what I mean. This song and this performer is now seen by many PRETEENS. Check out the posts on "what is the minimum age limit" to being able to get into one of their concerts.

    I told a teenager in Kmart to stop using the "F" word (she was hollering it ) by saying "Hey! You're in a public place!" Her response was "Freedom of speech!" To which I replied, "No, that's not freedom of speech, that's rude and crude talk." Her mother thanked me and said "I've been trying to tell her that but she keeps quoting "Freedom of speech " and telling me I'm "old fashioned". So many people now are promoting VICES as VIRTUES. As a country, we need to start objecting to all the filth and bad language being promoted through the airways via television, movies, radio, videos, dvd's and cd's. It is time for the "silent majority" to take back control of these things and our children's futures and morals.

  • Disgusting rap lyrics

    I've heard songs describing very explicit sex acts set to a fancy beat. Kids have free access to it online and on the radio. They can't go in the store and buy a porno mag; no need to-its in their headphones. The problem is it warps their minds so they think its normal. The law should prevent this type of stuff from going to market. There should be no reason for bleeping just right clean lyrics!

  • Just make it harder for people to listen to the songs

    The government it doing their best in censoring the explicit words on the radio so that the whole family can listen to the songs without the parents flipping out when they hear curse words. But with the Internet being so open, the songs are available to the youth and the media has so much influence on them that they will get influenced and commit the actions said within the songs.

  • Music has influence

    The terrible things in music has a bigger impact then people think. I read that some people are using that the terrible things might be all a person knows, but why make that any worse? Music is huge, music can be good and bad, and lately it seems to get worse, so if the government wants to control everything else, maybe they do something that will help children, get the terrible things out of the media and fill it with good.

  • Censorship should not be used in music

    Though music can lead to violence it violates our rights. People say its a free country but if there is laws censoring music so it is not a free country yet it is not true that it is violating freedom of speech because your not saying it and its second hand recorded not the actual artists there censoring but all and all we the people should be able to listen to anything we want and censored or not. Not forced censor. So it should not be censored.

  • Think of children

    Children could think that having sex, doing drugs, and other things like that is a good idea. They will start to hang out with other children that do that same thing. They would most likely go to jail, so if I were you and were in the car with a child i wouldn't have vulgar music playing.

  • Its not denying the artists rights its protecting the innocence, morals, and respect of all of the citizens.

    If you think about it when these songs are censored it is to get rid of the bad parts. Once the "bad" parts are taken out of the song it may be okay to listen to. I believe that sometimes swear words are put into the song to create emphasis on a point, but when there is a swear word every other word it isn't enjoyable to listen to. Also if kids are listening to this kind of music it will impact how they will think and speak in the future. Do we really want the next generation of kids to be swearing all the time and doing things like drugs, sex, and violence. 12 and 13 year old kids are doing them now, so think about in future years if younger kids continue to listen to music with bad content. The innocence and morals will be lost and the respect the kid will get from other people will also be lost. Now there is all this talk about how it denies the right of the artist who wrote the song, but taking out a few words will not change the tune and the idea and honestly it will make it so that more kids are allowed to listen to it. Some parents are very strict about what their kids listen to, so if those words are taken out then those kids are able to listen to the song.

  • Yes, lyrics changing over the generations into more violent things can be the reason society is worsening day by day.

    The lyrics children, pre-teens, and teens listen to nowadays is inexcusable. Lyrics that say, "Is it bad that, I never made love, but I sure know how to f$#@" is not only demeaning to women, but showing the wrong idea. "Kill Them All" isn't a good sign to send to society either. People think, celebrities creating these type of things are idols, and admire everything they do, but if the celebrities are famous, have a lot of money, "friends", and fame, I should follow what they do, right? Wrong. People just don't know how to be an individual anymore and it's sad.

  • Children shouldn't hear this stuff

    I'm a thirteen year old who, before hearing songs on the radio, had no idea what sex was. Now, because of these songs, I'm writing a paper saying why these songs should be banned. Freedom of speech is not for this kind of thing, it is not made for people to curse or describe their violent or inappropriate lives/actions. Also, for those who think they're just helping express their thoughts, GET YOU'RE MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER. Children DO NOT need to hear these things, Ever.

  • Its just not.......Right

    People are free to do whatever they want. If you feel that listening to these type of music helps you in one way or another then you keep doing what you do. All i want to say is that sexual and violent songs should be banned on radio. This kind of music really degrades women; some have lyrics which portray women as 'play toys'. I'm just asking, is it fair to helpless women? Do you even want to be in a society where women fears men? No, of course not. Although people are free to listen to whatever they please......Its just not right.

  • Think of the kids

    When I was younger, we wouldn't be allowed to listen to explicit music. After all, it gave us the wrong ideas. Now adays, there is almost no choice if you want to listen to music that will make you dance, because most of it is explicit, or it says something sexual.

  • Yolo sweggity swoo

    Should the books of american child be took away from them and censored and banned because they show bad horrible inapropiate things, when really all of this inforamtion will be used in their future because they live the free country of the United States of America or maybe they live in some other place in the world? Or should they be removed because these good old fashioned books they reside on the good world that is earth be removed because the things they offer are inapropiate ionformation that could scar children for a long good time of their lives. FLASHDRIVE

  • Yes for sure

    Whats the need for bad lyrics? Why can't musicians tell their song through non-foul words? Look at all the artists in the past. Such beautiful songs, there's no need for bad mouth words; it just goes to show how foul these so called musicians are! Spread love through songs not violence. Think of all the children who will hear these lyrics and start copying, this world is getting to out of control.

  • I agree but disagree

    It is a bad influence on the children but adults should have the right to listen to what they want to . I say they should not allow children to listen to this or parents should pay more attention towards their children. Yes I understand freedom of speech but just think for once how this influences our youth. Why this century is so explosive. So for most of the point I stated I do agree on this topic

  • Yes they should

    Kids don't need to know about sex violence or anything that's not good for their age. If music is bad it sets a bad example. If a kid really reads the lyrics of the song and does what that song says it could harm and one or that person themselves.

  • It's not about an issue of "Freedom of Speech", it's influencing our society in a negative way and leaving people a bad reputation!

    Many of you disagree for reasons such as: it's not fair, we need freedom of speech, or if there is such an issue then the parents need to handle what their kids listen to. These may be some valid points, but just think about this for a second. In our world today things are never fair, and no one will agree on anything. It's not fair to the artist huh? Well the lyrics that need to be censored are the ones that are talking about the sex, drugs, and violence. I don't think it is fair to the teenagers that end up becoming pregnant because their "role-model" sang about how great the sex experience is. Now because of this they have to come up with money and many other things to support their child. I don't think it is fair to the people who screw up their lives or kill someone, again because their favorite artist brings it up in their albums. Also, where do you really get freedom of speech? At school, work, online, and just about everywhere you have to watch what you say because you may offend someone. But I find it funny that artists don't have to watch what they say. Maybe parents should handle it, but how can they when their child wants to listen to their role model or favorite star instead of the one in charge. Our society is going downhill because of this. Yes, I listen to this kind of music myself, the stuff that should be censored. I enjoy it, but when you think about it in depth and what it is doing to our world, you might just change your mind.

  • The negative influence on the modern generation.

    All these songs, (mostly explicit songs) now, not only are there teens and young adults that enjoy listening but they are negatively influenced by all this. Meaning that, more than likely they would start doing drugs and drinking and messing up there lives. What if all these teen and young adults were to have kids someday? Would they still be listening to all these explicit songs? HOPEFULLY NOT because surely people get to a certain age where they grow up out of that teenage body and become more mature.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, because rap sounds weird with blurred out words and i enjoy explicit songs it freedom of speech. The reason i like dirty rap is because I grew up with it. Oldies, Y.M.C.M.B, and cash money records should be censored. I really want it to be censored because it doesn't matter they can simply just change the station.

  • Control is lost

    I just watched a YouTube video with teenage girls dance to a Nicki Minaj remix in a high school assembly, i remember back in my day that wouldn't even be allowed for the profanity ( and not to mention teaching younger girls it OK to grind there man etc etc.) and I was in high school in 2000 to 2004, I'm not church goer and I agree with freedom of speech and let people live and what not, but come on. Now there isn't even a min. Of censorship, everyone's allow to hear whatever they want and no matter what age you are. I just don't see it as all. I don't have kids and I'm not planning on it for this reason alone. Fine you can censor in house but if the schools aren't, and the music.Movies, TV etc. outside my house isn't then there isn't much I can do is there.

  • What about the children?

