• Grades should not define how smart we are.

    Grades sure do help standardize the schooling system and has tremendously helped our world today, but lately, more and more of our youth has been going to school merely because they just want to have a good future. THAT IS WAAY TOO MUCH PRESSURE. Everyone of us knows that if you get an A you get a good paying job which means a better life for you and your family in the future. But see, Steve Jobs for example did not go to college and did not take the classes he was supposed to but in his life time, he has made billions of dollars when he invented the iPhone. And parents today basically tell us to go to school just to get A's so we can get a good job. We all know they mean well, but just because he was only B's and C's doesn't mean that were less intelligent than someone who has A's and B's. Maybe we simply just forgot to do or turn in an assignment because of a social issue we're dealing at home or maybe we don't have time to do it because we have to work or babysit our siblings. These types of struggles reduce the chance of us getting into college and getting a good job and we have nothing to do about it because of us being pressured to get the A's our parents want us to have will juggling all these other things we have to do in life and it frustrates me because we're just teenagers and we can't do anything about it. And right now i'd super tired after a day of everything and i still have to work on debate sources and i just do not want to do them, however the semester just started and im not trying to get a C. YOU SEE THAT?! I JUST MADE A PERFECTLY GOOD EXAMPLE OF WHY WE DO HOMEWORK. BECAUSE WE DO NOT WANT BAD GRADES BECAUSE WE WANT MONEY BECAUSE WE WANT A GOOD LIFE, BUT GRADES SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DEFINE HOW WE WILL BE IN THE FUTURE BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THERE IS A SLIM CHANCE WE WILL END UP LIKE STEVE JOBS BUT WE ALL STILL WANT TO HAVE MONEY TO A POINT WHERE WE CAN SPEND IT ON STUFF AND HAVE NO WORRIES. OK BYE IM DONT RANTING.

  • Grades seperate people from eachother because they feel that they are not smart because of how their grades are so i say yes

    It is impossible to ask eveyone to see if grades should be gone because everyones grades would be bad and it would reflect them all badly. The grades that they receive are poorly because they feel that they are dumb and just give up on it and try to get better by believing that their grades are the type of people they are

  • Grades should be eliminated.

    Grades in high school mean getting into a good college, which leads to getting a good career and making enough money to provide for a family and to own a house along with the basic necessities of life. If you make good grades, that means making a good future. Well if you get bad grades then that means that there is too much pressure on the student that is trying to survive whenever he/she gets older. Of course we all need basic knowledge and intelligence which comes from a good education however having a good enough understanding of life which many people have could succeed if grades wouldn't hold them back. Having good or bad grades doesn't make your cleverness or understanding of life any different. We should all get a chance to continue and move forward in life, and having grades could stop that from happening.

  • Influences Cheating in Schools

    Grades should be eliminated because of the competitive nature that it gives to students. The only students that cheat are the students that care a lot about their grades in a class. The students that are at the bottom of the class do not care about their grades in a class, the HONORS students are the ones that care the most and are the ones that are the most competitive in the classroom.

  • It is stupid

    I say this because, why would you judge a child's intelligence level based on a letter? Oh you got an F because you couldn't do it right. They could easily know the concept but not get the answer right. Also, everyone learns at a different pace, for example, a kid could get an A+ because he learned it before the test, and another would get an F because, sadly, he didn't learn it until after the test, but he still learned it.

  • Yes, we should change the paradigm!

    The sorting and selecting of students by grading them like cattle is a completely outmoded educational model. Grades seldom reflect the quantity of learning, they do not motivate students to learn, they are usually based on quantity of work, not learning, and act as punishment. Learning is a natural human endeavor. We would not think of grading children on their ability to walk or talk. We praise and encourage. Why should we grade students on their reading ability? Let's build our schools around how people learn and not around the way we judge cattle for the meat market!

