• It's a bit harsh

    Alright, so I agree that a new prison would open up, but Guantanamo isn't just a prison, it's also a torture camp. I mean, of course these people should be imprisioned, but to torture people without even the intent of gaining information isn't right. Just saying I used to agree that it should be kept, then I found out about the torture literally a half hour ago.

  • It should stay open

    Guantanamo Bay should certainly stay open in order to be used for the United States military use it to hold the most dangerous terrorists in the world. The military does a great job of holding the prisoners there while at the same time protecting the American guards that are stationed there.

  • Yes,it should close down

    It goes against everything that we should stand for. We should have learned our lesson with the camps from the past. Japanese and Jewish. You can't put people in these types of places without due process. It has its place,but not in the extent it is, harsh ciminals do need a different prison,but not like this,its wrong.

  • Yes, as was promised.

    When President Obama came into office the first term he promised that Guantanamo Bay would be closed. It is an oppressive place where people are held when they have not even been tried and convicted of any crime. So the promise does need to be kept and the place closed down.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that this bay should be closed, because it is a very important historical site for us, and needs to be kept running since it is a very good prison, and has been doing a good job for a very long time, so why shut it down.

  • Quantanamo has a purpose.

    Even if Guantanamo were closed, a new prison would just fill up somewhere else. This problem was already partially addressed when new prisons arose in locations around Baghdad. It became easier to keep them locally anyhow. Those left in Guantanamo are kept there because it is cheaper, easier, and safer to keep them there. The Americans do not fully understand what it takes to move a single prisoner, much less a whole prison.

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