Should governments pass laws that limit the number of children couples can have because of the exponentially increasing human population?

  • Yes, or nature will do it for us

    The human population is growing at an unsustainable rate. Exponential growth cannot be continued, as eventually humans will reach Earth's carrying capacity. If the pattern continues and the government does nothing to stop it, there will be more people than Earth has enough resources for. People will begin to die at a fast rate until the graph of human population goes from an exponential growth to logistic growth. If governments limit the amount children a couple can have to, for example, two, it will be just enough so that the children will replace both parents, and the human population will level off.

  • Why should this even be a question

    People should have the right to have as many children as they want because it would be their responsibility and they would have to provide for the children. If the government did put a limit people would just break it because it's there lives and they should be able to bring how many people in this world

  • No No No

    If more governments were to do this than we would have problems with people killing there infants china did this and they had people killing there daughters because they wanted males this would just be stupid. There are to many people on this earth but restricting the amount of children people can have is stupid a real solution to reduce population is to promote adoption around the world the more people adopt the better.

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