Should Greenland Gain Complete Independence From Denmark?

Asked by: WheezySquash8
  • Greenland Has The Right To Be A Separate Nation

    Greenland has been owned by Denmark for a while now and needs independence. Why you may ask?

    1. Scientists think that Greenland has oil and other natural resources to get money for trading.
    2. Some parts of Greenland are good for supporting human life.
    3. Greenland already has a flag and a capital and a forever lasting population.
    4. The inhabitants of Greenland come from completely different cultures from Denmark.
    5. Denmark is really far from Greenland.
    6. Greenland has ways to keep a strong economy such as fishing.
    7. Greenland's inhabitants believe that they should continue their inuit cultures without Denmark's rule.
    8. A vote was placed for Greenland's independence and the majority voted yes.


  • No, because Welfare and other Public Services will be cut

    This is a situation that is similar to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico would leave the U.S. because of the huge amounts of Public Services it receives. The same thing is true with Greenland, if Greenland left Denmark, where would it obtain sufficient amounts of money to pay for public services, taxation? Note that Greenland doesn't have many people at all. Oil? You first need money to develop it. Overall unless Greenland has developed a tax base and natural resources, it will in the long run fail, like Iceland did.

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