    This generation is becoming worse and worse. Sex, drugs, drink ect, it's just a small meaning in this world. I don't think this is the right environment I want my child growing up in. All you hear about in these explict songs are; violence, swearing, sex, drugs, alcohol, more sex, ect. It's disgusting. I can't even begin to go into how much I hate this world, and this is one of the things that I hate the most. I'm only 16 and I think this is seriously wrong. Not many people of my age would say the same thing, they wouldn't be thinking about their future. Then you get me, who is thinking about how I'd like my children to live, where I think and how I think they should be brought up. And this isn't how I would like them to be brought up. In a place full of alcohol, drugs, sex, violence.... It's just not right, and. Know you can't get rid f all of that stuff, but we could start calming it down. Sorry, I'm ranting on about a completely different subject, but it all ties in. And it's a disgrace how many people are against this.

  • Too much violence and uncontrollable people

    I grew up in the 70's and 80's. Music and movies were nowhere near as violent and verbally profane as they are today.
    During the time I grew up my mother was still at home (not working). She still had a problem with discipline and with me getting in trouble...And I went to church on Sunday! Now with 2 parents working in most households, how can they know what the kids are watching and listening to? Getting ideas, singing lyrics from a shooting rap song.. They don't even get it.
    They need a positive social world, not one that is talking about killing and fighting, cheating and sex. Kids can be mean without help from the outside world.
    Unstable Adults too can be affected by violent movies and music. I get freaked out sometimes if someone saw a movie and got ideas of a crime from that movie.
    For example who wants to see a movie called SAW where people get cut up by a chainsaw .. That is just sick.. And these kickboxing shows on regular TV where guys beat the crap out each other.. What is up with that .. Now with gun laws, concealed carry passing in many states .. We don't need any more help from show business/music world trying to make a bad buck on or kids lives.

  • Of course it's unprofessional

    I am a Christian and it is irritating to have to try and turn the volume down at the exact part. In songs I understand freedom of speech but in today's world it's too much peer pressure and would be nice to have something good, and wholesome to listen to sometimes. It would probably help a lot of people that need to be more respectful and learn better morals. I undoubtedly don't think people realize it's impacts and especially on future generations. We need to treat it as if someone had a bad mouth and was still trying to make it as a teacher or something. Is that really at what we need to succeed or not.

  • Good taste and Decency

    Good taste and decency is one of the requirements as a part of Broadcasting Law, at least it is where I am from. There is no need to have excessive swearing in a song, and if it is it dosen't need to be publicly broadcasted. Also if Censorship should not exist on violent or explicit songs, does that mean that the broadcasting standards authority is in the wrong for having upheld a complaint for the song "Killing in the name of" By Rage Against The Machine, for repeating the verse " F*ck you I won't do what you tell me", 16 times followed by "Mother*ucker", this was complained about for being played on public radio at 9 30 AM in the morning on a public radio station, and should have been censored.

    Further more Programming Directors that select the songs that are played on a particular radio station, if they didn't select songs that are relevant for that station, this would mean that their is no longer censorship. Clearly the ones that disagree and are voting NO agree that it's ok for having a rock song, followed by a country song, followed by a Hip Hop song, followed by an electro song acceptable, cause if they picked the music appropriate to the demographic or target audience, that would mean that the songs had been censored.

    Songs can be censored by the artist that subtly tell a story with out using expletive language. Examples of songs that do this are Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight, and Britney Spears "If U Seek Amy", who subtly tell a story of violence and sex, with out physically saying i seen a guy drown or f*ck me.

    It is not necessarily for explicit songs to be played on public radio. Anyone could be listening. Of any ethnic, religious denomination, background or age. And they to have the right to free speech.

  • Do Our Duty.

    We have a duty to protect the young. As adults we need to step in and say NO! This is not freedom of speech. It is destroying years of campaigning for equality. So adult censorship must protect the vulnerable and stop the demise of adult responsibilities to the young. We are supposed to be the role models. To make decisions.

  • Stop The Violence

    Yes, they should! The radio is disgusting! I don't even let my teenage daughter listen to the radio while we're in the car together. The lyrics on the radio display bad grammar and bad attitudes. The radio uses bleeps and word overs, silence, etc, to disguise the lyrics in the song, but it doesn't work. Children will either guess or look up the song on the internet. Using these disguises brings attention to the listener. Keep the radio clean! Help the parents protect the children from this violent world.

  • No need for it

    Kids are exposed to mature language which is not needed. They are better off not hearing the music at all. Yes some songs are nice with bad words but they are intended for older people. Kids should not have to listen to all this. It ruins minds & scars kids for lives

  • Think About who listens

    It's true we all have our tastes in music and yes sometime we can't agree. But think about how it'll effect how we all think and act, especially kids today. Their all judged on what music they listen to, they start watching the music videos for the songs and see images probably meant for adults. It's true we have the freedom of speech so I'll speak out for most parents, or families that would like their kids to have safe ears and minds at least until they feel their kids are mature enough to handle it.

  • Lyrics that are explicit are explicit for a reason

    People created explicit language as a method of communication for extreme emotion, like, EXTREME. So the fact that they are used as often as they are in music degrades them. The English language becomes less expressive when you can't put as much force behind your words. Lyrics should be censored on radio, and used for actually relevant purposes if they are used in music otherwise.

  • Violent song lyrics may lead to violent behaviour: the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology (Vol. 84, No. 5).

    I have always linked violence with music. This article proves it. We need, therefore, to get rid of violent music on the airways. The article goes on to state that the lyrics of violet songs impacted on emotions. This, it states was a catalyst for aggression which consequently led to negative behaviour.

  • Certain Shocking Lyrics

    Some gangsta rap is so obscene it wouldn't be able to be broadcast or turned into a screen production, so why is it available to be downloaded by influencible young people who have free range of the Internet? Things have changed, before it was easier to control what content reached which people but we have to adapt for the Internet age and the fantasy of giving people complete freedom is unfortunately unrealistic. Our young people, particularly women are incredibly demeaned, are being damaged by it, I have seen it first hand. Don't ban a genre, but do filter truely shocking content. This is not sensoring the media, it is maintaining decency against some awful portrails of the worst traights of human nature.

  • Clear and present danger test

    With over 90% of prisoners in the United States listening to secular rap music, and the conclusion of psychological tests that prove secular rap music to increase anger and aggression in its audience, than it is no longer an issue of the right of the individual it is moving towards the clear and present danger test.

  • No, because of Freedom of Speech

    Free speech.
    If someone grows up in a violent environment, that would be all they know. It would be the only way they knew how to express themselves. Taking that away from them would be like banning their language. Some of these people went through violent situations; this is the reality for them. Violence in their lyrics is their way of honestly telling their stories to the world. Also, it’s a good way for them to cope with their past; by expressing it through words instead of violence in the real world.

  • No

    It is the right of all the people living in the United States of America to have the right to voice their own opinion whether it be wrong or right. If the goverment were to censor the lyrics in any violent or explict song it would be a very large violation of the first amendment. Any form of censorship from the goverment besides the bleeping on the radio would defeat everything that the patriots who fought for our freedom and our own laws fought for. The goverment has no right to tell us what we can and cannot listen to on our free time or at work. I understand that the goverment wants to improve our way of living and our social pshcology but they can't baby us by blocking out violent or explicit lyrics we are all civiliced enough to know what is wrong and right. End of story.

  • Listen to watch I have to say.. Ok?

    Listening to explicit music doesn't do anything bad to you, you won't end up doing drugs, disrespecting people, or just being bad. I'm a teen and I always listen to explicit songs, I'm good, respectful, and I don't do drugs. Whenever I listen to explicit songs I feel like I escaped all the drama and went to my own world away from people that are annoying me and getting me mad. You may think I'm lying but I'm not.

  • No government censorship.

    If you do not want your child listening to such graphic and explicit music, then be a parent, step up and say no! If your child is young enough, wash his or her mouth out with soap. It isn't that hard to keep your child under control. Be the better person.

  • Whats the point?

    Yes, it's obvious to everyone that if you don't like it or aren't mature enough you shouldn't be listening to it. It's not like there is only one station for everyone to listen to. Songs that are explicit are an escape for some people and to have it censored is like having our feelings oppressed.

  • Freedom of speech and our rights

    No it shouldn't, because there is good music out there with bad words and that shouldn't be taken away from us just because some people don't like that language. If you don't like it,don't listen. But don't take it away from the rest of us who enjoy that music. .

  • Destroying Freedom of Expression

    Parents should be the one to decide what their children do or don't listen to. They can prevent their child from searching certain topics online and from watching certain tv channels, or even from listening to certain radio stations. The government on the other hand, need to worry more about running our country smoothly and less about parenting styles.

  • A message to you.

    No it is not god for them to rap songs that is wrong parent should teach them chldren from young to no what they doing they also curse why rapping always saying native things not evey one like rap music,some people love ,love raps people have said that freedom of speech which is true.They should have freedom to speech to describe there feelings and to show love to one anther.Poetry is one of the most important thing to me and it mite not be importantant to other put to all the peole who like to rap please find something good to do or change that rap into some love rap.

  • Why i said no?

    I said no because i don't want any voilent things to happen in trinidad and tobago or in the other country i just want to live life like other people but that is not fair if peple dieing one bo one and more the president come in power is thing happening in tis country nothing good i going on but on't worry we voting she out soon.

