Should governments implement population control measures?

  • Yes, absolutely necessary

    This is a very lame question.
    The land is less,
    resources are depleating
    population is growing.
    Earth will get destroyed soon .
    Government should take strict action against population growth.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Yes we need it

    One day we will be overpopulated so we should not wait till that day comes. If you have a family you would want your children to eat. In order for them to eat we need resources. In order for them to get an education they will need material's that are updated if there are to many kids then your child might not have that. Kids are the future after all. I should know i am only 13

  • Too Many People

    With the population growing as fast as it is, we need to limit the number of people being born on the planet. As it is, the Earth is approaching its carrying capacity, and if too many more humans are born, then people will die in mass numbers due to shortages in food, water, and other basic necessities. With people having more than 3 children, the population will soon get out of control.

  • More babies= more lifetimes of consumption

    Every person consumes an average amount of resources in their lifetimes. We can't help this, but this means pollution and contribution to problems like global warming, along with things like depleting fish stocks and deforestation to make way for more agriculture. There are also fewer and fewer jobs because it's cheaper to use machines. To ensure the quality of life for future generations, populations need to be allowed to shrink.

  • Of Course ?

    Of course we need population control. As I read the fighting arguments against it. I can see the selfishness, they all have in common. There is not a good enough argument; for it not to be controlled. (Not to say you don't have good reasons to be upset). Instead of arguing the obvious, I would like to hear ideas on how to help the people fix it.
    I would suggest before more aggressive means, we would give people with the lesser children more tax breaks or something along with contributing to the earth; like smart cars or whatever.
    Harsher penalties for people that have no self control.
    (If you want more children; adopt.)

  • Parents are rich, children are not that rich.

    Just take a small area, because of population explosion , none of them are getting enough resources to support, every next generation gets only a fraction of their grand parents. Leads for everyone to have worse standard of living. The explosive population is destroying the nature without any doubt. Control is needed

  • Parents are rich, children are not that rich.

    Just take a small area, because of population explosion , none of them are getting enough resources to support, every next generation gets only a fraction of their grand parents. Leads for everyone to have worse standard of living. The explosive population is destroying the nature without any doubt. Control is needed

  • Yes Sir |

    Population growth is taking a toll on the environment and its natural resources...How much more can the earth sustain? 31 more words are needed so here they are a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a

  • The focus should be on what's best for the long term of the human race's survival and quality of life of those future generations

    I think we should focus on the quality of life for future generations, in addition to ensuring the long-term survival of the human race. That said i agree with population control, but it must be done as ethically as possible. Absolutely no genocide or murder in the name of population control. Instead measures should be taken in a form of contraception use that reduces the total population gradually. Population control must be implemented gradually in order to reduce the burden on the younger generation caring for the larger aging generation that would inevitably occur once implemented. Through the contraceptive method, we could also get health benefits for future generations out of it by having more offspring from genetically healthier people, and less from people with genetic diseases or disorders, doing our best to eliminate genetic disease. I also think we should keep a sort of DNA Bank of every living person, in case there is a unique trait that we lose within the population that could be of use to us later to be brought back.

    The total population should be brought down to a number that allows for us to have resources for every living person to live a good quality life, without being a burden to the planet or environment, and still have wiggle room. I don't know what that would be I guess it would depend how you defined the resources needed for a good quality of life per capita, and where you drew the line on not being intrusive on the environment.

  • Definitely need population control.

    There are far too many humans on the planet. How we can call any other species a pest is beyond me. We are a plague on the earth and need to control our population or nature will do it for us. We already are over populated and it is usually the undesirables that breed the most.

  • Should not be a priority.

    We have enough resources to feed every single human being on this earth up to 12 billion people, yet there are so many dying of hunger. Population growth is a problem but it should not be a priority right now when we have enough resources to give to every single person. The distribution of those resources is the problem that needs to be fixed.

  • No population control

    No, I do not believe that our national government should implement population control measures. We are all here, and if this was done long ago, we wouldn't be. So it's not fair to all the future children's children of the world. People die everyday and people are born everyday. Therefore the population should be equal barring any crazy thing as having 20 kids.

  • Governments do not have the right to our bodies

    World governments do not have the right to tell us what we can and can not do with our own bodies. To me our bodies are our own private property and as such we have the right to do what we please with it. However, population is increasing worldwide and this could become a problem. My solution is to cut welfare, if you cant afford kids you won't have them.

  • More People=More Minds

    Yes eventually the world will run out of resources and/or goods/services but, in many states the governments are implanting laws that if you take out one tree you must plant two more to take its place. Things such as cars are now being more eco-friendly modified to help with the problem of pollution. Yes it's also true that people these days are being replaced by machines but, this also means that they have to look for new places to work and isn't that really handy when their are more people in the world creating new business and how are business run oh yeah by people who have jobs their. Besides the people who are being replaced by machines are typical factory workers (low skilled employees), so why is the advancement of technology such a bad thing, if someone makes bad life decisions and ends up with a low skilled job why do they get to complain about the people who made good life choices when they replace them with their machines. More people that creates business also means the more production and output of goods and services. Including more scientists in the world to help with the problems of next generation and maybe they'll even be able to fix out mistakes. In conclusion you can take a lot of good things and people away from the country even the world. What this idea of mandatory population control suggests is mass genocide.

  • People have rights

    People have the right. . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . .. .. . .. . .. .. . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .. .

  • The population is fine

    We don't need population restraints. The YES section supporters are just too scared to admit it. If we limit the population, that would mean killing innocent babies and adults that didn't do anything wrong. And anyway, there are hundreds of thousands of other planets that can be inhabited by humans. We can just send some people off to other planets and the "overpopulation" problem. Also, the "global warming" so-called problem is a hoax because:
    1. The main players are hypocrites. How can you trust hypocrites
    2. There hasn't been any signs of a warming climate on the most reliable charts since 1997.
    So, the "overpopulation" situation won't affect the climate. And, Crime rates, abortion rates, and murder rates will all rise, causing a massive Purge-like chaotic death spree, and there is a chance that another world war could break out. And that would drastically reduce the population, and I'm not saying I want a world war to break out, I'm just saying that world wars kill a lot of people.

  • Moral reasoning as Humans

    I know that the environment and economy are slowly going into ruins but I also believe that people should be able to do what they think is morally correct. There's always going to be someone who thinks that it is a bad idea. And there's always going to be someone who thinks there should. It really depends on the state of the community and their point of view.

  • These are all opinions...

    All of your arguments are invalid and you have no support to anything that you are saying. Most of these are just opinions and opinions need supporting evidence if you want to convince anyone. If any of you want to say something that will affect someone else's choice on this matter then you need to make better arguments

  • There Are Enough Resourses

    There are enough resourses in our world to feed human beings.The problem is that we humans are not utilizing it properly.And controling population is not a solution for the problems.If government is going to bring population control no doubt it is a big faliure from the govern ment itself.Hope government will be aware about it.

  • Population as Human Asset

    No, Government should not try to control Overpopulation as India is one of the youngest populated country with average age of 28 years and Median age of 25 year. This average and median age is more than 35 years in developed countries. So the government should take certain steps to increase employment opportunities for its people rather than forcefully conducting controlling measures.

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