Should governments censor material on the world wide web?

  • Yes of course

    Censoring can lower the chances of kids discovering and accessing inappropriate materials on the internet. And it is really the parents decision if they block their kids form accessing certain things on the internet. Also the internet is a dangerous place were peoples identity and personal information can be compromised.

  • Yes of course

    Even with programs that "TRY" to prevent from from people searching it they get around it. So the government needs to do so in order for our world to be better. For example a child can come across and can become addicted to pornography. Most children do and can impact them negatively later on in marriage. Which causes fights and eventually leading into divorces.Therefore it is crucial in having this in order to prevent from those conflicts happening.

  • Yes

    There is all kinds of things on the web out there that need to be taken off or regulated so that people can not see it. There are ways that kids gain access to this information and it can be detrimental to them. I also think there is information about people that should not be out there.

  • No, censorship is tyranny

    “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” - Thomas Jefferson
    “The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen.” - Tom Smothers
    If you don't like hearing certain things on the internet, then don't look for them.

  • No censorship needed !!

    People should be allowed to view anything. The government just oppresses people, making them more curious and wanting to look more in the media. It doesn't even matter. People are eventually going to see porn. No reason to stop kids from seeing it. Censorship oppressing people, can be dangerous making people want to look further more.

  • No, government censorship is oppression.

    No, governments should not censor material on the world wide web, because government oppression of information is dangerous in all of its forms. The government becomes the oppressor when it controls what information the people can see. There is no reason to control the citizens of one's own country, because people are capable of deciding for themselves.

  • No, censorship is always bad

    Especially on the internet, and how are they planning on doing that? Google can only find a third of the internet, and of everything, everyone on earth, Google finds the most on the web. And forcing people to shut up and say nothing, or show nothing should be against international law. So internet censorship is in no way possible, and is going to be very, very expensive, and on top of that, it's taking away the voice of the people, and a source for information.

  • There is no need

    If people are so afraid of certain things that are accessible they should deal with it themselves. I have two words for you Internet Filter. There are multiple options available out there for those who don't want there children to be able to access porn such programs include K9 and Censor Net. And is porn really that bad? I watched it and I'm normal

  • Government has no Rights

    No one has the right to govern what to see and what not. In a symbol-environment, that we live today, free speech is quintessential to the survival of democracy. If the government were to censor material on world wide web then it would be the infringement of basic human right.

  • No, they should not be able to censor the world wide web because we have a right to see what the government sees.

    If the parents do not want the kids to see what's on the Internet they can do a parental censor. The government should not be hiding things from us, and if censoring is for the young, parents can take their parental role and block certain things. If the government can see it, so can we!

  • Internet censorship goes too far

    The governments intervention is a slippery slope in terms of censorship. If they can censor some material, why not others? Why not block information coming from other countries? Who gets to determine what is and what isn't blocked? The internet works on fair play. If you break the law and see something illegal, you can be punished, if you see something you are legally allowed to see, more power to you. The government does not need to get involved from the start.

  • No

    Government should not be entitled to control all of the material on the web. It is the people's right to be able to know what happens around us, without any secrets. Government should have access to censor only material that can be a treat or harmful to some people to watch.

  • No, Governments Should NOT Censor WWW Material

    No government should have the power to determine what sort of content its people should or should not be exposed to. This should be a personal decision made by the individual. Some material that has been outlawed, such as child pornography, should be censored because it has been deemed illegal. However, people should be allowed the freedom of choice in all things.

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