  • <---- people over there please take your time to read what I have to say

    No they should not. Rap songs and or Hip hop or any censored song doesn't mean its entirely bad. Song writers use words to describe how they feel, how they think of something. You should hear kids nowadays. They use curse words to describe how they feel but just because they do, do not mean they are bad people. Just because someone curses in a song, do not mean they are bad people. Sure not everyone likes rap music. But that's your opinion. Some people love rap music. Some people love nicki manaj some don't. Also after reading a few of other opinions, A LOT of people have said that people have freedom of speech which is true. They have freedom of speech to describe there feelings. Ever read a poem? Its not all just quiet and simple English. I've read poetry with curse words before. And according to the people who say yes are you going to automatically think that is wrong? Perhaps you will. But hey its freedom of speech we have our own rights to say what we want to say and say what we feel. Poetry is like rap. Describing how you feel and how you feel about other things or people. And if your going to say rap is bad. Your basically saying poetry is too. And their is nothing wrong with expressing yourself. And I saw how some people said government should because kids are doing drugs or having sex and stuff. We'll that's not because of the music they listen to. That's because of how they feel. Do you REALLY know your kids?? Because some kids get emotionally locked up inside their own thoughts and decide to destroy themselves by doing drugs and other things. Its not the music effecting them. It can be other things too. Oh and ever heard that saying people say " music helps me feel okay" it doesn't matter what kind of music it is but to some kids, listening to rap music or explicit songs make them feel like their not the only ones feeling the way they feel. SO YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE SAYING THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXPLICIT MUSIC FEELS TO OTHER PEOPLE.

  • Freedom of speech

    People should not judge about someone else's artistic expression. Everyone has the right to express their opinion. If you do not agree with them or find the music offensive, don't listen to it. It also goes against the first amendment. Music comes from emotions and people should be allowed to express them.

  • Authenticity and constitutional rights!

    Its takes away the authenticity of the song. It also goes against the first amendement. Things that are offensive are subject, dont be selfish and make people censor what you think is offensive, its different for everyone, you have no right to censor what people might agree or believe in.

  • Not at all

    Music should not be banned.Because it is a freedom of speech ,and people get to say what they want ,and how they feel about there expressions.Music is something that people should be able to freely decide to listen to or not because music is from us ,what else do we have ? If they take that away from us ,im pretty sure alot of people would be angry

  • There's no point

    There's literally no point. After all they are just words. And there's no point hiding they are bound to eventually hear these song, so why lie to them? The world is full of these words. And frankly if hey can't take it when someone calls them these words then they are weak. Sticks and Stones.

    And Anyway Artists are allowed to sing what they feel, because of Freedom of Speech, its their song If they want to use profanities, so be it, they are just expressing their feelings..

  • Why do we have to hide ?

    Music describes how artists think, from their perspective, how the world is, why do we have to teach the children not to lie when you, yes, you, yourself, lie to the children that the world is so "beautiful" and then when they grow up, they recognize the truth and they feel sad about it
    "The more you hide, the more pain it will be" - Anonymous

    I don't see any point of censorship, it is just the way how people is, how they express themselves, their ideas, can anyone totally sure that we haven't spoken any "bad words" ? It's just the way people express and the way you see it.

  • There is no point

    If profanity is used in real life, then why should it be banned in songs? Kids are exposed to this all the time, and there is no way to stop them from hearing these things. There is a little thing called freedom of speech, which allows people to say or think whatever they want. If the kids choose to follow the things these songs say, then that should be blamed on the parents for exposing them to those songs. I they didn't want them to hear it, then they should keep them away from it and don't allow them to hear it. Don't blame others for making the music, as we can listen to whatever we want.

  • N o o!

    I've listened to whatever I wanted before pre-k and I'm perfectly fine. I have no desire to do drugs, have sex, drink, or kill people. I'm a perfectly normal person. God didn't censor Adam and Eve so why censor music. So censorship of music is dumb. Have a fabulous Friday. (:

  • Songs shouldnt be blamed for people's wrong actions

    One of the main reasons people say violent lyrics should be censored is because it encourages people to commit crimes. But people with violent tendencies and mental instability are already born that way or became that way without violent music. Music cannot be blamed for people's crimes because anything could've triggered a violent rampage.

  • No! Freedom of speech

    NO! This is a democracy, not a dictatorship. We have a right to hear and see what we want without governmental interference. It's against the constitution of the USA and they shouldn't censor songs on the radio in my view. That contradicts the free speech. If kids are listening to it, they will eventually swear themselves anyway or know what drugs or sex is. If people don't like it, change the radio station! If Western governments do this it will be the real life version of 1984!

  • Free Speech is there for UNPOPULAR speech

    It is the right of every living human being to speak their minds without the threat of violence. Free speech is not for popular speech, it is there to protect unpopular speech. Also, it is extremely authoritarian and naive to believe that YOU know so much of what's best for others that you must use the force of government to stamp these voices out. Seriously, if you're so scared of your kids listening to "naughty" music then MONITOR THEM instead of using immorality as an excuse to commit MORE immorality. Legislating morality (an opinion with a gun) is how Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao Zedong, and other tyrants throughout history were able to command the deaths of MILLIONS.

  • Parents teach your kids!

    Parents are the ones that are responsible to teach their children right from wrong. Kids in their elementary years grow up listening to what their parents listen to, its not till their middle school years that they start to branch out and explore other musical options, so if parents are the ones that are listening to the graphic and sexual music that's what their kids start out listening to too. Then when they are in high school that's when they have their own opinion on music and its a strong musical opinion go ahead and ask them why they listen to what they do and I guarantee they will give you a very strong opinion!

  • There is no point

    If content is deemed suitable for adults (over 18), then why censor it in the first place? Fair enough for content that will inevitably be viewed/listened to by a younger audience, but the lyrics are there for a reason. And it's usually clearly labelled as being explicit and not suitable for a younger audience.

  • Most definitely not

    As a songwriter myself, I choose to keep the profanity in my lyrics to a minimum. 'Choose' is the key word right there, even though I don't feel that most of my songs call for profanity, there are others who do, and I would never support anyone trying to take that away from them. Art, no matter how vulgar, offensive, or controversial it may be, should never be censored. I also firmly believe that if you give someone an inch, they'll take a mile. If we allowed the government to censor lyrics, chances are high they'd take it further than anyone expects.

  • What's the point!

    If you don't want to listen to the music then don't listen to it, it's as simple as that. If you don't want your children to listen to it then don't let them listen to it, eventually they will hear that language anyway. Everyone has the freedom of speech and to express themselves so it's unfair to take that away from them.

  • It's OUR Right

    Music is a huge part of our society. It has allowed everyone, especially teens, to express themselves without acting out. It is our way of escaping the world, and just having time to ourselves. Music is the perfect way to just let it all out, by screaming at the top of our lungs.

  • An Infringement on Our Rights

    The first amendment states that Congress shall not make any laws that prohibit our free speech. By censoring music, they limit the artists freedom of speech. They also limit what the citizens listen to, which is a classic example of government tyranny and control of its citizens. We should be allowed to listen to whatever we want, uncensored.


    You just heard a song. Odds are, you know this song, as it is one of the most popular songs on the radio today. I am doing my presentation today on what you DIDN’T hear. When you listen to songs, do you listen to explicit or clean versions? When you were little, and you wanted to buy a song, did your parents ever make you purchase the clean version? A clean version of a song is a version where the swear words are removed. This can vary from the artist re-recording it without the original words, or it can be simple bleeps where the swear words were.
    When you listen to a clean song, you limit yourself and the singer. You limit what you can hear, and what the singer can say. In my opinion, limiting what can be heard in a song, whether its on the radio or on the internet, is violating our first amendment rights. The first amendment says that you have the freedom of speech, and should therefore also include songs. “Though I disagree with everything you say, I will defend to death your right to say it.” This is a quote from a scholar studying voltaire. I think this quote is powerful, because it shows that even though people may not like what someone has to say, he has a right to say it.
    Freedom of speech applies to songs and music, so why does public radio censor it?

  • no there shouldn't be

    Censorship isn't the radio stations fault. Its the FCC, so if you are trying to blame it on that it would solve it. Music censorship is against our freedom and our way of emotions. Music is here to speak to us when other things cant and we should not have the FCC or even the government changing and cutting up are music like they are grading a math assignment. Yeah I agree some music is offensive but its only a problem if you make it one. We should end censorship and start becoming a true America and listen to what we want and be able to write what we want.

  • I vote no.

    It is against our 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech. Laws cannot go against or contradict the constitution. We have a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution that we are allowed to say whatever we want, whenever we want, regardless of any other argument. We live in a free country where our rights are protected, regardless of age, race, and gender. Therefore, everyone that likes or supports the 1st Amendment or freedom of speech should vote no. Thank you.