  • Grades are no measurement of intellect

    The only thing grades are good for is telling a kid they're stupid because they didn't work hard enough. Who knows if it's even their fault? If the teacher didn't put the grade for an assignment into their gradebook, it isn't the student's fault. There are too many varibales to take a GPA seriously because if the student has any control over it -- other than completing their homework and studying for tests -- it's very minute. I think if someone wanted to determine how LAZY a child was they could use a GPA. I didn't feel like doing my assignment, which I was fully capable of doing, just because I would rather watch TV (which brings up a whole new disagreement) so I got an F and it brought my total class grade to a B. So what? GPA and academic achievements are not an acceptable way of judging a person.

  • Grades should be eliminated

    Grades should only be a measure of how much we learned. We should be able to see that we got a 90 percent on the test, but it shouldn't go into a GPA system for example. Receiving an A doesn't necessarily mean that I learned. I could have gotten an A by cheating. Did I gain anything besides the grade? No. So in conclusion, grades should be eliminated from the school system.

  • Grades should be eliminated

    Grades are important but it's not the grade that matters. It's what you learn. I could easily get an A grade by copying of someone else's test. Did I gain anything besides a grade? Did I learn anything? Overall, I believe that we should receive grades to see how we did, but it should just be a measure of how much you learned. It shouldn't be there to put pressure on you.

  • They're too judgemental

    I think grades are dumb. They’re irrelevant, inconsequential, and insignificant. Grades are just something that point out some students than others. You can’t give out grades and think all is fair and happy. Also, grades are tags used to show what people society and humanity itself will accept. For example, there can be a poor kid who has the best grade in the grade, but the second best kid gets help from the teacher to get into a good college because he is well dressed and comes from a respectful family, and the teacher doesn’t look deeper than the appearance. So then the poor, smart kid doesn’t get into a good college, which means no good job opportunities, which leads to not enough money to support a family. Also, you can be the smartest person in the class, yet you just haven’t learned how to use that to your advantage. So your teachers could give you the tag “lazy kid that doesn’t like school.” And then when you get a great score, they immediately jump to the conclusion that you’re cheating, which you aren’t. Now, I will say there are some teachers that look at the students themselves, not just their appearance. And those are the teachers that we should appreciate. But that still doesn’t mean we need grades, because SOCIETY’S JUDGEMENT ON US IS THE REAL GRADE!!

  • They still keep score....

    They still keep score in real life. When you take the CPA Exam, you must make a certain score. When you take the ACT, SAT, you must make a certain score. Many sales people must meet sales quotas. Can you imagine how students will react if the first time they receive a bad score is on a college entrance exam? Therapy puppies and safe spaces here we come. What's next? The NFL shouldn't keep score because it might discourage the team's that lose? We still live in a competitive society. While I will agree that grades can cause problems and the grading system is far from perfect. Changing the terms, as some advocate is nothing but putting lipstick on a pig.

  • They make a statment

    Without grades, no one knows if you know this or that and you won't be able to know if your eligible for a job or not. It's important to be successful in life and you need to know if you can graduate, live a smart life, and be happy with all the money you worked for!!!!!!! Without these grades, we may never know how we are progressing in life.

  • U are not smart

    People feel like they are forced to eat meatless mondays because many people mfeel like meat is fake and isnt real. Im being seroius guys we need lesss meatleass vegetarians and more meat every day of their life. This is a very important statement for all of us every day.

  • They are judgemental

    Think... If one kid gets a D and another gets an A. Why? Because of being 2 days late but the essay was great! The other had a good essay and turned it in on time. The grade wasn't based on the essay but the timeing, so if he turned it in ontime would his grade be better? Yes. The grading system is flawed. And it should be taken away!

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  • Grades are Important

    Hello people. I think grades are important because without it work ethic will plummet in schools everywhere. If there are no grades how do employers decide who is the cleaner and who is the doctor? People say that grades define who we are, and I think that is true for a reason. If you work hard studying and staying out of trouble, then you won't be the person who gets a D. If you think YOLO, party, play games and don't study, then you get a D, which is exactly what you deserve.

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  • Grades good ya

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  • Grades good ya

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