• Yes, government is the leader.

    Government intervene is always necessary, because a country need a system to run and government is the key point&leader of running the system. Government is trying to balance the economy between poverty and rich by intervening the economy. If no one is leading the economy, our economy will be a mess, for sure. In fact, there will be lots of disagreements and arguments between citizens, and nobody can make a decision. SO we need government intervene in economy.

  • You need it.

    The Government needs to intervene to keep the system working if you want capitalism to work. If the government doesn't interfere you have 1% (all the rich people) owning 90% of the wealth in the country. You may need slightly less government interference in a smaller country with a lower population.

  • Yes and No, but really It all depends!!!

    If it were all up to businesses they would find the cheapest way possible to make the products they sell to make a profit/ money. They would have bad wages, unsafe products, they would have sweat shops, (which have child labour, poor working conditions, and bad wages) they would probably have un-safe products and destroy the environment. The government should intervene a little bit. The government should set laws and regulations. The government (in Canada) taxes people to provide services such as universal health care, pension plans, un-employment insurance, bridges, air posts, Canada post, etc.) The government also stops monopolies from forming. (Monopolies are when one company makes a product such as soda and if another one sells soda, they set their prices super low almost free so the other company goes out of business or they buy them up. Then they jack up the price to recover their loses. So a normal soda now costs let's say $17. That's ridiculous!) So the government should intervene in some cases they set laws, provide a good quality of life for the people and make sure they're safe. If it is a true non corrupted government.

  • Yes but only when needed

    In general the government should have a hands off approach to the economy as long as it is running okay. This is a key part of capitalism. However if the economy becomes bad the government should step in to try to help to improve the economy if it is possible.

  • Yes the government should

    Just look at our current situation now, that should explain everything....The market sucks and unemployment is at about 7.6%....The economy can go either way it wants, now the government can which way it goes...The government controls just about everything else why not the market too and help maintain a stronger economy and job market

  • Yes.

    It depends on the context of course. The notion that government spending or regulation is never desirable, lacks evidence. There may be certain times where government intervention is not helpful, but to say it's never helpful is a broad and sweeping statement without backing. For example, government funding of science has helped scientists from NASA land a rover on Mars, which is extremely beneficial to scientific knowledge and human exploration.

  • Yes, Government Should Intervene in the Economy

    Government should intervene in the economy because the job of straightening out the economy cannot be done without government aid. We as a country cannot simply "fix" the economy on our own because the average person does not have the inclination or the knowledge to do so. Besides, it is the job of our government to lead us when it comes to national issues such as the economy. No, we should not blindly follow the government, but it is their job to lead, so they need to intervene.

  • Yes

    The government has to because perfect free markets do not actually exist. As a result, we often see market inefficiencies arising and other unwanted effects. When the government is involved, it helps guide the economy along a path that maximizes the benefits for all of society, and not just a greedy few.

    Posted by: dbb
  • You guys need to get your knowledge straight

    The government sounds like a nice person who might just help out with the work but they're just rich politicians. Free market economists argue that government intervention should be strictly limited as government intervention tends to cause an inefficient allocation of resources.
    Governments liable to make the wrong decisions – influence by political pressure groups, they spend on inefficient projects which lead to inefficient outcome.
    Personal freedom. Government intervention is taking away individuals decision on how to spend and act. Economic intervention, takes some personal freedom away.
    Market is best at deciding how and when to produce.

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  • NO!!! Free Markets are better!

    The government ruins everything when they try to intervene. They need to just let the economy be and everything will be alright. Some people need to open a history book and see that when the market is free, everyone is better off. Free markets are way better that an interventionist economy.

  • Hands Off Government

    They shouldn't be involved because it's my business. Who's to say what I can pay or not pay. The Government is forcing me to pay my workers. I say hands off to a more citizen free community. Let the people run it that's how America was founded and we should keep it that way.

  • Government can't run a bath!

    People forget the wise words of Adam Smith and his 'Wealth of nations'. When not interfered with, the 'invisible hand' of free markets ensures a smooth running economy. All economic problems, including inflation are solely the creation of government interference. The market will move swiftly to,punish poorly run companies and reward those well administered organizations with profits. Government lacks the ability to produce anything except corruption and stealing of money. Socialism is a wonderful system until we run out of other people's money! Leave the markets to self regulate themselves and this will provide the most freedom and prosperity to below. Involve government and their meddling the economy simply creates 'bubbles'.

  • Stay Out of it

    The government does not know how to spend money. They waste too much every year on things we don't need and take other valuable things away. The people of he country need to take a stand and work harder to improve the economy instead of sitting on government aid. That's all we can do.

  • No

    The government is the reason that the economy is the way that it is. All the bailout has done is put us further in debt as a country. They need to do the same as the American public and realize that we need to work hard to get out of the recession instead of letting someone else make it better.

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