  • I Think That No, People Have Their Own Life

    It is the right of all the people living in the United States of America to have the right to voice their own opinion whether it be wrong or right. If the government were to censor the lyrics in any violent or explicit songs it would be a very large violation of the first amendment. Any form of censorship from the government besides the bleeping on the radio would defeat everything that the patriots who fought for our freedom and our own laws fought for. The government has no right to tell us what we can and cannot listen to on our free time or at work. I understand that the government wants to improve our way of living and our social psychology but they can't baby us by blocking out violent or explicit lyrics we are all civilized enough to know what is wrong and right. End of story.

  • It's not fair

    Children will be exposed to far worse at school. Some people may not like it, but it is still unfair to those who write the songs, and those who enjoy the songs. Censoring art should not be allowed. Music is art. Censoring music take the freedom of speech away from the artist.

  • Reality hurts, but hey, that's reality

    Rap music has been an escape from poverty for many artists, including Tupac, Eminem, Biggie etc. In fact, the most succesful rap artists come from extremely impoverished backgrounds. That kind of 'escape' is considered inspirational in urban communities. Rap artists are trying to show us the reality by their rap music lyrics. This is actually HELPING us!! Would you rather know about violence through bullying or lyrics?? Its your choice.

  • No censorship!

    No, the music should not be censored at all because when the radio bleeps something it puts more attention on the word. The radio would be way more better if the words are not censored because you can get the true meaning of the song. In all uncensor the radio.

  • We deserve the right to express ourselves.

    Think about how many different places there are to get the music, you ban one we'll go some were else. How many people will leave America to listen to music freely or how many millions of dollars will you lose if we do not buy the music. Its common sense.

  • They have no right to.

    They can't or that would just make freedom of speech be useless. If people don't want to listen to it then they don't have to but to force people to only receive a clean version of a song would make the government look very stupid, as though to say that, "Oh, freedom of speech only applies to something that we believe is right, not what the U.S. residents think.

  • Freedom of speech!

    People should have their right to make their own choices. It is an essential human right, and should be something that no one should be able to regulate. By censoring the lyrics of violent songs, could lead to more bans that have not been considered. For instance, people could argue that some politicians should be banned because of their 'bad' influence' on society. In reality, there is really no 'bad' and people have their own rights. It is a great dishonor to censor the lyrics of violent songs to the song writer and singer.

  • Our First Amendment rights.

    In our country's First Amendment of the Constitution, it states that we all have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. We should use this responsibly, and yes I do understand why some people may want to censor lyrics, but it is not fair to take away our constitutional rights. If you do not like explicit music, don't listen to it. Simple as that.

  • Don't ruin the songs.

    That's just the way the songs were meant to be and they way they were written. It would be weird just hearing lyrics and then a BEEP as it would ruin the song. Maybe parents shouldn't let their kids listen to that stuff. It's their fault, but don't go ruining the songs, please.

  • Any censorship is wrong.

    Banning certain music or lyrics is censorship and censorship is wrong! All humans have rights and one of those rights is the freedom of speech. Banning some lyrics or music is basically abusing that human right. I believe that the musicians' voices should be heard. You wouldn't want your government to abuse human rights, would you?

  • No, it should not.

    It just doesn't make sense because I personally know a lot of people who listen to rock and rap music with "bad" lyrics, but they don't go around killing people... Even I myself listen to music like that. I'm not a killer. Most people listen to music just for the tune. They usually don't only listen to music to listen to the words.

  • Doing this would be unconstitutional.

    Music is art and you never see a painting with a censored mark on it. If paintings are not censored, why should music be? Secondly, this falls under the first amendment. If everyone is so careful about following and respecting the laws and rules, then we shouldn't have to have the explicit content sticker on music. Lastly, it should be up to the parents to decide if it is okay for their children to listen to. They should be the only ones to restrict what the kids listen to.

  • No: Artists have the right to express themselves in their work without censorship.

    I am a musician myself, and I know how hard it is to write decent music. Every word included in the lyrics; whether they are profane or violent, are an integral part of the artist's expression and are works of art. You do not censor nude women in paintings, so why censor music?

  • Music should not be censored because of free speech.

    No, because we have our freedom of speech in the first amendment. We can express our ideas and feelings about life. Please let it no do it, I like it how it is and I think it is okay as it is. I love the music how it is. I love it a lot like it is now today.

  • Violent musical artists who do good?

    There are many violent heavy metal bands nowadays and the rap artists who express themselves with such vulgarity should have their music limited? I don't think so. Everyone will grow up and realize that our own military is taking the lives of others in other countries' territories. So why should musical expression be limited based upon how violent and crude it may seem? There are many artists out there who are humanitarians and record their explicit songs to help many others much more unfortunate than ourselves. You might as well take away that freedom away and the help that comes along with it.

  • Music is freedom and we deserve to make our own choices.

    Music is something that people should be able to freely decide to listen to or not because music is freedom and it is an escape for most people. If the government takes that away from us, what else do we have? If they ever do that to us, I am pretty sure a bunch of people will be mad. I would be one of those people.

  • Music shouldn't be censored.

    People have the right to listen to and view what they wish. It's a part of the right of free expression, and a reason why these songs have the material that some find questionable. We should let artists have full freedom of expression and not have to be censored because of so-called "inappropriate content". Seriously, Parents and guardians can do so their own "protection plans" for their own kids. To each his own; people shouldn't have to be censored just because of explicit terms that are a part of their expression. At the least, it's annoying to those who created the music. At worst, it's offensive that everything they express must be filtered. Just let the concerned parties deal with the issue in their own closed circle, if you don't like it, don't listen; and, let the rest of the world be free from government intervention.

  • "gangsta rap" music is just entertainment. The government censors music on the radio. Theres no reason the government should censor it any more than already.

    some if not most people know that "gangsta rap" music is just for entertainment, not a way to promote alchohal, drugs, sex, etc. Plus in the first argument I said that the government has already censored "gangsta rap on the radio so there's no need to censor it completely more than it has been already.

  • No because of freedom of speech.

    Excuse the title pun, but it's true! First off, it detracts from the song! Second, and it is a common argument among the people of this website, it's not like you have to listen to it. Everyone is granted freedom of speech in this world, and if a rapper wants to drop a couple of f-bombs in one of his hit songs, who are you to tell him that he can't?

  • Music is music.

    Like food, we all have different taste in things. In this case it's music. If you don't like a song because of it's explicit content, then don't listen to it, just like if you don't like fish, tomatoes, pork, etc. then don't eat it. Simple as that.

  • No Way!

    If you dont like a song, you don't have to listen to it. You can just turn it off. If you don't want your children to listen to it, you can decide what those guidelines should be in your own household. Everyone deserves the right to choose what they consider to be entertainment.

  • They're not as bad as they seem

    There is no supporting evidence that explicit lyrics effect society in a negative way. The words are wrote down on paper for the reason of enjoyment and to get out a message and besides, if people want to listen to the song they will use the internet, and or buy it any way.

  • Kids Choice.

    Just because kids listen to explicit music or play violent video games does not mean that they are into drugs and crime. Also just because a kid listens to other non explicit music or doesn't play violent games does not mean they are going to stay out of trouble.

  • What about our RIGHTS

    We have the right "Freedom of Expression"! Music is a form of expression and should not be censored. Parents are just afraid of something that is nothing and harmless. Song are there to be listened to not to be taken apart. The artist have poured them self's into their music, who are you to take their rights away!

  • Censoring sometimes change the effects of music on the people

    What I mean is, if you're talking of a rude subject, the song can't be written with easy words half of the time. Plus, most of the time, they denunciate the subjet of their songs. Anyway, the songs kids these days listen to contains subliminal messages and you put a parental control on the computers.

  • A Common Misconception

    People do not realize that the "violent" music has a purpose behind it. This purpose is not to create people to do wrong and hurt others by expressing it through their music. The point is that is supposed to be therapeutic. The whole point to rap and heavy metal is not to maim others, but merely to unleash angry emotions. This is why we have festivals with that type of music. The bands and rap artists connect with the audience by using the aggressive terms in their song. In turn the mosh pit can go crazy to unleash their feelings of anger. To take that away from people is just like a doctor being taken away from his patient.

  • The question is moot! Protected speech cannot be censored and lyrics are protected speech.

    The First Amendment states that the congress shall make no law . . . Abridging the freedom of speech. That text has been interpreted to apply to all three branches of government and the 14th Amendment applies it to all of the states. There are only 6 areas under which the content of speech can be regulated without a compelling government interest (which is a near impossible standard to meet). If the speech is not a clear and present danger to national security (immediate and quantifiable not just social welfare), not defamation, not obscenity (does not include curse words or even pornography), not child pornography, not fighting words (nothing has yet been established as clear fighting words even hate speech), and not fraudulent commercial speech then it is protected. So whether or not you think that it should be censored or not, it cannot legally be censored unless congress passes a constitutional amendment allowing the censorship which will likely never happen. End of Argument.

