Should government subsidies be provided for private schools?

  • Definitely, they provide for our future.

    The only job a school has is to prepare the next generation for our future. If the private school does this, and extra (e.G. They teach religion or similar) then they are doing all that is required of them. They are not harming anyone and so should be given government funding or subsidies.

  • Government should subsidize private school students as long as they are full resident.

    As long as the child is born locally, they should be subsidized. There are many reasons why did the child choose to go private instead. But no matter what is the reason behind, we still cant change the fact that this child is born locally. So since the child is a pure resident, the child should be subsidized.

  • Yes, because it would make private schools more affordable.

    The cost of an education in a public or in a private school on average is about the same, $11,000. In the case of a public school, this cost is covered by taxes. The cost is covered by tuition and sponsors in private schools. Private schools, however, using the same amount of dollars achieve much better results for graduates. With more money from the government, private schools will be be able to open their doors more to lower income families and graduate more students.

  • Funding Follows the Child

    If the basic premise is that all children deserve an education and that public funding is to be used to achieve that, it follows that all children should be funded, regardless of what school they attend.
    If people try to argue that every child should be part of the same system, this is a false argument knowing that children are different in their learning styles. Given this, choice should be allowed within the educational system, which private schools help with.

  • Funding Follows the Child

    If the basic premise is that all children deserve an education and that public funding is to be used to achieve that, it follows that all children should be funded, regardless of what school they attend.
    If people try to argue that every child should be part of the same system, this is a false argument knowing that children are different in their learning styles. Given this, choice should be allowed within the educational system, which private schools help with.

  • Yes they should be funded by the government

    I think the government should fund private schools so they can lower the price of the entry fees. If they lower the entry fee it provides more choice for the parents of a child to choose which school they go to. If they aren’t funded it would cost more money for them to keep running which would increase the price so that only the richer kids of the world would be able to go to private schools.

  • I think they should be funded by the government

    My opponent states here that private schools are not self-sufficient and that they would be able to do whatever they want because the government gives them money. Both parts of this statement are false. Private schools must make their own money through tuition, donations of alumni, etc, meaning they are indeed self-sufficient. Secondly, the government has control in things because they give money. The whole reason why private schools are private is because they are independent of the government and provide for themselves.

  • Yes they should

    I believe that parents have the right to choose which school their children attend. It would only be fair for the government to give a private school subsidy equivalent to what would be paid if the child were attending a public school. The parents of children in private school are still required to pay the taxes that fund public schooling.

  • Excellence, Democracy and Voice.

    1. The Free Choice for parents to send their child to any school would create a competition for all schools to raise the bar.
    2. The core of a Democracy is to give voice to the individual and allow them that voice, but one educational model for all contradicts our core value.
    3. There are many communities who cannot send their children to the public schools because of their religious beliefs, we as a country must respect and support that (America is a land that was founded to allow all religions to flourish (your beaten hungry and oppressed) ).
    4. The privatization of schools will save the government money ( right now education does not have a strong business model and I believe this is partially due to the government pumping money into failing systems that will always have children because where are you going to send your kids if you do not have money... Thereby always having money to remain afloat and perpetuate mediocre education.

    G-d Bless America

    P.S I work in the the Public school system.

  • Fair and a Transparent Manner to the Greater Community as a Whole

    Parents has also have the right to send their children according to moral and conscience beliefs. Our governments should play a major role of protecting visible minority by protecting and preserving their cultural and identity beliefs. Yes, our government must provide subsides to private school including religious ones that promotes the identity of creeds by families re-directing their school tax support from the public school system.

  • Cost, and public education.

    The sheer cost of the government paying for a child going into a private school would be astronomical. According to Private School Review in 2017 the national average for private school is approx. $10,000 per student, granted this is an average and will be cheaper/costlier in some locations. And on top of that the government already pays for a PUBLIC education system, and where it is far from perfect, it is free paid for by our government. Therefore if the government pays for a public education system why should it pay for your child to attend a private school.

    Too expensive
    No need, government funds public education

  • The govt should never subsidize somebody's religious beliefs.

    There is no reason for religion in school. If your kids want to take a moment to pray, that is their business. If a religious school wants to buy property and build it, then that;s cool. You don't need a religious school to pray. Might be some religious Right people who welcome having the American govt subsidize muslim schools. If a religious school can't make it without our $$, their goes your "competitive" argument. I know religious people want free stuff like everyone else, but grow up and pay for it like others do.

  • Government subsidies should not be provided for private schools

    Our public system would not be compromised (re funding) , and there would not be so many students changing to private schools, if the funding for private schools was left for the individual parents/students. I believe that the government is purposely promoting failures in the public school system, to cause discontent/dissatisfaction for those students/families. The conditions in the public school system need upgrading ++++, so that the system will be successful, for average people (with average/low incomes. And unions are essential for the public system! (Government is opposed to unions, for sure). All students need the opportunities for proper education. That means that the public system needs to be fixed, and properly funded!

  • No -- public education is the corner stone of democracy and freedom in general.

    If we deny our children and society the best possible publicly funded education we will wind up with an elite class with holding and using their knowledge as a way to exert control over the masses of the ignorant & uneducated. This has been proven time and again throughout history. Learning to think for oneself is the only way to be certain of freedom.

  • Government Subsidies Should Not Be Provided for Private Schools

    No, government subsidies should not be provided for private schools. Many private schools do not follow government regulations on core curriculum. In addition, many private schools force religious teaching upon their students. In this case, were the government to provide subsidies to those schools, it would be a violation of the concept of the separation of church and state.

  • It's nor fair!

    Cause public schools are falling apart, and private schools are already supported by students, private persons and maybe some sponsors! PMost of the people dont have money for private schools, so they send their children to public schools in hope they will learn something, decide what they want to do in their life and maybe see what life really is.

  • The Impossible

    Imagine what would happen if public schools were as good as private schools. Everybody would go to them. There would be equality in education. It would cost more. That would be okay though as the benefits would be greater than the costs. Oh, how would the elite maintain their advantage? Hmm, I guess a few people would not be happy with that.

  • More money should be spent on increasing the quality of public schools.

    The Public School system provides the education required to be an American citizen, and in my experience the only people that go to private schools are either rich or religious. The government should be concerned with raising the next generations of young Americans, and that is what public school is there for.

  • Proprietary colleges are getting rich off of the government, and providing inferior educations to students.

    For profit colleges are accepting billions of dollars in federal aid and providing students with knowledge and skills that will not lead to employment opportunities that will allow them to pay back their debt. While the federal government is broke and in debt up to its ears, these schools continue to make the richest one percent of this county even richer. It ought to be a crime.

    Posted by: UtterDon
  • No, because government subsidies to private schools undermine our public school system.

    One of the great things about this country is the promise of a free education. The public education system is important. Private schools often come about in neighborhoods where the public schools are not doing well. Still, I believe that the focus should be on improving public schools, instead of subsidizing private ones. Even if the government does subsidize private schools, public schools will still cater to a number of children in a neighborhood out of necessity. Many private schools that are religious do not cater to all children, and often do not have the resources to take in as many children as in a public school system. For this reason, we should be concentrating on improving the public school system, instead of creating vouchers or other subsidies for private schools.

    Posted by: AmusingTanner32

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