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  • We should talk

    People are dying children joining terrorists home destroyed we should do something about it ,it is unfair for people who have to live like this there are to many deaths but we do not want more death and they might give us stuff like oil but we should not fight

  • Its called Blowback

    The United States government has created blow back that has been in the region for way to long, the refugee problem was created by our influence in the region, we shouldn't send money that would fuel terrorism but we should know the cause and reason for terrorism, we should be less involved in areas that don't want us and stop looking more and more of a empire that our expansion will lead to our collapse.

  • In some cases, it is valid.

    I do agree with larger terrorist groups, sending troops and militia to eliminate is an acceptable option, although in some cases of terrorism, like smaller groups, negotiation can be made, such as a hostage situation in which the US can come to an agreement. I think that at least trying to negotiate is a valid option before guns blazing.

  • We definitely should!

    Many cases of terrorism are mostly down to miscommunication. And what is the alternative? We can't just bomb them straight away, we should at least find out what they want, because it could be something simply and easily given, or completely reasonable. It allows us to gather information, buy time, develop other options and resources and sometimes actually resolve the situation.

  • It's the Goverments Job

    The goverments job it to protect everyone, not show a reprentation. If there is a hostage situation, then the goverment is going to do everything they can to make sure none of the hostages are killed. Even if it means negotiating with the terrorists. If you were a hostage and the goverment decided "Aw Screw it! We have a repetatuin to maintain!" Then your best bet would be that you would be killed. Imagine if you were a terrorist, and the goverment decided to negotiate instead of shoot, you would be thankful wouldn't you.

  • Of course they should

    Understand that terrorists are human and so are we. Surely you do not think that the pointless murder of soldiers as well as innocent men women and children just so that the government can refuse terrorists who, in some cases may actually want a reasonable peace negotiation. Not to mention what if you and your family were kidnapped by terrorists. Would you want the government to settle for your life or to let you and your family die as long as the government can keep its "integrity" by not speaking with, as I said before, people who just wanted a peace

  • Yes but on certain conditions

    No one is born terrorist. The govt has to figure out the root causes of the issue. And redress the grieved people. The state holds the monopoly of law and order. It is the duty of the state to provide security and protection to the people therefore negotiations will be useful to understand others point of view which has been already pushed to the limits. War is not the solution to such problems. Situation can get out of control because of collateral damage.

  • Yes, they should.

    In certain cases, there will be times where our government will just have to "swallow it's pride" and do what it has to do to maintain the safety of our country, our residents and our soldiers. If negotiation is something that we must do, than it must be done. (As long as it can be done safely)

  • Co-existence is impossible - there is nothing to negotiate about

    A terrorist by definition is someone you disagree with, to such an extent on the fundamentals, that any peaceful lasting agreement is impossible. A terrorist basicly say: do what i tell you or i have the right to kill you. There is no agreement to be made. They are dangerous and will always be dangerous. You can never demand action from anyone. Only inaction. Free to do what you please as long as it doesn't hurt any other individual. And all individuals have these same rights. If a government demands action from its citizens it itself is a vehicle of terror, and as a free person it is your obligation to overthrow such a government. Reason and logic are the only valid basis for policy, not superstition, scripture or opinions.

  • We shouldn't negotiate with terrorists

    There is one simple and obvious reason to why the government has such a big no no on terrorists. Everybody has head of Ossama Bin Laden, well you would have found out by now that was all fake and a setup. It's all so easy to understand, because WE ARE THE TERRORISTS

  • We Cannot Negotiate!

    Negotiations with Terrorists is like trying to negotiate with the devil. Terrorists would probably kill hostages even if we met their demands. No cost is too much to stamp out this evil. We didn't negotiate with the Nazis did we? It is illogical to negotiate with a group that does such evil and sick acts.

  • No

    All that does is open us to more terrorism. It is a hard stance to take but it is a have to have one because the minute you give someone like that what they want than they will keep coming back wanting more. They will threaten that same terror on you all over again.

  • No Compromise with Terrorists

    No, governments should negotiate with terrorists as that is what they are hoping for and the last thing to give terrorists is what they want. It would be very difficult to sacrifice the lives of hostages, but if governments once start to negotiate with terrorists it will never end and the stakes will grow and grow until the terrorists rule the world.

  • No, Governments Should Not Negotiate with Terrorists

    Governments should not negotiate with terrorists because refusal to negotiate is a strong deterrent against certain terrorist acts, such as the taking of hostages. When terrorists realize that no government will "go along" with their programs, perhaps it will cut down on the amount of people who are taken hostage each year. However, this policy of non-negotiation will not work against terrorists who take hostages simply to make a statement by committing the murder of said hostages; indeed, there are no simple answers.

  • String Them Up In The Street

    Terrorists use violence to spread their ideals. If we reward them for threatening or committing violence we are using positive reinforcement to enable negative behavior. Instead they should be strung up in the street by their intestines and be embalmed with pig blood and bacon fat. 4 more words needed

  • Absolutely not! No

    The us can not negotiate with terrorists because even if they did, the terrorists would just start wasting the hostages even after we met their demands. THEY DO NOT CARE about American civilians. They are horrible people that need to be punished for their actions. Not rewarded. V v v

  • No, I do not believe that negotiating with radical terrorist groups would help the situation

    Terrorist groups are labeled as such because they spread perverted ideologies through promoting fear. These groups have nothing to gain from negotiating with governments as they are not looking to reach a realistic compromise whatsoever. If a government does allow dialogue between itself and a terrorist group they are risking major negative consequences for few perceivable benefits.

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