  • <--- These people hate your freedom.

    When I think about these people who voted yes for censorship. It makes me think of the Spanish who burned countless libraries erasing entire cultures from history because they believed they were worshiping what the Spanish perceived as satan. It makes me think of the people that hate freedom so much they burned the books, music and art that contained the phrases and images they didn't like. The words that made people think contrary to their programming. They only want control to remain in control. They care nothing for your safety only their silver lined pockets and fenced in mansions. FREEDOM ISN'T FREE. FREEDOM COMES WITH RISKS. IF YOU'RE UNWILLING TO PAY THOSE RISKS. THEN YOU RISK LIVING IN TYRANNY. These people want you to live in their tyranny.

  • No way man

    Its not right to take away freedom of speech. Its OK to choose what you want to listen to but i like the so called sex,drugs,and cursing. Its just the way i like it so to speak. And if someone where to take that away id move to china or something!

  • Freedom of speech

    The freedom of speech and expression defined by the U.S constitution, or constitutions of any country in the free world, is to a large extent about to defend the freedom of making " offensive " speeches and expressions, if people just make speeches or expressions that would make everybody happy, why bother defending this right?

  • Censorship doesn't work

    If I really need to make a supporting argument about this subject, the government has already taken over our lives too much. I take freedom seriously and it's too bad some people would rather have someone else run their lives for them instead of living their own lives independently. (Quit eating junk foods. This will help in making ones brain function like they have one).

  • Why I said No!

    I can name 2 very important ones from my generation: 2 Live Crew, banned from performing in front of even adults and Twisted Sister, whose video has absolutely nothing wrong with it except that the kid blew his dad out the window, it is called ignorance! Take time to understand what the song is truly standing for before you ban a song or band. Today people are scared of the music because it brings the truth to Americaa's front door. People need to wake up because those kids were not able to bury their heads in the sand and make it go away. I can agree that the language needs to be cleaned up a bit though because I do not particularly care for being referred to as a B****, H**, or anything else. I find that language very disrespectful.

  • Why I said No!

    I can name 2 very important ones from my generation: 2 Live Crew, banned from performing in front of even adults and Twisted Sister, whose video has absolutely nothing wrong with it except that the kid blew his dad out the window, it is called ignorance! Take time to understand what the song is truly standing for before you ban a song or band. Today people are scared of the music because it brings the truth to Americaa's front door. People need to wake up because those kids were not able to bury their heads in the sand and make it go away. I can agree that the language needs to be cleaned up a bit though because I do not particularly care for being referred to as a B****, H**, or anything else. I find that language very disrespectful.

  • The First Amendment

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."
    That is what it says. Simple. Congress can not abridge the freedom of speech. It is absolutely stupid of anyone to think that the government should censor these lyrics, especially since there is no reason to keep people from heating certain words. If you don't like it, don't listen.

  • Music is a form of art

    Music should not be subject to any type of censorship due to it being an artist's form of expression . I'm a 16 year old who is not biased to one form of music nor genre i am also a producer i create the sound behind the lyrics. That being said i would like to enlighten those who appose the form of art , music is a composition of sound emotion and pure expression some people do lack the knowledge or skills to use a more suitable language when expressing themselves but then consider this if your angry and your asked whats wrong? Would you censor your own feelings or would you give them a raw uncut detailed description of whats unsettling you ? Most would probably agree that they wouldn't hold back so why should artist have to ? Especially when it is the listeners choice if they would like to hear the music being played lol i mean its not so hard to change to the next radio station ect.

  • I don't like it but it shouldn't be censored

    As previously stated, it is un American and defeated our countries foundation if we were to censor due to our freedoms and rights, and really if you don't like it don't listen to it. The profanity is already there and we can't change it but we ourselves can avoid it.

  • Helps People Express Individuality

    What would be the point in censoring music? Eventually you're going to hear the uncensored version somewhere! There's no escape. Either way, music helps people express individuality. What better way to express yourself than through music? It helps meet new people who enjoy the same things as you! Music just helps everyone feel free! :)

  • Musicians have the right to say what they want

    I have actually been looking into this argument for my Gold Arts Award recently. I have done a lot of research into the history of music censorship and people's feelings towards it. To be honest I thought I would find more people who were against it but it seems like a lot of people seem to have the opinion that people have the power to choose themselves what they do or don't listen to. If parents don't want their children to be exposed to messages of sex, drugs, violence etc. then it is up to them to prevent them from listening to those sorts of songs. When those children are older they can make those decisions for themselves. I don't think it's up to the government to tell us what we can and can't listen to and tell musicians what they can and can't say. It is about an individual's personal decision. An opinion that someone shared with me that I found interesting was that if music effects someone to such an extent they base life decisions by it then the problem is with the individual not the musician. These effects should not be so severe that the government have to take control into their own hands. It is true some songs have content that many people would not want to be exposed to, however they have freedom of speech and therefore have the right to say whatever they want in their songs. People then have the decision to decide whether they listen to it.

  • No. Freedom of speech. Learn to control your kids.

    If you do not want your children to hear these song then learn to control them, take precautions for them instead of trying to ruin it for everybody else. If it is that you do not want to hear it, then learn to ignore it or change channel, etc... There is no need to go and ruin great things.

  • Cursing not OK but sex songs are

    Why is cursing a big NO on the radio but singing/rapping about sex on the radio is OK(especially modern POP songs) . I mean for example the song Whistle or Blow my Whistle Baby( whatever the names called exactly) by Flo Rida is ok to play on the radio even though it's talking (probably) about getting a blow job but saying the word A** or Bi**h is so terrible and needs to be censored out even though who ever's listening has probably heard and knows what the word means even if they are a kid. A good example of this is to play any game on XBOX live and listen to what the kids(younger kids especially) are saying(Call of Duty is a good example). I mean I think some stuff should be censored but only targeting swear words won't do anything and if the govt. Is going to allow songs about sex on the radio then why can't it allow swear words (On a side note I think it's funny how the censorship is reversed on movies where swearing and violence is OK but sex is/was a big NO).

  • No, no, and no

    Well people, the truth isn't always pretty, even if it comes in the form of an explicit song. If you don't agree with it, then don't listen to it, but let the rest of us that value the first amendment and freedom in general listen to whatever we want. The thing that those people on the left of the page don't understand is that one thing leads to another. One day we are censoring songs. The next it's the internet. Here's a handy Metallica quote:

    Independence Limited
    Freedom of Choice
    Choice Is Made for You My Friend
    Freedom of Speech
    Speech Is Words That They Will Bend
    Freedom with Their Exception

  • No Music Lyric Censorship

    Music lyrics should not be censored because everybody could consider something offensive or inappropriate. If all music lyrics were censored then imagine a world without any true music at all. Everybody can find something in a song that they don’t like and don’t want in the song. No one should be punished for spreading the joy of music. Songs and singers aren’t dangerous. A single musician can’t change people’s decisions. No songs should be censored, they should just have a label warning others. NO MUSIC LYRIC CENSORSHIP!!

  • It should not be censored!

    How will artists express their feelings through their music? Not by blurring out the bad words cause that's the only way they can express it: by bad words, instead of violent actions! Kids should be smart enough to know that they shouldn't listen to that type of music. Rappers and other artists take the time to write out what they feel and that does include bad words, so why does the government have to take that all away!? They may only be good at expressing their feelings by violent words, cause that's what they grew up with so there should be no idea of taking that away from them, especially to people who like listening to their gifted talent! Taking away parts of their intense and meaningful lyrics is like taking away a persons rights, which is very wrong. GIVE RIGHTS TO THE ARTISTS AND RAPPERS INSTEAD OF TAKING AWAY LYRICS THAT THEY CAN ONLY EXPRESS THEIR FEELINGS WITH!!!

  • It's a way to express yourself

    Music is how people express themselves. And if they want to listen to explicit lyrics because it helps them cope to there situation, then why would we stop them. It's their choice to listen to what they want. It should not be censored. Think of all the good it does

  • Not a governments place to do this

    There are actions that a person can take if they offended by what they hear. It is not the job of the government to put a blanket filter over all music. Children will hear explicit language everywhere. It is the job of the parents to teach their children what is right and wrong. It isn't the governments job to wrap children in cotton wool.

  • Not a governments place to do this

    There are actions that a person can take if they offended by what they hear. It is not the job of the government to put a blanket filter over all music. Children will hear explicit language everywhere. It is the job of the parents to teach their children what is right and wrong. It isn't the governments job to wrap children in cotton wool.

  • Censorship should not be used in music

    Though music can lead to violence it violates our rights. People say its a free country but if there is laws censoring music so it is not a free country yet it is not true that it is violating freedom of speech because your not saying it and its second hand recorded not the actual artists there censoring but all and all we the people should be able to listen to anything we want and censored or not. Not forced censor. So it should not be censored.

