Should government pay more for healthcare than defence?

  • There should at least be a balance between the two.

    Our national defence budget is ludicrously high, and even a percentage of the funding put towards our military could do so much good on a humanitarian front such as health care. We con't need to police the globe enforce US customs on other nations while people are dying because they can't afford basic health necessities. Other countries have much better health care systems than we do and substantially lower military spending, and they function just as well, if not better, than we do. We don't have to completely decimate our national defence budget to pay for heath care, but some of that gargantuan funding could go to more noble efforts.

  • A functional healthcare system NEEDS to cost more than defence.

    If you look at other countries around the world that have healthcare you can see that it costs more than their entire armed forces budget. This is because healthcare costs ALOT of money, in Canada for example healthcare costs around $6000 per citizen. Canada spends $18 Billion on defence and around $230 Billion on healthcare and it only has 36 million inhabitants. Another example is the UK's NHS the budget for that is $122 Billion and the country spends $48.3 Billion on defence it has 65 million inhabitants. If a country like the United States were to implement a single payer healthcare system like Canada it would likely be in the trillions, which is way more than the current $600 Billion that the US currently spends on defence. In conclusion, yes governemnts not only should but have to spnd more on healthcare than it does denfece.

  • Of course, it should

    Healthcare not only cares for the sick in the regular situation it also cares for the war victims so even if we lower the defenses we have an advantage in healthcare standards. It also helps way more people than defense. War simply will kill more people if there is bad healthcare.

  • No defense is more important and socialized health care is bad

    The United States has better survival rates in all types and stages of cancer. Before Obamacare, the average price for privatized healthcare per citizen is 6,400 compared to Canada's socialized one which is 6,000. And the privatized one offers 10x better doctors, more MRIs, mammograms, and other services. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say it is a right to healthcare. Nowhere! And this will drive us deeper into debt when the private sector could be doing it cheaper and more effectively.

  • It is not the government's job to pay for healthcare.

    The way to attain good healthcare and a good life is to make money. In order to make money you need to have a skill set that you got through a good education. If all you did in high school was smoke and party, you cannot complain about the government not providing sufficient healthcare. Defense is a constitutionally-stated responsibility of government, and healthcare should not be put above it in terms of budget. As for the idea that war will kill more if there is bad healthcare, we won the Revolution without any healthcare at all, and no sophisticated medicine. Death is a part of war. It is the country's job to keep you safe, not bandaid the boo-boo's you got when you voluntary defended American citizens.

  • There is no need for a healthcare system, if we have to more people left to save

    In this day, there are global tensions going on,=between many different countries, for example, USA and North Korea. The minute that America lowers down its defence scheme, it gives an instant vulnerability that other countries can immediately deploy at. Not even global conflict, but a lack of security can mean the difference between life and death in terrorist incidents

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