• Dogs are awesome

    Hey its Betty-Jane I'm a 21 year old that has 4 grey hounds ( scout, sandy, rover, and thistle) that have been raced that are not fast enough that were going to be put down if i didn't save their lives. I think and i know that grey hound racing ( and all animal racing) should be banned because its so cruel. Think of it from their perspective. You go out to race and chase this thing then if you are not fast enough you get killed. Unfair right?
    Its stupid and i would not let anyone hurt my doggies would you want to run and get killed or hurt ? :( Betty-Jane

  • Most definitely greyhound racing should be banned.

    Thank goodness NSW has a Premier in Mike Baird with the character and decency to take decisive and appropriate action and shut down this corrupt and inhumane industry. Those defending Greyhound Racing NSW, the body whose complacency allowed the widespread callous mistreatment of animals to continue unabated for so long, are way out of step with community expectations. The greyhound racing scene is a dark part of Australian culture which needs to be relegated to the past.

  • Of course greyhound racing should be banned.

    Thank goodness NSW has a Premier in Mike Baird with the decency and character to take appropriate and decisive action against such a corrupt and inhumane industry. Those making excuses for the widespread callous mistreatment of animals are burying their heads in the sand and are way out of touch with the expectations of Australian society.

  • One more step for man...

    Yes greyhound racing should be banned,we are learning that animals have feelings and are aware of the suffering we cause them,but they are totally left to our wims and mercy ,this suffering cannot be allowed to continue if we want to live in a civilised society.Take the first step,stop this unnecessary vile cruelty

  • Yes, it should be banned.

    Greyhound racing is a barbaric sport that causes harm to the animals that are being raced. They are being kept in terrible conditions. Greyhounds are also bred in a way that causes them to have horrible health problems. The terrible conditions and genetic problems combined give them short, miserable lives.

  • Yes it should be banned

    There has been widespread and extreme animal cruelty and cheating through the use of live baiting to entice and train greyhounds. Once the special commission ordered an inquiry they came up with these horrific facts. Considering this scenario,to protect these animals from cruelty the greyhound racing should definitely be banned

  • Yes, greyhound racing should be banned.

    Yes, greyhound racing should be banned. Sports involving animals in general should be banned. Many animals that are used for betting sports are mistreated. Within greyhound racing, 18,000 dogs are slaughtered every year simply because they were not fast enough. Several countries have started banning greyhound racing in reaction to the animal cruelty that is involved.

  • Yes, greyhound racing should be banned

    Greyhound racing raises issues in two areas. First, I see this as a significant mistreatment of the animals used in racing. Although I am not personally a huge animal activist, I don't think animals should be mistreated purely for sport. Second, greyhound racing promotes gambling, which is a serious addiction for many people. I don't think any good comes from gambling and most people only lose money. Gambling doesn't only affect the people that do it, but it affects families and children as well. For those reasons, I think greyhound racing should be banned.

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  • They Are Killed for no reason

    I am doing a persuasive piece on this and i believe it should be banned
    because after 3 years of racing they are sent to breeding farms or killed.
    Would you want your dog to be out there racing then getting killed?? They are put into tiny cramped cages and that's how they travel. For all those that say it is a sport and it doesn't need to be stopped. Tell me a sport that involves something or someone being killed?
    There you go the 17% of people who think this is alright... THINK AGAIN. I risk my case.

  • They can stop in the middle of a race if they want

    Omg you just dont see it do you if greyhound racing gets bamned then thousands will lose their jobs and thousands of greyhounds will die greyhounds are not forced to run they dont even have to come out of the boxes if they dont want to they could stop and go to the toilet in the middle of a race if they wanted it is not crule at all

  • Let them run.

    Greyhound racing in NSW should continue. The reaction from Mr Baird to ban the sport was the easy way out after his government failed the industry an the people involved he has discarded the involvement of his governments role that has bought it to its knees .Reform the industry the 79 recommendations is the way forward . The report which is floored in a lot of areas an because of that it will not stand as a report of fact it will indeed be a better piece of evidence for a defense . Now to Mr mchoue an his wife witch are both reported left wing activists know wonder it came to this. Come on give em a go to get it right reform regulate get behind the good people LET THE DOGS RUN! We are Australian

  • Ban the trainers

    I don't think we should ban Greyhound racing as it is a good sport. We should only ban the trainers killing the dogs. These dogs are innocent and should just retire, not killed. In NSW premier Mile Baird is banning them. They should not be banned as many jobs and fun will be lost.

  • It's the killing and the forcing, not the sport

    It's not the sport that's bad, but forcing the dogs to run, and killing them if they lose. Greyhound racing is actually proven to be a wholesome sport. We should ban the trainers that actually kill the dogs, as animal cruelty is not acceptable, and will never be. The trainers who force greyhounds to run should also be banned. Imagine being forced to run a 10k, out of your will. Would you like it? No. Neither would dogs. Just because we are humans, doesn't mean that we are superior to animals.

  • AWesome beans =_=

    Becoz it is not as cruel as people think. Greyhound racing provides jobs and stuff. Australian pastime. Nationalism IT is also an activity that some people my enjoy doing sense of patriostism and can provide jobs to those who do nto have the jobs to keep living peacefully in australian and the worlds

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