  • The government doesn't raise your kids.

    I understand the reasoning to censor lyrics to "protect the children" but I believe that should be put on the parents, it is not the governments job. Through vulgar language the artist expresses their feelings and it helps them and the audiences cope with their feelings. I listen to explicit songs all the time when I'm angry just to blow off steam, it's not like I'm hurting people and the lyrics definitely did not cause me to act out in any way. If parents don't want their kids listening to explicit songs, then fine by all means. They need to raise their kids to realize what is right and wrong, so listening to vulgar lyrics won’t influence them. But the government does not have the right to censor music.

  • Yes and No

    The first amendment says we have the freedom of speech, and that the government can not censor speech or press. This doesn't mean that your local radio station cat bleep out a few words or not play a song entirely. Private businesses have the right to play what they want, and they want money. So they play the line, put in some offensive content, but don't offend anyone. I think whatever song you want should be accessible, but don't make it something to stumble upon. Make it so you have to be looking for it, Not just having to listen to it.

  • Freedom of speech

    That's not the government's job! One of the most fundamental human rights is freedom of speech. Taking that away is unjust. Violent and explicit songs should, in my opinion, not be broadcasted in public areas like grocery stores, but again that's not the government's job - it is up to the private company. Parents should also be able to censor what their children hear, but not the state.

  • Are you trying to stop creativity?

    I feel just because certain songs have explicit lyrics doesn't mean they are bad. The words are in there for a reason. Artist put a lot of hard work in there music and there lyrics. Taking away from the song is like taking away from the artist and the fans. Why censor from the people that want to hear it. If parents don't want there kids listening to explicit music, there is a such thing as PARENTAL CONTROLS!

  • No, It's Scientifically ok

    Violence and explicit terms can remove physical and mental stress from the body. A study was done that showed that while college students were putting their hands in cold water, the ones that were allowed to swear kept their hands in the water for much longer than those who didn’t. Swearing and other such activities are linked to the amygdala, which is the cluster of nerves in the brain that triggers the fight or flight response, causing you to fight. Swearing activates a defensive reflex that dulls pain, sort of like a mental painkiller.

  • They have no right.

    Its obvious to everyone that if you don't want to listen to the music, then don't. You're not required to listen to specific songs or download certain songs to your pod. Its your own choice, and taking it away completely would ruin some peoples enjoyment and I can see riots breaking out.

  • Open Your Eyes

    First of all music is the best thing in the world. Some of its bad some of its not. But the government has no reason to censor it. Like really whats the big problem. If its from the parents complaining, well there doing nothing about it. If they care about what their kids listen to they would do something about it not just sit on their a$$ and do nothing. Say something. Your the boss. Im 13 years old and 75% of the music I listen to is explicit. Im not a bad kind I'm a honor roll student, have lots of friends, and I don't get in trouble, or do drugs, or any of that crap, never have and never will. I do 4 sports and I'm not going to ruin my life. But still freedom of speech, we can say what we want. But you can only take it so far. But again think before you speak. Just remember this if you do censor lyrics, people will not be happy.

  • You don't HAVE to listen to it.

    That's how life goes violent things happen, people cuss. You can't live your life oblivious to everything that is happen ing around you. If you choose to do that, go ahead. It's your decision. Don't prevent those who have different opinions to stop enjoying what they want. Shelterin is for children. Children grow up. They'll hear it. They'll make their choice. Plus if you listened to a censored eminem song it would sound stupid.

  • This is stupid

    I really like to listen to Eminem. But its really hard to get to because i go to school and I don't have an iPod to listen to it during school. I'm 13 and I don't have a problem with explicit language. Their shouldn't be censorship on radio because kids can find explicit songs anywhere

  • The Government Should Not Censor Lyrics.

    In the today world children today can be seen with many different styles. Ranging from preppy to sporty to punk. The children should be able to express there feelings in many different way. One of them being music. Its also been proven to involve their mood, social life, and relation ship with there guardians. Source and people have there right to do what they want with what they listen to even if it involves drugs, sex, or violence.

  • No they shouldn't

    The government should not be able to censor what other people say. I you get offended by explicit music don't listen to it. Some bands should cut back on their swearing but no one should tell them what they can and can't say. Also think of it this way: you are driving down the street and someone cuts you off. You swear at him at the top of your lungs. Someone shouldn't be able to censor words right there. Bands are just swearing like everyone else except it is recorded. Also if the government did censor explicit music that would piss everyone off and cause a huge debate over a rather small topic.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Everyone has freedom of speech. It would be going against the first amendment if the government censors the lyrics of violent or explicit songs. We have the right to express ourselves. The government does not have the right to keep us from expressing ourselves if it is the first amendment.

  • Do not censor

    Censoring rap songs is like a skipping cd. You would never listen to it and then a rapper would be out of a job higher the poverty rate and we would have more homeless people in the world. Then rap would be dead. It would be gone. It for ever be gone.

  • The interpretation is what's important!

    The people who write the songs are writing how they feel. Different people interpret the song and lyrics how they choose to. Most people listen because they can relate, like me.

    The people who go out and start school shootings are doing it because they choose to, foster the people never made them. When I listen to violent music I don't imagine myself killing people, how many of you people voting yes play Black Ops or video games or watching movie or tv shows that involve violence?

  • No it should not

    First of all it says right on the cover that it has explicit content. If a parent sees the label and says I don’t care what you listen to then that’s ok. Censoring a song that a parent says that there kid can listen to is like telling them there a bad parent. Also what’s the use people will still listen to explicit songs even if the gov’t tries to censor it if someone doesn’t like something they don’t obey. That’s like the whole thing on piracy. People still do it. It would also be offending our first constitutional right freedom of speech.
    For some people having this type of music is all they have. It’s an escape for them from what’s going on in their lives. So censoring this type of music is like making someone oppress their feelings. Also listening to that type of music doesn’t make you a bad person. If you listen to it I don’t think you’re going to end up doing drugs and killing people. Besides the gov’t already sensors music on the radio and TV.
    And if parents don’t want their kids to listen to explicit content there are plenty of other types of music out there. Also it would ruin songs it would be weird to hear a line then nothing at all. And if people like that music then that’s good for them it’s their choice. It wouldn’t be right to take something away from someone just because someone else doesn’t like it.

  • It is the job of the parent

    I think that it is the job of the parent to decide what music which their child listen to. While i do believe that the government should place a warning on the label. At the stores, they should sell both the censored and the non-censored versions of the CDs. Again with a label stating the diferance

  • Never let it happen.

    Dissenting any curse word or an opinion is a strict violation to the First Amendment, if there wasn't for this change, then any person in this world will never share their own opinions, except for the political.. Listen, if you're worried that you're children will repeat and emulate from any explicit song, or watch hot pornography at a young age (under 10), then keep reminding your children to take a break until they start to know what the songs and context means, or start to compare them on their own.( To understand in their HS years.) I would say music that has explicit lyrics and morals is a social issue from the outside of society, but not everything of the music industry is their fault, AT ALL. The problem with censorship will approach if your children is in the middle of the most controversial morals in the world. The bands that are issued the most till this day are the crackheads, not the truth type of bands. For an example, both sides are cursing bands, but each one have different meanings to their songs, the truth side says, " I can't take this ******* drug anymore." and the crackhead who says," I love meth so much, I don't give a ****." The question is, which moral would you choose?

  • Siphoning of creativity

    If you take words out of a song, it makes the song flow not as smoothly. I like to hear a good song that grooves. If it cusses, well, then it cusses. Being a person who listens to metal, I've heard plenty of cursing in songs. I feel like taking that away from the song just makes it worse. If you're really that offended by the words in song or band that cusses, don't listen to them. Plain and simple.

  • First Amendment rights

    First: Censoring songs may seem appropriate to some people, but we have to consider what that means. As soon as you say its ok to censor songs, what's next? The media?
    Second: You should be able to make your own choices about what to listen to. Song on the radio you find offensive? Switch the radio. It's that easy.
    Third: Once Humans loose the right to make their own choices, they become as good as robots, not thinking humans.

  • Defend Your Rights.

    The government should not censor music or other forms of media for the fact that its rather unfortunate that people can't look past a few "dirty words". People swear a lot, its called life.
    “Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak just because a baby can't chew it.”-Mark Twain

  • No, government and you should stay out of what I listen to

    People cant force you to listen to inappropriate songs no one can. People choose to listen to them. In other words what I listen to should not be anyone's business but mine and fellow fans. For example I do not like country but I do not criticize the people who listen to it nor do I want to ban it. People should respect each others privacy. Thank you.

  • Why censor our write to free speech?

    I don't agree in any way possible to censor music lyrics. These artists have the constitutional right of free speech to express themselves without having to fear censorship. Instead of spending millions into a rating's board and censorship program, people should do two things: use common sense and not repeat what is talked about in the song; and parents should be doing their job as a parent and making sure that their kids are only listening to music that they are comfortable with, instead of letting the government doing their job for them.

  • No lyrics should not be censored

    We have a freedom of speech and censoring music lyrics goes against that right. Bad words are not causing anything bad to happen, so what's the big deal about having bad words in a song? Nothing, absolutely nothing. People in the country need to stop being so easily offended. Its pathetic

  • Freedom of speech.

    I think that people deserve to write about whatever they want. And that includes their personal opinions on certain things. Believe me I don't want to hear about drugs, sex, or violence..But I still think that person should be able to express that. Also, anyone else that is against the music could just simply shut it off and not listen.

  • Why would you it destroys music history..Some of our favorite people curse in songs. Example: Eminem

    Just leave the topic alone America is free for a reason don't put more restraints on our freedom then we already have... Id whish everyone could worry about there selves and not the fact that a song curses... I wish for freedom and you people that say yes are attempting to take that away... Good day

  • Why bother with censoring?

    There are so many people who try to say that this song has this word in it and that it either shouldn't be played or should be censored. I think that people should choose for themselves whether or not they want to listen to more non- censored music. I respect music that has some cursing in it because some of the best songs have some cursing in them, and I think that if you don't want to listen to cursing then don't nobody's forcing you to. No one is pressing your head against a radio to make you listen. It's your choice what type of music you listen to.

  • No they shouldnt

    Music is a way that people express themselves and they should be aloud to do so. When people listen to music they understand the hardships some people go through. Some explicit lyrics can motivate people in some very important ways. All of the songs with bad words are sometimes beneficial to people who need to express things they cant express in any other way.

  • Ruining freedom of choice in music

    No, that's unacceptable.
    There are lots of great songs with sexual and graphically explicit lyrics. People can't just censor them, just because they don't like them, I mean seriously, if you don't like them, DON'T listen to them.
    People have the rights to express their musical opinions and there's not a single law that can stop them from doing it. Not only is that ridiculous, but it'll also make a lot of people angry and start protesting.

  • People will just become angered!

    It is clear by reading all opinions expressed in the 'Yes' column that people are taking things way out of proportion. I am just a teenager myself - I listen to songs with strong language here and there, and (in some cases) explicit themes. However, just because these given songs could be favourites or ones that I love immeasurably, I think I'd have to be a bit of an idiot to incorporate that into my own lifestyle. Do you really take us all to be that stupid? I hardly think that censoring songs will dampen the exposure we have to such material. Take a look inside of schools, online, books, etc and you will see that there is a lot worse that we encounter. Music has been a defining part of my life, and has ultimately allowed me to express myself and develop my personality in such positive ways. Please stop being so protective - we're all going to encounter swearing some day, and that's probably before we even started listening to the music we do now.

  • Freedom of speech and expression

    You can't tell an artist that likely worked their whole life to be heard, to be censored. That's just wrong. You can't tell them that because they said their opinion of dropped the f-bomb, that they shouldn't be heard. They might see their opinion as just something they would like for people to hear and consider, even if they have to state their opinion in a sort of "dirty" way. To the parents that wish to censor artists that they only hear once every blue moon, I say; get a life. Come on. You don't even listen to this music, and you want to keep others from listening to it too? Just because you think that the United States, or the world, is built up of sheep that just mindlessly follow the lyrics of the music that they choose to listen to, then you have little faith in humanity and I'm pretty insulted by that. If you listen to music describing the struggles of someone living in poor conditions, and it had no foul language, you'd feel bad for the person. But if it were the same song, uncensored, you'd deem it inappropriate and ban everyone from hearing the struggles. Just watch your kids, you don't have to look out for the rest of this country, or the world, we can handle ourselves. Thanks.

  • Please read and take a moment to think before posting

    First, let me get one thing out of the way. To those saying the government should indeed place restrictions over certain words and using "I'm a Christian" as your reasoning - please stop. You're making Christians look ignorant. I am a very devout Christian, yet I will never approve of government censorship of music. Yes, parents should have the say over what their children listen to.

    If you say that the government should censor lyrics due to the way the "current generation acts," you seriously need to stop and think this over a moment. First of all, not all of what you refer to as the current generation is made of wild partiers. I have no idea where you came up with that idea. Also, do you think lyrics cause people to have random sex and do illegal drugs? However, a better explanation would be the child was not brought up by good parents. Or better yet, perhaps the child has his or her own free will and consciously makes decisions in which parents may not approve. If you think censorship is a good thing, perhaps you should look at nations with historically high amounts of censorship and compare them to the United States or any other halfway descent country. Notable examples include North Korea and Iran. Just do your research before you make yourself or a group of people you represent look incredibly ignorant.

  • No.

    If you don't want your children to listen to it or whatever, then it's your job to parent them and tell them what they think, because someday, they will grow up and you will still be treating them like a 5-year-old, and not who they are. If you don't like it, turn it off. It's not the artist's fault.

  • NO

    You don't have to listen to music with explicit lyrics. No one says, " If you don't listen to rap, ill kill you!" No one says that

    "All a mirror. If you don't like what you see, do what you can to change it - but don't silence the artists. They speak the only truth we can all hear." (Shelly Palmer)

    To tell artists they can't put topics, such as rape, drugs, or murder, in their songs, make them carry around bad memories with them, like luggage. It's wrong. Don't censor music.

  • never!

    its our first amendment! we have the freedom of speech and nobody can take that away from us!!!! you have the right to make whatever kind of music that you want and we can change the channel if we dont like it. if you censor some songs, it sounds horrible and you dont like it anyway.

  • No Difference

    If the contents of songs consist of explicit language than the whole song it self will likely include inappropriate things even without bad words. So basically what good will censoring do if its meanings will come out another way. Also the creativity and meanings of the song will not sound as original.

  • its there option

    if kids wanna do something they will make sure they will do it no matter what. and if they want to listen to music that talks about rape drugs etc let them its their perogative. it cant be taken to that because then the children will be more rebellious because they dont get there way. its a bad idea

  • Anti Censorship

    The government has no right to tell us what we can and can't listen to. It's a total violation of the first amendment. If the concern is kids, they're going to find out what sex and drugs are eventually. If it is forbidden to them, they're going to want it more.

  • Kids have a choice don't listen to AUSHA the 1 on the left she is wrong

    Parents should have less restrictions on their kids so that they can make up their own mind. When they grow up, they have to make decisions on whether it is a good choice or not. Lyrics are for the public and if kids aren't supposed to listen, then they shouldn't and they should listen to their parents.

  • No!

    People have a brain and a conscience. Just because they hear about violence in lyrics doesn't mean that people will copy and be influenced by what they hear. People have a choice! If they know they will be influenced by the lyrics then they should simply not listen to them. Why should everyone suffer when there is a simple solution?

  • No, government should NOT censor the lyrics!

    The government should not censor lyrics of violent or explicit songs, due to the "creativity" of those explicit songs. There would be no such thing as Hip-Hop nor Rap if the government actually censored those lyrics. Not only would the government have a lot of people mad at them for that, but those famous rappers and artists would lose money and the world of music would lose talent.

  • You can't tell someone to create art a certain way.

    You can't make someone paint a rainbow when they want to paint a storm. It's just not right. It is also like saying the color blue is ugly. now no one is allowed to where blue or anything containing blue because someone else might see it. It just doesn't make any sense.

  • NO

    The parental advisory label on the front of the album should be well enough to detour those who do not want to hear the explicit or violent lyrics. People have choices and not listening is the most reasonable solution to the problem. If people cannot make logical choices at their own free will, then I believe we are dealing with an entirely different issue here.

  • No way.

    If the government tried to do that it would really prove just how unpatriotic the people running this country really are. Where did Freedom of Speech go? Although, censoring the lyrics wouldn't necessarily stop people from hearing the music anyway. If the government censored lyrics in my favorite songs, couldn't i just see the singer in concert and hear the song's lyrics anyway? The government does not have the right to take away our freedom of speech.

  • Of course not, it would be impossible to regulate

    People make songs all the time and put them on the internet under youtube or facebook, it would be very unfeasible to go after actual artists but to censor ALL violent lyrics in songs would simply be impossible. Plus come on, we dont need to be babied by the government, nobody is going to lose their mind because somebody dropped an F-bomb somewhere

  • Absolutely not.

    It's a simple solution. Don't like the explicit lyrics? Don't listen to them. Don't want your kids listening to the lyrics? Exert more parental control (though they're going to hear the same or worse from their peers at school). This country receives enough coddling and we don't need any more. This need some citizens seem to have for a nanny-state is absurd. It's just lazy.

  • Censorship is always wrong.

    Enough said. Censoring what individuals say is always unjustified.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Absolutely not. Whose moral sensibilities would get to decide what is appropriate. Individuals can decide for themselves what they want in their lives; they don't need some politician telling them what they can and can't say or listen to.

  • Honestly, kids are gonna hear it anyway.

    People overreact about offensive language. Kids hear it anyway and often they don't understand it.

  • censorship would be destroying the creativity of musicians.

    I think that musicians should be given the chance to express themselves. I do covers of songs, vocaloid Japanese songs and English hard rock screamo songs. Personally, I think if the government censored the lyrics it would be mulling the emotions that gets put in their songs, so they are less MEANINGFUL.

  • Government should never censor because of the free speech protection in the 1st amendment.

    The government should never censor. That is a direct violation of the free speech protection in the Bill of Rights. Any problems with explicit lyrics should be dealt with by age restrictions such as movie ratings for appropriate age groups.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • I think the government should not censor songs since freedom of speech is important.

    Although I am not personally fond of songs with violent or explicit lyrics, I do think that freedom of speech needs to be upheld. Warnings on songs are appropriate to warn people when lyrics might not be suitable for all, and it may not be a good idea to play some of these songs over the radio.

    Posted by: ColossalJeramy56
  • NOPE!!! I love listening to rap and that would be unfair for the people who like to listen to that kind of music.

    I love listening to rap and that would be unfair for the people who like to listen to that kind of music. The Government should not be allowed to censor freedom of speech, because the first amendment of America is Freedom of Speech.

  • NO! Freedom of Speech

    Censoring lyrics isn't only violating freedom of speech, it also violates your freedom of thoughts. A singer is writing from their mind and their feelings. You can't tell someone NOT to think something. And I agree, most of the time by middle school, you've heard of most of the explicit things that are included in songs.

  • What is the point?

    They censor the lyrics so children don't hear about sex, drugs, gangs, swear words, but typically by the time the child is 15 years of age, they kno about sex, they know about different drugs, and have heard gangs or know someone that is in gangs, and probably swearing anyways. So the government censoring lyrics to a song talking about those topics are pointless.

  • Freedom of speech should protect music just as it does for talking.

    Understandably people are upset because violent and explicit lyrics are affecting some of the children in the world. The problem is censoring these lyrics is not going to solve any problems. Music is often used as a scapegoat by irresponsible parents and government officials that want to find someone to blame for the behavioral issues of children. Regardless of whether the music is there or not there are still ways that children can be exposed to violence and the news is one of them.

    Posted by: StevyDemon
  • No, they shouldnt

    if the government censors music then the people would stop buying cd's and then stores like F.Y.E would go out of business.

  • it shouldnt be banned

    i think that most of the sales is to minors and that the music industry would cras with the censoring of words in the song. people that listened to it for years willnot be happy, freedom of speach is beeing pursed y the people for the people

  • the goverment shouldnt blank out the words which there think shouldnt be shown

    they shouldnt because artists pay to make the songs so if u do take swear word out then u should at least give them most of their money back what they paid to produce the album and 1 more thing if they had swear word in kids wouldnt be able to get the album unless their parents buy it so if the do get the album that means their parents dont mind them listening to it

  • The government should only interfere in getting the money back to the artists and entreprenuers, other then that gov. shouldn't do anything contradictory its own laws.

    Whenever a giant body overclouds a mass, they become scared therefore brainwashed, but if one finds away to freedom, and salvation then independence is theirs for the taking. Government just causes more problems, and just like economics, they want to control everything for the fulfillment of their immoral needs. Free enterprise all the way. But there are exceptions to the rules as well, so I prefer a mixed solution. Music is the art to express one's self in every aspect, no outside influence should obstruct the forces at work, ever.

  • No, there should never be censorship allowed; choices should be personal, not enforced by the government.

    Censorship has no place in a democracy. Although I certainly find nothing redeeming in violent or expletive songs, it is not up to the government to enforce its standards on the population. People cannot listen to or read things they don't like, but they shouldn't prevent others from having access to these things. As long as they don't lead to violence, then we should be free to have access to whatever we want.

    Posted by: 54IInferno
  • The government shouldn't censor songs, movies, books, or anything else.

    Having the government censor song lyrics is a bad idea. It doesn't make sense, considering that there are books, movies and TV shows with violence and swear words. People don't have to listen to music they don't like, and parents can make rules about what kind of music their kids listen to.

    Posted by: N Schroeder 60
  • The government does not need to waste the time and money to censor lyrics.

    The government already spends to much time and money worrying about what regular every day Americans are doing. This is a job left up to parents, stores, and websites that carry these music products. If a store or website feels like they would be better served not to offer possibly offensive products, they have the choice to pull them or offer alternatives. Parents also need to be involved in what their children are listening to.

    Posted by: 5h035Bow
  • I think the government should not censor lyrics in any way, even if the song is violent or expletive because freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution and banning often draws more attention than the song would get otherwise.

    Censoring lyrics is a way of denying freedom of speech by trying to suppress the writers words and ideas. Trying to censor lyrics of the violent or expletive often make the song more interesting to people and can do just the opposite of what banning it was meant to do. Instead of censoring violent and expletive songs we should focus on allowing these songs to be used only in certain areas, like we do with porn.

    Posted by: 54b3rRyon
  • The government censoring song lyrics is a violation of the first amendment.

    I don't think that the government should be able to censor the lyrics of violent or expletive songs. The first amendment gives us the right of free speech, and the censoring of songs is a violation of a right gave to us by our lands fore fathers. If parents don't wish for their children to hear such violent or sexually explicit lyrics, they should better monitor the music they purchase from stores or download off the internet.

    Posted by: CiriHug2
  • The government should not censor the lyrics of any songs because there is no objective definition of those terms and it is a violation of our Constitutional right to free speech. Additionally, it is a person's choice to listen to such music.

    The government should not be able to censor the lyrics of violent or expletive songs. It is an individual's choice whether or not he or she wants to listen to such music. If someone doesn't like that music, they don't have to listen to it. If they don't want their kids to listen to it, then that's their job to censor it - not the government's job and it shouldn't come at the expense of other people's rights.

    Posted by: SandDari
  • Government censorship of lyrics violates the right to freedom of speech.

    I am against government censorship of lyrics. Such censorship violates an artist's right to freedom of speech. Like Voltaire said, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." Freedom of speech is a very important civil right, even for those who we may not agree with. If you don't want to hear violent lyrics, don't listen to that music.

    Posted by: lachika
  • Freedom of speech should be an essential human right, something no one should be able to regulate.

    Censorship is a tough topic. On one hand we have people who don't want themselves or their children exposed to certain elements, on the other we have every humans essential right to expression. The problem with censoring a single word from a sentence or line is that it doesn't change the /meaning/ of whets being said. A song that is going to have unacceptable words in it likely has an unacceptable topic as well. It does little good to censor the word, when it's the sentiment you don't want exposure to. My feelings on that, your rights stop at the end of my nose. What you choose to have, or not have, in your life is none of my business. What is my business is when you try to inhibit or prevent me from having free access to those things. You have the right to choose what you want around, which means you can choose to change the channel, write to stations you enjoy and ask them not to play vulgar things and any other means of self-censoring with out affecting others.

    Posted by: R0II4Icy
  • The government should not censor lyrics in any way.

    Free speech is one of our core values as Americans. It is essential that citizens be able to communicate their thoughts and beliefs without government interference. Censorship is a dangerous slope. The government does not have the right to tell people what to believe and speak about. Just because people may not agree with what someone says, does not mean they don't have the right to say it.

    Posted by: VasilBuddy
  • The government should not censor any song lyrics, as it would deprive music artists of their Constitutional right to free speech, and open the door to other forms of more invasive censorship.

    Government should not censor the lyrics of violent or expletive songs because that would deprive the artist of their right to free speech and would be an open door to other forms of censorship. One of the basic freedoms an American citizen has is the right to free speech. The free speech that often must be defended is not everyday speech, but opinions, songs and text that some people may find offensive. There are already many ways in place to prevent offensive songs from being heard, including radio edits and restricted sales to minors. In addition, if government censorship was established, who and what would be the standard for evaluating the speech? At what point would the censorship go to far? Would art forms such as paintings and books be next?

    Posted by: 53r3n3Piers
  • Because there is no objective measurement of what is too violent or too explicit, government should not employ censorship.

    I admit that for my taste some songs today contain cruel lyrics that are essentially hate speech or that degrade certain groups, such as women. I vote against such songs by not purchasing them and avoiding listening to them. Despite my personal views, I do not want the government to censor before the fact such lyrics. I believe they are protected by Freedom of Speech but more important, I do not think what are essentially partisan governments could ever objectively determine what is excessive. If these lyrics lead to subsequent criminal activities, which is in essence what such government action would be trying to protect against, then I think it is best to find redress for this through the judicial system.

    Posted by: SweetieSkipp
  • Freedom of speech

    We were born with these rights so the government should have no right to interfere with them. I love music just the way it is with profanity or not, the message that is getting across is very important in the music world.

  • No

    The government should not decide what our children listen to. I am a purist and prefer most songs without censors. If I don't want my kid to hear it, I'll turn on something else.

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